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Out of Africa and into America, The Odyssey of Italians in East Africa By Enzo Centofanti
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Vincent (Enzo) Centofanti was born in Abruzzo, Italy in 1923 and lived in Ethiopia, with his family until the British forces occupied Addis Abeba and put Enzo and his brother Joseph in a... More > concentration camp for civilians in Tanganyika and Kenya until freed in 1947, after almost 6 years of detention. In this book he narrates his journey as a child in Africa to a successful executive in the United States.< Less
Wake Treasures Vol. 2, No. 4 Winter 1992 By Wake Co. Genealogical Society
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Wake Treasures is the bi-annual journal of the Wake County Genealogical Society.
The Three Nails By Dylan Lumley, Richard Kennedy
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When an Italian historian researching in the Vatican Archives discovers ancient papers hidden centuries ago by the Knights Templars, he has no idea it will lead to a globe-trotting adventure running... More > from Interpol and the NSA, escaping from an infamous blackmarket racketeer with his own militia and being held at gunpoint in the rainforests seeking holy relics hidden by the Nazis.< Less
Orlando Innamorato of Matteo Maria Boiardo By Francesco Berni, William Stewart Rose
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Orlando Innamorato (Orlando in Love) is an epic poem written by the Italian Renaissance author Matteo Maria Boiardo. The poem is a romance concerning the heroic knight Orlando (Roland).
Cleto Saporetti By Geraldine Mitton
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This is a biography of the remarkable life of Cleto Saporetti, Italian Prisoner of War in South Africa, who went on to become a highly successful poultry farmer and health-promoting philanthropist... More > after his release. He founded and established the High Rustenburg Health Hydro, the first health resort of its kind in South Africa, and the Cleto Saporetti Foundation, a community-based health awareness and promotion organisation. Cleto's work through the Hydro and the Saporetti Foundation took health promotion services and activities to many thousands of less priviledged members of the Stellenbosch community. It also encouraged the introduction and integration of alternative health practises with conventional mainstream medicine. He was knighted by the Italian Government in recognition of his contribution to the people of South Africa without ever forgetting the land of his birth.< Less
Rubens: "Masterpieces In Colour" Series Book IV By Samuel Levy Bensusan
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Sir Peter Paul Rubens ( 28 June 1577 – 30 May 1640), was a Flemish Baroque painter, and a proponent of an extravagant Baroque style that emphasised movement, colour, and sensuality. He is well... More > known for his Counter-Reformation altarpieces, portraits, landscapes, and history paintings of mythological and allegorical subjects. In addition to running a large studio in Antwerp that produced paintings popular with nobility and art collectors throughout Europe, Rubens was a classically educated humanist scholar and diplomat who was knighted by both Philip IV, King of Spain, and Charles I, King of England. "In Antwerp, Rubens received a humanist education, studying Latin and classical literature. Subsequently, he studied under two of the city's leading painters of the time, the late Mannerist artists Adam van Noort and Otto van Veen. Much of his earliest training involved copying earlier artists' works, such as woodcuts by Hans Holbein the Younger and Marcantonio Raimondi's engravings after Raphael.."< Less
REBELLION! By DelloIacono
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Rebellion! portrays the life of the son of an Italian immigrant father, who was once a knight and an English born mother from a prominent merchant family. Albert Deconson’s struggles begin... More > after he meets with the future peasant leader of the rebellion, Wat Tyler and his beautiful sister, Elizabeth. As a member of the merchant class, Albert is torn between his love for Elizabeth and his loyalty to Wat, and the family values handed down from his loving parents.< Less
Talespinner Issue Two By andrea sfiligoi
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Talespinner is a collection of gaming materials for wargames and roleplaying games by Ganesha Games. In this issue: For Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG Adventure: The Lady in the Emerald. Can our... More > heroes rescue the lady and break the curse of the emerald? Adventure: The Black Gem. Naked and weaponless, can our heroes survive a haunted graveyard? Two Troll NPCs Two Unique Magic Items Questions and Answers Spellcasting Lessons For Song of Arthur and Merlin Song of Kings and Knights campaign system For Osprey Publishing's Of Gods and Mortals Errata, Tournament Rules, FAQ, Clarifications Tournament Formula Three scenarios used in the Italian tournaments For Osprey Publishing's A Fistful of Kung Fu Rules for Glass, Marbles, Smoke Bombs and Caltrops.< Less
Audatia Game Boucicault Deck By Guy Windsor
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The Print and Play files for one Audatia character: Boucicault! Audatia is a two-player swordfighting card game based on authentic historical swordsmanship. You can play by printing out two copies of... More > this character, or buy another character deck. As far as possible the game reproduces the system of swordsmanship from a manuscript written around 1410, Il Fior di Battaglia (The Flower of Battle), by an Italian master, Fiore dei Liberi. All of the terminology, and most of the specific rules, are derived from that book. Jean Le Maingre II (1366-1421), known as Boucicaut, was a famous knight, a Marshal of France, and lead the vanguard of French knights at the battle of Agincourt in 1415, where he was captured. He fought two duels with Galeazzo da Mantoa: in Padua, in 1395, and in Genoa in 1406. Unfortunately, Galeazzo was a student of Fiore himself--and won both duels. Let’s see if you can change history! You can download the rules free from this site, or from< Less
The Shipwrecked By Joe Labriola
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An author visits his ancestral homeland hoping to learn about his family’s past but he discovers much more than he had ever dreamed he might find – He discovers the tale of The... More > Shipwrecked. After several long years of scrupulous editing, this brilliant young man has translated the incredible story of a renaissance Italian taleteller. Through multiple frames comes an old man’s epic about an unlikely group of 16th century New World refugees who become stranded on a native-inhabited island. From knights, sailors, tribesmen to temptresses, this ragtag cast faces physical, emotional and spiritual dilemmas that few are prepared to survive. The Italian taleteller’s verse begins as an enjoyable tale for his wealthy host and his company, but soon swirls into a stunning story rife with adventure, romance, war, science, religion, mysticism, love, loss, death and rebirth. The voyage of the shipwrecked is hardly an easy one, but it is certainly emotional, beautiful, and most importantly, epic.< Less