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Gordons of Lochinvar By Forrest T. Tutor, M. D.
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The Gordons of Lochinvar descend from a notable Scot family and became successful landowners in Chickasaw Indian Territory which became North Mississippi. The book describes the life of James Gordon... More > and his parents Robert and Mary Elizabeth through mid-nineteenth century and turn of the twentieth century America. It describes Colonel James Gordon's experiences during the Civil War, and transcribes his noteworthy address to the United States Senate long after Reconstruction shattered his fortune. Included are many of James Gordon's own poetry and hunting short stories.< Less
Brainstorm By Gordon A. Kessler
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Gold Rush seems to be a sleepy little Colorado community full of friendly, caring citizens, quaint cottages, and a sort of quiet peace, held gently by the picturesque mountains that surround it.... More > However, something isn't right in Gold Rush, and early on a Monday morning Robert Weller awakens with a cautioning and insuppressible voice inside his head. He soon finds a secret behind every door, a motive with every glance, and a lie beneath every spoken word. A strange but beautiful woman named Sunny insists they were once lovers and people begin dropping dead around him. His world twists upside down as paramilitary teams hunt him, and his own wife and friends turn against him. Weller is thrown into the middle of a military mission to rescue thousands of the town's citizens from a plot to destroy the Free World. “…An outstanding novel.” —Douglas Preston, NYT bestselling author. "...a kickass adventure story...handled with stunning effect."— James Rollins, NYT bestselling author.< Less
1000 Facts about Video Games Vol. 3 By James Egan
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Sega thought Sonic the Hedgehog wouldn’t sell because they assumed Americans didn’t know what a hedgehog was. Some of the dialogue in Halo is identical to Aliens. Angry Birds was meant to... More > be called Catapult. Nintendo used to sell the board game, Twister. There is a single spot in Pac-Man where Ghosts can’t touch you. The Transformer, Optimus Prime, is hidden in Assassin’s Creed. GoldeneEye 007 was only made by nine people. Eight of them had never worked on a game before. The Street Fighter character, Dhalsim, was meant to be an eight-armed elephant. The Moon will change size in Grand Theft Auto III if you shoot it with a sniper rifle. Nemesis cameos in Resident Evil 2. “SEGA” stands for “Service Games.” There is no technique to win Tetris. The Half-Life character, Gordon Freeman, was originally called Ivan the Space Biker. The manual for Hitman has a phone number you can ring if you think Agent 47 is hunting you. Princess Peach gets naked in Paper Mario: The-Thousand-Year Door.< Less

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Inside Secrets Inside Secrets By Joseph Stumpf
Paperback: $3.25