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Undisturbed REST: a Guide to Designing the Perfect API By Michael Stowe
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Believe it or not, building an API is the easy part. What is far more challenging is to put together a design that will stand the test of time, while also meeting your developers' needs. After all,... More > no matter how well written your code may be, without a strong foundation, you will find your API quickly failing. Undisturbed REST works to tackle this issue through the use of modern design techniques and technology, showing how to carefully design your API with your users and longevity in-mind, taking advantage of a design-first approach- while incorporating best practices and hard lessons learned. After reading Undisturbed REST, you'll have a strong understanding of APIs, best practices, and available tooling for designing, prototyping, sharing, documenting, and generating tooling (such as SDKs) around your API. More importantly, you'll be equipped to design and build an API not just for today, but one that can stand the test of time and lead your application into tomorrow.< Less
Web Programming Step by Step, 2nd edition By Jessica Miller, Victoria Kirst, Marty Stepp
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An introductory textbook on web programming, including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, JSON, databases / SQL, web design, web security, and other technologies.
Representation of Multi-level, Structured, Hierarchical or Nested Relational Data using CSV or TDV formats By Arundale Ramanathan
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Demonstrates representation of Multi-level, structured, hierarchical or nested relational data using CSV or TDV formats. Demonstrates CSV/TDV to JSON/XML conversion. It also demonstrates how database... More > binding can be achieved using SQLite db. Applications: * Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) * Lightweight alternative to JSON or XML in Three-tier architecture * Alternative to XML in transfer of data using AJAX * Data storage and transfer format for Arduino and Raspberry PI. * Data storage and transfer format for mobile/tablet devices based on Android, Windows or iOS. * Data transfer format for spreadsheets as Tab delimited values (TDV) through clipboard or otherwise.< Less
How the Web Works - An Introduction By John Ostrowick
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This book explains what the Web is and how to write web pages. It also covers topics like what the Internet is, how it works, what webservers are and how to administer them, in some detail. There are... More > chapters on writing HTML (webpages), Perl CGIs, CSS, PHP, webpage forms, some basic JavaScripts, MySQL, and SEO. The latest edition adds XML, JSON and AJAX. This book does not cover Flash or ASP. The information provided is, however, sufficient for you to build an attractive and fully functional website for deployment on a Mac OS X, Linux or UNIX server.< Less
Event Management for Zenoss Core 4 By Jane Curry
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This paper is an intermediate­-level discussion of the event system in Zenoss Core 4. It looks in some detail at the architecture of the Zenoss event system – the daemons and how they are... More > inter-related – and it looks at the structure of a Zenoss event and the event life cycle. The process by which an incoming event is converted into a particular Zenoss event is known as event mapping and there are a number of different techniques for performing that conversion. These are all explored along with the creation of new event classes. Once an event has been received, classified and stored by Zenoss, automation may be required. Alerting users by email and pager is discussed, as are background actions to run commands or generate traps. Logging and debugging techniques are discussed in some detail as is the JSON API for extracting data from Zenoss. This paper refers to Zenoss Core 4.2.3 It is a companion text to the Skills 1st Zenoss 4 Event Management Workshop.< Less
Rapid Prototyping with JS: Agile JavaScript Development By Azat Mardanov
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Rapid Prototyping with JS: Agile JavaScript Development is a hands-on book which introduces you to agile JavaScript web and mobile software development using the latest cutting-edge front-end and... More > back-end technologies including: Node.js MongoDB Backbone.js Twitter Bootstrap LESS jQuery Heroku Git Agile Methodilogies Windows Azure Express.js Derby Monk AMD and Require.js JSON and BSON CSS AJAX With over 12 examples this book will save you many hours by providing the hand-picked and tested colletion of quick start guides. RPJS has practical examples that allow to spend less time learning and more time building your own applications. Prototype fast and ship code that matters!< Less
TypeScript Programming By Example By Agus Kurniawan
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TypeScript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft. It is a superset of JavaScript. This book helps how to get started with TypeScript, for instance preparing environment,... More > learning programming language and interacting with HTML and Node.js. **Short TOC** 1. Introduction to TypeScript 2. TypeScript Programming Language 3. TypeScript Collections and JSON 4. Functions 5. Classes, Interfaces, and Enums 5.1 Classes 5.2 Interfaces 5.3 Enums 6. String Operations 7. Error Handling 8. TypeScript and HTML Interaction 8.1 Hello HTML TypeScript 8.2 Working with HTML Input 8.3 TypeScript and jQuery 9. TypeScript and Node.js Interaction 9.1 Getting Started TypeScript and Node.js 9.2 Building Simple HTTP Server 9.3 Working with External Node.js Module - MongoDB 10. Modules 10.1 Internal Modules 10.2 Extended Internal Module< Less

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