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GENEROUS JUSTICE: Jewish Wisdom for Just-Giving By Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips
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GENEROUS JUSTICE is a resource for social action, lifelong learning, spiritual growth and contemplative practice, giving circles and philanthropy education, service learning, and personal money... More > management. This innovative source book provides inspiration and practical support for “just-giving”: just give, AND give justly. With readings from classical and contemporary pathfinders, accompanied by guided study questions, readers join a dialogue across millennia of prophets, sages, activists and artists. Bringing together concern for the poor and vulnerable with concern for the planet, GENEROUS JUSTICE is a one-stop guide for more effective giving throughout the year: simple, regular, and fair.< Less
the Ideology of KACH By Meir Kahane
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Rabbi Meir Kahane (1932-1990) was the most controversial Jewish leader in the 20th century. He formed the Jewish Defense League in the USA and the KACH movement in Israel. Rabbi Kahane wrote... More > "The Ideology of KACH" in 1990 (just before his assassination). It is a summary of his political activism and its religious basis, as expressed in his major works such as They Must Go, Why Be Jewish?, and Or HaRa'ayon - The Jewish Idea. "The Ideology of KACH", Rabbi Kahane's last finished work, is now, for the first time, available to the public. Rabbi Kahane gave his life for the ideas in this book.< Less
ASK NOT WHY, MY PEOPLE By Shifra Hoffman
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ASK NOT WHY, MY PEOPLE - Selected writings of a Contemporary Jewish Activist.
Jailhouse Stud By Red Jordan Arobateau
eBook (PDF): $8.00
Jailhouse Stud is a collectors item.—A vintage classic. It is reprinted in document form.
Jailhouse Stud By Red Jordan Arobateau
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jailhouse Stud is a collectors item.—A vintage classic. It is reprinted in document form.
A Dream Fulfilled By Richard Simon
eBook (ePub): $8.99
One family member was a Jewish pioneer in gold rush San Francisco, selling dry goods down the block from fellow German immigrant Levi Strauss. Another family member was one of the wealthiest Jews in... More > the 19th Century—a tobacco merchant, hotel owner, Wall Street banker and real estate investor who once met President Grant and hobnobbed with prominent Jews profiled in Stephen Birmingham’s “Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of New York.” Other family members included a pioneer in the silk business, a Russian Jew who fled persecution, a colorful Brooklyn merchant who was the first to display an ad on a trolley car that crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and a Palm Springs civic activist. Richard Simon, a retired Los Angeles Times reporter, writes about the lives of his family members, including the adversities they overcame, in “A Dream Fulfilled.’’< Less
Ukrainians and Jews in Revolutionary Times By Henry Abramson
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In 1917, Jewish and Ukrainian activists worked to overcome previous mutual antagonism in an independent Ukraine, but the bold experiment ended in terrible failure as anarchic violence swept the... More > countryside.This revised edition of the 1999 printing includes a new Foreword and Afterword by the author. Praise for the First Edition: "A highly readable book, breaking new ground and attaining a degree of objectivity that might settle most of the thorny issues involved." The Journal of Modern History "A landmark book on Ukrainian-Jewish Relations.” Nationalities Papers "A must for scholars and laymen alike." Shofar "Abramson’s impressive command of Ukrainian and Jewish sources lends itself to a critical shift” Association for Jewish Studies Review "Abramson’s book rises above national agendas to provide an objective analysis." The Russian Review “Abramson provides a serious, thoughtful, and carefully worded work…the most balanced and complete existing account.” Kritika< Less
Stage Door --Part 1 By Red Jordan Arobateau
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Red Jordan Arobateau’s piece de resistance! One of the world’s greatest books! And it’s totally queer! Meet singer Billy Bradford and Dancer Venus Archer: Venus & Billy are the... More > star-crossed lovers. A black/white couple; trans-butch & high femme. Both 28 years old, and artists, who live in San Francisco. Meet their best friends Miss Bunny Knox, a research scientist, a high femme of color; and her love the middle-aged Doctor Bernie Rosenfeld, an old world butch dike with a political agenda. An incredible cast of characters, both good & evil, wild, blasé, transvestite, queer, gay (and a few straight), and a host of homeless street people, crazy artists, political activists, slum lords, rich yuppies, spiky haired punks with blue/green tattoos, plus a dog & birds. You’ve heard of Le Miserables, Atlas Shrugged, War & Peace? Well STAGE DOOR IS LONGER—AND QUEERER, WITH MORE STRANGE SEX!! Political & Spiritual meditations! A lot of funny dialogue from the crazy cast of The Show - from master author Red Jordan!< Less
Bolshevik Burlesque By Steve Cohen
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This is a story about outsiders, and the outsiders' outsiders - dissident Trotskyists within the Trotskyist movement, Trotskyists within the left, Jews in the diaspora, ideological minorities of Jews... More > within the Jewish communities. It is also a story of memory: the scrambled memory of fictional character Owen Owen (loosely based on British activist Pat Jordan, a leading figure in the anti-Vietnam war movement) and the memory of the working class and the Jewish experiences. The madcap, screwball caricature and satire is very loosely based on the political life of Max Shachtman and his friends James P Cannon ("O'Bannion" in the story) and Martin Abern ("Mortie Behrens" in the story). Together they formed a Trotskyist movement in the USA. It was one of the most influential and important Trotskyist groups in the world and they had the best treehouse den and jolly-japes that any group of friends could hope for.< Less
A Hamsa Collection By susan arnsten-russell
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The Hamsa is an old and still popular amulet for magical protection. This volume contains original variations of Hamsa symbolism. Some say that the Jews were the first to adopt the use of the... More > Hamsa, as a protective amulet against the evil eye. Jewish lore sometimes calls the Hamsa the Hand of Miriam, referring to Miriam, the sister of Moses, or it is more generally called the Hand of God. The Hamsa hand is also a popular talisman with Muslims, who call it the Hand of Fatima, referring to the daughter of Mohammed. To the Muslims, the Hamsa sometimes refers to the five pillars of Islam. With its roots in Arab and Jewish tradition and culture, peace activists have adopted the hamsa as an unifying symbol of similarity between the two groups of people at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is seen and used as a gesture of peace and prosperity in the Middle East in general.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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