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Roar of the Tigress, Volume I By Rev. Master P.T.N.H. Jiyu-Kennett
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Late in December of 1961, Peggy Kennett, British organist and medieval ­music scholar, boarded a steamer headed for the Far East. Eight years later she returned to the West as one of the first... More > Western women ever to be recognized as a Zen Master. These are her words, as transcribed from some of the more than one thousand tapes recorded of the lectures she gave until her death in 1996. In this first volume, Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett speaks of the basic aspects of Soto Zen in her characteristic down-to-earth, practical, and good-humored way. For those who did not have the opportunity to meet her, this book gives some of the flavor of what it was like to study with this remarkable woman and Buddhist teacher. For those who did, it will add a new richness to their appreciation of her teaching.< Less
Serene Reflection Meditation By Rev. Master P.T.N.H. Jiyu-Kennett
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Meditation is “the gateway to repose and joy.” It is the heart of our Buddhist practice. Through meditation we open to our True Nature, the Unborn Buddha Nature and to the source of our... More > ­suffering. This introduction to Serene Reflection (Soto Zen) ­meditation is presented in a simple, practical and thorough ­manner with articles on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of this type of meditation. The Buddha taught that there is ­suffering or unsatisfactoriness and that there is a way to find the cessation of or liberation from suffering. ­Articles include teachings on how to bring the Buddha’s Teaching into all aspects of our lives and how we can live in harmony with ourselves and all living beings. The articles in this book were written by male and female Buddhist monks and lay trainees within the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.< Less
The Wild, White Goose By Rev. Roshi P.T.N.H. Jiyu-Kennett
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Originally published in two volumes, this book is based on the diaries of the years in Japan of Roshi Jiyu-Kennett, one of the first Western women to become a Zen Master. In addition to telling the... More > story of Roshi Jiyu-Kennett’s search for the Truth and how she found enlightenment in the midst of suffering, illness and hardship, it gives the reader a rare and illuminating insight into life in a large Zen training monastery. Above all this is a work of faith which demonstrates the perseverance, compassion and trust with which a person must enter the religious life if he or she wishes to understand its perfection. In Books One and Two (originally published as Volume One) Roshi Jiyu-Kennett describes her going to Japan and her life as a junior monk in one of the largest Zen monasteries of the country, including her first experience of enlightenment, her Transmission as heir in the Dharma to the Chief Abbot and her graduation as a full priest.< Less
How to Grow a Lotus Blossom By Rev. Master P.T.N.H. Jiyu-Kennett
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In 1976 Rev. Master Jiu-Kennett was very ill and was told she had only a few months to live. In the face of imminent death, she went deeply into meditation to reflect on her life in preparation for... More > death. As a result, she had a deep religious experience over several months and went on to live another twenty years doing her Buddhist practice and helping others to do the same. This book is the diary of those months.< Less
Summer/Autumn 2016 Anniversary Journal of the OBC By OBC Journal
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This is a special double issue of the Journal on the 20th Anniversary of the death of our Founder, Reverend Master Jiyu-Kennett. It is an extended 112 page issue which includes a talk from Reverend... More > Master Jiyu on a chapter of the Shobogenzo and - from the Shasta Abbey archive - a talk she gave at the Buddhist Society in London as a lay person in 1960. There are articles by eight of her monastic disciples and a lay minister, reflecting on her teaching, their time with her and the unfolding of their practice over the last 20 years. There are also writings of remembrances of training with her, which show how she helped and taught her disciples in everyday circumstances as well as more formally. There are several photos of her and our usual offering of news from temples of the Order.< Less
The Oral Transmissions of the 52 Soto Zen Ancestors: An Overview By Marilynn Hughes
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THE ORAL TRANSMISSIONS OF THE 52 SOTO ZEN BUDDHIST ANCESTORS: Shakyamuni Buddha founded the path of the successive 52 Soto Zen Ancestors when he awakened to the Way. The transmissions of the... More > teachings to the 52 Ancestors in Zen Buddhist Tradition were never meant to reach the eyes of laymen. 'The Denkoroku: The Record of the Transmission of Light' was originally written only for the eyes of Zen monks. Shasta Abbey's late Abbess, Jiyu Kennett, who translated the text into English often said that the long sentences used in Zen would likely annoy American readers. But she made the decision to share some of the deeper teachings of Zen with the lay public even if they were unable to penetrate into the deeper meaning of the words. This book gives you an overview and insight into a subject otherwise only understood through lengthy study.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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