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ADAM The younger, 1791-1866 And the War of 1812, The “Second Revolutionary War” The Peck Clan in America Volume II, Part One By Susan Moore Teller
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The War of 1812 was a "forgotten" war, yet impacted the United States significantly. This is the story of the sons of Adam Peck Sr., a Revolutionary War veteran and his wife, Elizabeth... More > Sharkey, and some others who fought in this war. Among the Peck brothers who fought in the War of 1812 were ADAM Jr., Patrick, Moses Looney, Nicholas Sharkey, James Hawkins, Jacob F. C., and Benjamin. It is also the story of War of 1812 veterans Tobias Teller, of New York, and Alexander Maddux, of Illinois, whose ancestor was at Valley Forge. This book takes you back to the era, and gives the reader an idea of what it meant to live in the United States of America in its infancy. It also describes the very different nation we might live in today, if this last great battle in the War of 1812 had not been fought and won against such terrible odds.112 pages. This edition is library quality,80 lb glossy stock interior, full color, great for reproducing old documents and photos in book.< Less
Grimms' Fairy Tales By Wilhelm Grimm
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Wilhelm Carl Grimm (also Karl;[a] 24 February 1786 – 16... More > December 1859) was a German author, the younger of the Brothers Grimm.Wilhelm was born in Hanau, in Hesse-Kassel. In 1803, he started studying law at the University of Marburg, one year after his brother Jacob started there. The two brothers spent their entire lives close together. In their school days, they had one bed and one table in common; as students, they had two beds and two tables in the same room. They always lived under one roof, and had their books and property in common.In 1825, 39-year-old Wilhelm married pharmacist's daughter Henriette Dorothea Wild, also known as Dortchen. Wilhelm's marriage did not change the harmony of the brothers. Excerpt from:< Less
Alice & Augustus: Ancient Secrets By RJ Schoenefeld & SJ Schoenefeld
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At nineteen, I went to a seance at my Uncle Jacob's house where I was told by a clairvoyant that I would meet a man much older than myself, be married within months and travel to the ancient Mayan... More > land of the Yucatan where we make the discovery of a lifetime. To me this was unimaginable. In 1851, I worked at my father's photography studio in Regent's Park, London. Then one day I bumped into Augustus Le Plongeon, I knew immediately it was him, the one I was to wed. Nothing prepared me for the extreme conditions of daily life in the Yucatan with rebels, murder and the ravages of disease. I almost died on more than one occasion. Our work was ground breaking as we decoded the messages and ancient images on the stone inside the 'House of Mysterious Writings' in Chichen Itza. My life was remarkable and as a young girl I took that one chance for a different life with faith and an open heart. In Victorian times, this was quite a feat and I am proud to be Alice Dixon Le Plongeon.< Less
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Holy Fire. Art of the Digital Age By Domenico Quaranta & Yves Bernard
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Produced as a catalogue for the exhibition Holy Fire, Art of the Digital Age (2008), this book is more than a simple catalogue. Along with the works of the 27 artists in the exhibition it features... More > the editors' essays along with a collective interview involving some of the most important representatives of the new media art world. 
Holy Fire is not a book on new media art, but an exploration of the contemporary art of the digital age, and a pamphlet against the new media art paradigm and the self-isolation in which these practices evolved in the last sixty years.
 In the words of Régine Debatty: “Forget the new, drop the media, enjoy art.” With contributions by: 
Inke Arns & Jacob Lillemose, Alexei Shulgin, Vuk Cosic, Régine Debatty, Steve Dietz, Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied, Patrick Lichty, Vicente Matallana, Eva & Franco Mattes, Christiane Paul, Magdalena Sawon & Tamas Banovich, Paul Slocum, Bruce Sterling, Michele Thursz, Mark Tribe, UBERMORGEN.COM, Karen A. Verschooren and many others.< Less
Heron Tree Two By Heron Tree
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This volume collects the poems featured on the Heron Tree website ( from October 2013 through August 2014. Edited by Chris Campolo, Sandy Longhorn, and Rebecca Resinski. Poems by Kelli... More > Russell Agodon, Paul Scot August, K. R. Barger, Kristin Berger, Doug Bolling, Ash Bowen, Grant Clauser, Ruth Foley, Bernadette Geyer, Justin Hamm, Chloe Hanson, Amorak Huey, Lucas Jacob, David James, Timothy Juhl, Kathleen Kirk, Sandra Kohler, Jack Kristiansen, Charlene Langfur, Kathleen Brewin Lewis, Angie Macri, Sharanya Manivannan, Devon Miller-Duggan, Leah Mooney, Kevin Murphy, Jed Myers, Josh Myers, Eric Nelson, John Palen, Lynn Pedersen, Jason Primm, Brian Simoneau, Molly Spencer, Emily Strauss, Aaron J. Styza, Christine Swint, Donna Vorreyer, Jeremy Windham, and Sarah Ann Winn. * Resolution in Lulu's preview is low and not reflective of the volume as published. *< Less
deez- commentary57 By Michael House
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My condo balcony doesn't face East or West. That means I don't get a direct beam from the sun. I was scared system restore caused possible loss, but felt glee when everything was recovered! In about... More > 1 month, Jacob will be here. I think of Jack Nunan, who freely laid my guest house's sod after my brain injury. Ronny Willoughby rode home with Dad & me, continuously telling me he loved me. 2 weeks later, in a fuss over a transmission, he was murdered. I flipped my go-cart 3 times because Jack Grizzle had it high performance. I traded my motorcycle for Jack's PC. In college, Stacey called a dad to get permission to date his daughter. He said that was up to her. Stacey later served a decade in jail for entrapment. Renee & Cooper in Sunday school knew my BFF, Andy. Cooper drove a junky truck when Renee started dating him. I drove junk & have been rejected 219 times. My black buddy said don't talk about blacks guarding me like they did, but I think he meant don't< Less
Memoir Of A Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor III By Michael House
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Traumatic brain injury, ten percent chance to live, six month coma. I unbuckled and silently begged for death. Jacob Myler, the driver, fell asleep. We hit the ditch to the right, swerved, then hit... More > the light poles at Winder, Georgia’s Pine Hills Golf Course, right before the pond. I sustained 6 month coma, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, shunt, crushed facial bones, brain surgery, lung tap, stomach tap, & broke bones on my left side and 5 blood clots in my brain. It was revenge on my church secretary granny’s lie. She said the promise was a dream. It was a vehicle. Anything. I didn't care. But she had been saying I should let my electrical & plumbing contractor papa train me to not pay college tuition. I badly wanted to go to college. this memoir entails the dilemma I faced after I was slung out of the window and my football coach, Donald Quack, I’d had five years earlier on the EMT squad rescued myself.< Less
The Hoogsteder Mercury By Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder
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The art-historical magazine The Hoogsteder Mercury features over 70 illustrated articles on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish paintings, appeared regularly from 1985 to... More > 1991. Articles by Alan Chong, Ben Broos, Christina J.A. Wansink, Debra Miller, E.K.J. Reznicek, Edith Wyss, Elisabeth Epe, Fred G. Meier, Gregor J.M. Weber, Guido Jansen, Guido M.C. Jansen, Hans Vlieghe, Henk T. van Veen, Ilja M. Veldman, Ingvar Bergström, J. van Tatenhove, Jacques Foucart, James A. Welu, Jim van der Meer Mohr, John Loughman, John Michael Montias, Karel Citroen, Katlijne Van der Stighelen, Lubomír Konečny, M. Severi, Marcel Roethlisberger, Marten Jan Bok, Mary Ann Scott, Michiel Plomp, Nanette Salomon, Paul Huys Janssen, Paul van Kooij, Peter C. Sutton, Rob Ruurs, Robert Schillemans, Sabine Jacob, Shirley K. Bennett, Volker Manuth, Werner Sumowski and Yoriko Kobayashi< Less
Gaiacraft Workbook 3.0 By Gaiacraft
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As an offering to the Planetary Permaculture Movement we have created a Workbook of Permaculture Worksheets. This educational toolkit will help support your learning and teaching practice by sharing... More > a collection of universal handouts which string together a larger body of teachings from Bill Mollison, Rowe Morrow, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Robin Clayfield, Toby Hemenway, Larry Santoyo, Tom Ward, Mark Lakeman and Patricia Michael. This is part of a five year Doctoral Degree in Permaculture Education of Delvin Solkinson. Considerable editing and contributions were made by Tamara Griffiths, Jacob Aman, Tes Tesla, Ali Ma and Lunaya Shekinah without whom this would not have been possible. Photographs were generously shared by Josef Schmidt, Vacio Cielo and Rob Bertrand. The workbook was designed by Lunaya Shekinah of who can be hired to help fulfill any of your permaculture design dreams.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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