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The Books of the Maccabees: From the Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible, Known as the Apocrypha By Unknown Devout Jew
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The First Book of the Maccabees, is a book of the Old Testament that is not found in the King James version but is included in the texts of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox canons
The Wars of the Jews By Flavius Josephus
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Whereas the war which the Jews made with the Romans hath been the greatest of all those, not only that have been in our times, but, in a manner, of those that ever were heard of; both of those... More > wherein cities have fought against cities, or nations against nations; while some men who were not concerned in the affairs themselves have gotten together vain and contradictory stories by hearsay, and have written them down after a sophistical manner; and while those that were there present have given false accounts of things, and this either out of a humor of flattery to the Romans, or of hatred towards the Jews; and while their writings contain sometimes accusations, and sometimes encomiums, but no where the accurate truth of the facts< Less
Making Jews By Eugene Kaellis
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Dr. Aaron Velinsky realizes that the future of world Jewry is in danger of extinction, largely because of assimilation and a declining birth rate. He concludes that the only feasible means of... More > sustaining Jewry and Judaism, which he considers very important to the world, is by converting non-Jews to Judaism. The Return Movement he starts is, in spite of widespread Rabbinic opposition, significantly successful, but a shocking event leaves him disconsolate and convinced his efforts were mistaken. Davida, the young, dynamic leader of the Movement, challenges his despair and vows to continue the struggle.< Less
The Converted Jew By Joseph Samuel
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Since the time of the Apostles, any Jew who confessed Jesus is the Christ was persecuted and ostracized from their community. During the turn of the 19th Century, Joseph Samuel became a believer... More > under the same conditions. Forced into a position where he had to choose between family and Christ. Also in the fact that, by this time, the Christian faith was predominantly made up of gentile believers who do not openly welcome Jewish converts in their churches, which made it even harder for someone born Jewish to come into the faith. Originally written in 1815, Joseph Samuel retells his story of how he became “The Converted Jew.” Also included are an address and a sermon written by preachers of his day which he attached to his book at the time of publication.< Less
The Jew & the German By Kennedy Turner
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The year is 1942 when eleven year old Remy meets a girl named Adi in the park. They soon become best friends.But when Adi mysteriously disappears Remy will have to rely on bravery, trust and the... More > power of friendship to save her.< Less
Jews With Tools By Jonathan Horovitz
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A collection of stories about Jon and his friends, and their various power tools. What happens when Jews use Tools? Let's put it this way - it's hilarious!
Against the Jews By John Chrysostom
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John Chrysostom preached 8 sermons to his congregation against the Jews. These were transmitted to us in the Greek manuscripts of his works, but the 2nd sermon was much shorter than the others,... More > leading scholars to suppose that most of that sermon was lost. This belief was confirmed in the 1990's when German scholar Wendy Pradels discovered a forgotten copy of sermon II in a Greek monastery which contained the missing material. It should be added that there is a further sermon of Chrysostom against Jews and Pagans, Contra Iudaeos et gentiles quod Christus sit deus, which has never been translated, and is said to end abruptly, in such a manner as to lead scholars to suppose that the ending is lost.< Less
The Unwanted Jew By Rosa M. Sacharin
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Rosa Sacharin escaped the worst of the Holocaust when she left Hitler’s Berlin on the 1st December with the first Kindertrasport (Transport of Children) to travel to England, arriving on the... More > 2nd December 1938. She vividly recalls the horrors of the rise of the Nazi Party before she left and the frightening circumstances of living through that time. The book tells the story of her life and deals with the History as she lived through it from 1925, though with understanding from 1928 to the present day. She escaped the horrors of the mindless destruction of so many, but was and still is, deeply affected by their suffering. Her autobiography goes on to reveal her contribution to the society she joined, in Central Scotland, where she has earned acceptance in many hearts. To the question “Why you?” she says, “There is no answer.”< Less
On The Jews and Their Lies By Martin Luther
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Martin Luther's historical rant against the Jewish people.
The International Jew By Henry Ford
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Between 1919 and 1927 Henry Ford exposed what he believed was a Jewish conspiracy toward world control through international banking. The articles contained in this book, which includes all four... More > volumes, appeared first in the Dearborn Independent newsletter edited by Ford himself.< Less