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The Drums of Jeopardy By Harold MacGrath
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About the Author- Harold MacGrath (September 4, 1871 - October 30, 1932) was a bestselling American novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter.Also known occasionally as Harold McGrath, he was... More > born in Syracuse, New York. As a young man, he worked as a reporter and columnist on theSyracuse Herald newspaper until the late 1890s when he published his first novel, a romance titled Arms and the Woman. According to the New York Times, his next book, The Puppet Crown, was the No.7 bestselling book in the United States for all of 1901. From that point on, MacGrath wrote novels for the mass market about love, adventure, mystery, spies, and the like at an average rate of more than one a year.-Wikipedia Excerpt:Away toward the far end of the platform there appeared a shadowy patch in the fog. It grew and presently took upon itself the shape of a man. For one so short and squat and thick his legs possessed remarkable agility, for he reached the street just as the other man stopped at the side of a taxicab.< Less
Double Jeopardy By gavin macdonald
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When Joseph Carrington kills a man for whose alleged murder he has just spent twenty years in prison, DCI Forsyth and DS MacRae are keen to find out who told him of the victim's new identity. There... More > are a number of suspects, but Carrington refuses to point the finger at any of them. When Carrington and a crony of his, Keith Edwards, are murdered, MacRae is astounded to find that Forsyth is prepared to take a case to the Procurator Fiscal because of what Edwards had to eat just before he died. But Forsyth is not fooling and the team are amazed by the brilliance of the solution that Forsyth has arrived at by the use of logical deduction.< Less
Final Jeopardy Study Guide By
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The Final Jeopardy Study Guide contains a comprehensive summary and analysis of Final Jeopardy by Linda Fairstein. It includes a detailed Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Character... More > Descriptions, Objects/Places, Themes, Styles, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion on Final Jeopardy.< Less
Double Jeopardy Postponed By Larry Dean Jackson
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You can't convict a man twice for murdering his wife. That's the law, it is called Double Jeopardy. That is what the brothers Walton thought and they were right. But that doesn't mean they could... More > escape justice.< Less
Archer In Jeopardy - Original By Ross Macdonald
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Ross MacDonald's unforgettable detective is Lew Archer. The wearily wise, infintely resourceful private investigator who so often finds in the tangled past, with its lonog-buried guilty secrets, a... More > fertile source of clues to the murderous present. Archer, whose very humanity puts him constantly in jeopardy, is "a distinguished creation," Endora Welty has said, "an attractive figure...He is of today, one of ours." He is his incomparable best in the three splendid novels of suspense brought together here: "The Doomsters," "The Zebra-Striped Hearse" and "The Instant Enemy."< Less
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This is a legal/action/science-fiction/drama set in the near future in LA. An unbalanced scientist, Karl Speregrin, uses an advanced prototype teleportation machine he is working on, to kill... More > his ex-lover and her boyfriend at our heroine's SECURE home. He is charged with the murders but is acquited because there is no way to prove he did it. Now Jill is on a mission to convict Karl by showing how he did it. Problem he has already been tried and acquited. A tense legal-action thriller!< Less
Journeys Jaunts and Jeopardy By Katherine Region of Writers
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A collection of stories and poetry from Katherine in the Northern Territory Outback.
Time Slot: Earth in Jeopardy By Dede Lynn
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Book two of trilogy series. From where the world began in the first book to life as we know it in the second book. Interspersed with how things are in the supernatural realm and how the world is... More > controlled by supernatural powers, the earth is getting ready for an intriguing future. The present is working out daily events that are hastening us to an ultimate interaction with Sataan, to his hurt.< Less
BLUE JEOPARDY By Diego Canós Benajas
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Siempre quise hacer un libro que fuera azul, y sin darme cuenta hice uno rojo. Sé que suena surrealista decirlo así, pero nunca había jugado con colores escribiendo. Mi anterior... More > libro, No Exit in Red, era rojo, era yo. Cómo me veía yo, cuando me preguntaban por un color desde pequeño. No obstante, desde hace cierto tiempo, siempre quise ser azul. Quise meterme en lo peor, como si no hubiera suficiente, y escribir sobre ello. Lo conseguí, y aquí, así lo expreso.< Less
Sure-foot Sam in Jeopardy By Katie Pasek
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“Sure-foot Sam in Jeopardy” tells the story of Sure-foot Sam, a klutzy bank teller who wants to be the next Indiana Jones, and his intelligent, detailed-oriented English bulldog, Sir... More > Reginald Higgins, who’d rather he not succeed. Sure-foot is on assignment to help the bank’s newest investor, a smooth-talking Aussie, recover his family’s treasure currently being stored in the Amazon rainforest. Along the way, Sure-foot and Sir Reginald encounter the Amazon’s diverse and dangerous wildlife, and learn the investor is not all he appears.< Less

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