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History of Israel By James E. Smith, Ph.D.
eBook (PDF): $7.99
A chronological survey of the history of God's Old Testament people Israel from the time of Joshua to the close of Old Testament history.
History of Israel By James E. Smith, Ph.D.
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A chronological survey of the history of Old Testament Israel from the conquest of the land of Canaan to the second governorship of Nehemiah.
Israel History Maps By Ilan Reiner & Amir Reiner
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Israel History Maps is a geographical chronology of Jewish sovereignty in Israel and is the result of a unique project intended on providing the reader with a knowledge base and visual introduction... More > to the history of the Jewish people in Israel. At the same time the Maps chart the history of other nations in the same geographic area. It vividly portrays the history of Jewish rule in the land of Israel from a historical and geographic point of view. Through its Maps and Dynamic Timeline you can appreciate the complexity of 3,000 years of history as it slowly unfolds in a consistent series of over 50 maps of the region! Simple to use and easy to understand, the maps are all in a uniform scale and divided into several time periods, accompanied with an overall timeline and historical overview of each map.< Less
Israel, History in a Nutshell By Hela Tamir
Paperback: $24.99
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Eretz Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East, is the focal point of world attention. Throughout the world, (Muslim sponsored) radio and television broadcasting companies often give... More > distorted or one-sided information, while newspapers often print half-truths, outright lies, exaggerated details or rearranged events. So where do people get the truth? Where are the actual facts, written in an easy to read book? Israel, History in a Nutshell, Highlighting the Wars and Military History is a compilation of facts, proof of the long and glorious history of the State of Israel. It is a tool to refute the lies, twisted facts and half-truths that are spread daily around the globe. This publication not only sheds light on Israel’s military history, it also gives short biographies of the key-role players, and much, much more. This book gives answers to many questions, and includes additional interesting facts that will help you understand Israel’s history better.< Less
A Harmony of the History of the Nation of Israel By Matt Donaldson
Paperback: $10.40
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The purpose of this work is to present those portions of the Old Testament that relate the history of the nation of Israel as a single text. This includes the complete text of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2... More > Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. This is supplemented with portions of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daneil that also relate important events in the history of Israel. All Joseph Smith Translation revisions are included as well.< Less
The Heritage of Israel By Jason Bright
Paperback: $16.47
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The Hidden Heritage of Israel is an incredible journey into the period of ancient Egypt and subsequent Israelite religious and cultural development. This journey takes us from identifying the... More > historical Moses, to the symbiotic relationship between Egyptian and Jewish theological constructs, to identifying the origin and pronunciation of the name of the Israelite God, and finally culminating in an overall picture of the purpose of Jewish existence. This unique book derives its incredible knowledge from both historical sources and in-depth analyses of the Kabbalah. The unique mergers of these two disciplines yield a picture of Jewish identity that will not disappoint the reader.< Less
Israel's Biblical History from Conquest to Exile and Back By Kenneth B. Alexander JD., Minister
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The complete Biblical history of Old Testqament Israel from Joshua and his conquering of Caanan through Israel's subsequent Judges and Kings to Israel's and Judah's exile due to their wickedness.... More > Book is rich with Biblical quotes and explainations of their meanings. Read the actual word of God as recorded in the Bible. Witness the miracles of Elijah and Elisha and the defeat of great nations by ordinary men. The complete story of David, his successes and failures and Solomon's glorious reign and subsequebt turning from God. See the magnificewnt temple built for the Lord by Solomon. Learn about God and His reaction to His favored nation as they did well and sinned wickedly. Learn the secrets of the Old Testament as they apply to the coming Messiah, Jesus the Christ. Learn the ordinary men and women who were included in the lineage of Christ. See the magnificent power of God as He went before israel in battle defeating nations greater than Israel. Written by Kenneth B. Alexander, JD and Minister.< Less
THE TENTS OF JACOB: An Ilustrated History of the Children of Israel By Robert Mt. Sion
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“THE TENTS OF JACOB” is the first of three volumes that present the Holy Scriptures in their proper chronological order. This volume chronicles the history of Israel from Creation to the... More > last judge Samuel. It is divided into twelve sections: GENESIS [Ch.1 -11]; JOB [who lived to be over 200 years old]; ABRAHM [Ch. 12 -25]; JACOB [Ch.25 -36]; JOSEPH [Ch.37 -50]; THE EXODUS [Ex.1 –15]; THE REVELATION [Ex.16 – 40] describing Moses two visitations with God on Mt. Sinai, his miraculous transfiguration, and the constructing of YAHWEH's Tabernacle; THE LEVITES: describing the ensuing 30 day consecration and teachings given to the Levite priests; THE WANDERINGS: describing the census, the bad report of the spies, and the ensuing 39 years of wandering thru the desert wilderness; THE FINAL INSTRUCTIONS: detailing Moses final instructions to the people before his death on Mt. Pisgah; as well as JOSHUA and JUDGES.< Less
God’s Purpose in Israel: Illustrated in History, Type and Prophecy By E. W. Bullinger
Paperback: $9.95
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Starting with the call of Abraham, progressing through Jacob and his twelve sons, and continuing through the rest of the Old Testament and much of the New, Bullinger does an excellent job is tracing... More > God’s Purpose in Israel. If the importance of a subject can be measured by the amount of space given to it by God in the Scriptures, then this is one of the most important. Indeed to have a good overall understanding of the Bible, we must have some appreciation of God’s Purpose in Israel.< Less
Israel A "Spy" Guide By IBPUSA
eBook (PDF): $99.95
'National security,army,foreign and domestic politics,conflicts,relations with the US,international activity,economy,technology,mineral resources,culture,traditions,government and bus contacts

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