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The Pincushion Effect By Jeffery Lucas
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American land surveying has a dilemma; it’s called the “pincushion corner.” This is a name used to describe the phenomena of multiple boundary monuments being set by land surveyors... More > when only one boundary corner exists under the law. The pincushion has not gone unnoticed by the legal profession and the general public. It is now common knowledge that no two surveyors can agree on the location of any given property corner. The pincushion is physical proof of that notion. Not only is the pincushion becoming a public relations disaster for the profession, it is causing those who might otherwise consider commissioning a survey to decide otherwise. And herein lies the dilemma; no one wants to hire the surveyor because of the way surveying is practiced, the pincushion being emblematic of that practice. This book explores the effect of the pincushion, how the phenomena started, why it exists, and remedies to end the practices that allow the pincushion corner to not only exist, but to flourish.< Less
Solomon The Salmon Goes Out To Sea By Lucas Wagner, Sebastian White
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Solomon The Salmon Goes Out To Sea Final Project for Jeff Lohman's 11th Grade Biology class for High Tech High.
No Panic - Metodo completo per ukulele By Luca "Jontom" Tomassini
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Un metodo pratico, semplice e completo, adatto a chiunque voglia imparare a suonare l’ukulele partendo da zero. Un paio d’anni fa è nata la mia guida. Ho riunito tutto quello che... More > sapevo in un unico corso, facendo leva sulla mia educazione musicale: 10 anni di pianoforte classico, batterista autodidatta, armonicista blues, due diplomi in Orchestrazione e Desktop Music Production conseguiti presso Berkleemusic, licenza di teoria e solfeggio musicale con la valutazione di 9.5/10. Il mio corso è il risultato di anni di lezioni e va a toccare gli argomenti più richiesti dai miei studenti. È visto col punto di vista di chi ha fatto dell’ukulele la sua passione/professione, girando il mondo per i festival, scambiando consigli e pareri con altri ukulelisti della scena mondiale e collaborando con grandi artisti della scena musicale italiana (Max Pezzali, Davide Van de Sfroos, Alberto Morselli, Jeff Peterson).< Less
SNAP Magazine Issue 005 Print By FW Publishing
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FW Publishing would like to introduce the launch of our fifth issue of SNAP Magazine. In this issue so far we have photographers such as Dane Van Lizzen, Lucas Gajewski, Kalsang Dhondup and Karin... More > Daninger. Fetish photographer, Joe Oliveira shows us his work and cover artist Clint Hall displays his beautiful photography. Other artists featured in this issue include Federico Erra, Carina Danniger, Li Gao, Jeff T. Alu, Alex Wise, Nina K, Sundberg and many more......< Less
Otoliths issue thirteen, part one By Mark Young (editor)
Paperback: $12.95
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Otoliths issue thirteen, part one, contains work by Adam Fieled, Amelia Schmidt, Anne Gorrick, Francis Raven, Bob Heman, Jeff Harrison, Michael K. White, Jeff Encke, Geof Huth & Tom Beckett, Sam... More > Langer, pd mallamo, Charles Freeland, Daniel f Bradley & Mike Cannell, Mark Cunningham, R. L. Swihart, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Paul Siegell, Marcia Arrieta, Martin Edmond, Adam Strauss, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Philip Byron Oakes, James Belflower & Anne Heide & J. Michael Martinez, J. D. Nelson, Luca Penne, Bobbi Lurie, John Moore Williams, Thomas Fink, Thomas Fink & Maya Diablo Mason, Kirk Marshall, Dan Raphael, Raymond Farr, Zach Bucher, Sheila E. Murphy, Tom Beckett interviewing Alex Gildzen, Glenn R. Frantz, Bill Drennan, Travis Macdonald, Tom Taylor, Lisa Ciccarello, Andy Martrich, F. J. Bergmann, Alyson Torns, Ashley Capes, Joe Balaz, Lars Palm, & Felino Soriano.< Less
Key Mysteries By Steve Drury
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Key Mysteries is a unique study into Keys in magick and mystery entertainment. Hardbound with 286 pages it features essays on the historical and symbolic concepts of keys in magic, plus feature... More > contributions by over 30 highly respected performers on presentation approaches and many routines - both seminal and new. Contributors include David Berglas, Eugene Burger, Bruce Bernstein, Kenton Knepper, Docc Hilford, Marc Salem, Jeff McBride, Roni Shachnaey, Christian Chelman, E.Raymond Carlyle, Professor BC, Robert E. Neale, Bob Fitch, Ed Solomon, Luca Volpe, Dale Hildebrandt, Lary Kuehn, Barrie Richardson, Paul Prater, Simon Drake, Daniele Nigris, Leslie Melville, Paul Voodini, Alan Jones, Jim Magus, Barry Cooper, Ariel Frailich, Master Payne and Mark Fishman Foreword is by Ed Solomon. Author / Editor Steve Drury< Less
Strange Mysteries By Jean Goldstrom
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This collection of "Strange Mysteries" is the largest book Whortleberry Press has ever had the pleasure of presenting to readers, with 275 pages chock full of strangeness and also of... More > mystery! Detectives, murders, science fiction, fantasy, mainstream -- whatever your favorite short-story style, you'll find it among this book's 26 selections. You'll find strangely mysterious stories by these authors: Michael H. Hanson, Jonathan H. Roberts, Jeff Parish,l James Hartley, Wayne Scheer, Julian Merrill, Rob Rosen, Barry Hunter, Kyle Hemmings, Bob Loughran, Warren Bull, Arthur Sanchez, Dennis Goldberg, Keigh G. Laufenberg, Tony Thorne MBE, Gary A. Markette, Jeffery Scott Sims, Glen Batchelor, Ralph Gredo Jr., Lucas Pederson, K. Curran Mayer, Jack Hillman, Jack Owen, Jan Christensen and Tom Sheehan. STRANGE MYSTERIES is indeed strange, it's mysterious, it's a fun collection -- enjoy!< Less