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The Ultimate Jane Austen Collection By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $6.52
This is a collection of the seven most acclaimed novels ever written by Jane Austen: Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Lady... More > Susan. This ebook is the ideal companion for those who wish to gain a good insight into Jane Austen’s writing for academic purposes or for pleasure reading.< Less
The Jane Austen Collection By Jane Austen
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Includes: Memoirs of Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, Love and Friendship, Lady susan, Emma, Sense & Sensiblity, and Pride and Prejudice.
The Collected Works of Jane Austen By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $1.43
A collection of Jane Austen's best known and well known works, including Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Emma and Mansfield Park.
The Works of Jane Austen By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This collection has the following books: Lady Susan Northanger Abbey Sense and Sensibility Pride and Prejudice Emma Persuasion Collection of Letters Lesley Castle Love and Friendship Mansfield... More > Park Scraps The History of England< Less
Jane Austen: The Complete Collection (Illustrated) By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Jane Austen: The Complete Collection is the most thorough and complete illustrated digital edition of the collected works of Jane Austen available. This 1300 page plus eBook includes all extant... More > material known to be penned by Austen, from her earliest childhood effort (aptly titled Scraps) to the masterworks we all know and love - Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Persuasion et al. There is also a wealth of digitized visual material, including original illustrations from early editions of the novels, portraits of Jane Austen, first edition covers and other related images of interest to Janeites and Austenites alike.< Less
Complete Works of Jane Austen with Biography By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A must-have anthology for all Jane Austen fans, this volume contains the complete works of Jane Austen, including: * Sense and Sensibility * Pride and Prejudice * Mansfield Park * Emma *... More > Persuasion * Northanger Abbey * Lady Susan * Love and Freindship (sic) and Other Early Works * Jane Austen, Her Life and Letters, by William and Richard Austen-Leigh< Less
The Complete Works of Jane Austen (Illustrated, Inline Footnotes) By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The Novels. • Sense And Sensibility. (Illustrated) • Pride And Prejudice. • Mansfield Park. • Emma. • Northanger Abbey. • Persuasion. • Lady Susan. 2 x Unfinished... More > Novels. The Complete Letters. Collection Early Works. • Love And Freindship. • An Unfinished Novel In Letters. • The History Of England. • A Collection Of Letters. • The Female Philosopher. • The First Act Of A Comedy. • A Letter From A Young Lady. • A Tour Through Wales. • A Tale. The Biographies. • Memoir of Jane Austen by James Edward Austen-Leigh. (Illustrated/ Footnotes) • Life of Jane Austen. • Jane Austen's Life (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes) • Jane Austen, Her Life and Letters. The Criticism of Jane Austen. • Jane Austen by Sir Walter Scott. • Jane Austen by Archbishop R. Whately. • To Jane Austen by A. Lang. • Jane Austen - Natural Historian by R. Lynd. • Realism - Jane Austen by R. Burton. • Jane Austen in The General Election by G. K. Chesterton. • Jane Austen’s Juvenilia by G. K. Chesterton.< Less
Love and Friendship: And Other Early Works by Jane Austen By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Written in epistolary form, like her later unpublished novella, Lady Susan, Love and Freindship is thought to be one of the tales she wrote for the amusement of her family. The installments, written... More > as letters from the heroine Laura, to Marianne, the daughter of her friend, Isabel, "La Comtesse de Feuillide", may have come about as nightly readings by the young Jane in the Austen home. Love and Freindship (the misspelling is one of many in the story) is clearly a parody of romantic novels Austen read as a child. This is clear even from the subtitle, "Deceived in Freindship and Betrayed in Love", which completely undercuts the title. In form, it resembles a fairy tale as much as anything else, featuring wild coincidences and turns of fortune, but Austen is determined to lampoon the conventions of romantic stories, right down to the utter failure of romantic fainting spells, which always turn out badly for the female characters.< Less
Greatest Works of Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Emma & Lady Susan By Jane Austen
eBook (ePub): $0.99
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Jane Austen was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction, earned her a place as one of the most widely read writers in English literature. This collection contains his best works (Pride... More > and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Emma & Lady Susan), in their original editions. Review, design and indexing by Century eBooks.< Less
A Memoir Of Jane Austen By James Edward Austen-Leigh
eBook (ePub): $2.99
PREFACE. The Memoir of my Aunt, Jane Austen, has been received with more favour than I had ventured to expect. The notices taken of it in the periodical press, as well as letters addressed to me by... More > many with whom I am not personally acquainted, show that an unabated interest is still taken in every particular that can be told about her. I am thus encouraged not only to offer a Second Edition of the Memoir, but also to enlarge it with some additional matter which I might have scrupled to intrude on the public if they had not thus seemed to call for it. In the present Edition, the narrative is somewhat enlarged, and a few more letters are added; with a short specimen of her childish stories. A fragment of a story entitled ‘The Watsons’ is printed; and extracts are given from a novel which she had begun a few months before her death; but the chief addition is a short tale never before published, called ‘Lady Susan.’< Less