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100 Vintage Views of Japan (PDF vintage photo album) By Ben Acton
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Another collection of over 100 vintage photos and postcards of Japan, from the late 19th century to the last decades of the prewar, Imperial lifestyle that has now all but disappeared. Includes... More > scenes of rural and feudal life, Buddhist and Shinto temples, famous landscapes, cherry blossom, tea houses, geisha girls, as well as city life in Imperial Tokyo and other large Japanese towns. Historic images for all fans of Asian history. Includes scans of albumen prints by photographers such as Mikoshi, and many in truly beautiful hand-tinted color. An instant collection in PDF album format! See also our other vintage Asian photo album titles at our store on Lulu, : Postcards from Old Japan, Vintage Indochina, Kimono Girls, and Vintage Views of Raj Era India.< Less
王国时代的智慧全书 A Comprehensive Book of Wisdom From the Era of Kingdoms By Xuanjun Xie
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作者谢选骏构思本书于1975年,完成于2010年,连绵了三十五年... More >头。其动机开始于从《春秋·左传》中发现了“先秦王国时代”的精神与“秦后帝国时代”的差异,其主旨在于通过阅读《左传》来阐扬“先秦王国时代”的精神、克服“秦后帝国时代”的弊端。因为在作者谢选骏看来,“先秦王国时代”的精神,具有封建骑士的美德,他们不愿苟活的精神,全然不同于几百年来“识时务者为俊杰”的“好死不如赖活着”的中国人,而接近欧洲甚至日本的现代化前夜的社会风尚。这种“先秦王国时代”的精神,真正有助于中国的现代化。 Synopsis: By reading Zuo's Version of the Spring and Autumn Annals, Xie Xuanjun the author detects the difference between the ethos of the Pre-Qin Kingdoms era and that of the Post-Qin Imperial era. The author elucidates the former and points out the drawbacks of the latter. The author believes that the spirit of the Pre-Qin Kingdoms era represents the integrity of the feudal knights and is close to the social ethos of the pre-modern Europe and even Japan. The spirit of the Pre-Qin Kingdoms era is, therefore, conducive to the modernization of China.< Less
The Heart of a Fox By T. Isilwath
eBook (ePub): $7.95
A Fantasy Romance novel set in 16th Century Japan. A young woman from the modern world is accidentally sent back to Japan's Feudal Era where she must learn to survive. Her life depends upon the... More > talents and efforts of a half-kitsune whose life she saves.< Less
All About Japanese Philosophy By College Guide World
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Before feudalism was firmly established in Japan, Buddhism occupied the mainstream of Japanese thought. The Buddhism culture introduced politically by Prince Shotoku is completed as the “making... More > a country safe” thought in the Nara era. When the Heian era begins, in substitution for the “making a country safe thought”, mikkyo becomes popular. However, in the late noble era when pessimism was popular due to the “belief that Buddhism will decline during the latter days of this world”, the Pure Land movements spread out in the strong admiration to the future life in desperation over the life in this world. When the Kamakura era at which a samurai grasps the government begins, the “new” Buddhism for the newly-risen class (samurai) appears.< Less