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InSide The Phoenix By John Gray
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InSide The Phoenix is photography pictorial view from John Gray’s On Site Photography. This book is back by popular demand. Featuring poetry from John Gray’s latest book (Forest of Life).... More > Enjoy the On Site Experience.< Less
Phoenix Rising By John Landau
Paperback: $9.00
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How would Star Wars translate to storytelling around the campfire? Now you can experience the original tale in blank verse, the iambic pentameter form of Milton, Wordsworth, and Shakespeare, told in... More > a lively and operatic style.< Less
Space: 1999 Phoenix of Megaron fixed By John Rankine
Paperback: $20.00
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The updated version of John Rankine's Space:1999 classic novel, now fully integrated with the Powysverse.
Soldier Joker Phoenix in Astoria By Richard A. Paskowitz, M.D.
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John Phoenix aka Lieutenant George Horatio Derby was in Oregon during the years 1855-1856. He was in charge of building roads in what was wilderness. While there the wildly successful... More > book PHOENIXIANA was published. No book tour for Phoenix. He dealt with the government bureaucracy and lack of support. He kept his humor and satire intact. This book supports his satire and his precision, inherent in an engineer.< Less
John McCain: A Hero Answers the Call By Blaster Media
Paperback: $19.12
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Blaster Media Network is excited to present a comprehensive look at the rebirth and ultimate victory of John McCain's rise to the top of the Republican ticket. Through sheer endurance and faith and... More > devotion to his country, McCain continues to sacrifice himself for the country he loves so dearly. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of a campaign which nearly collapsed, the strength of Vietnam veteran and former POW John McCain guided him through a hard fought and well deserved battle to capture the Republican nomination for the President of the United States of America. McCain, a maverick within his own party has spent his lifetime in service to his country, the word "defeat" not in his vocabulary, he has pushed hard throughout his time in the House as well as the Senate fighting for America and her aspirations as well as her soldiers in uniform.< Less
Enterprising Endeavour The Complete Guide By John LaJoie
Hardcover: $112.80
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The companion guide to the Enterprising Endeavour series by John LaJoie
Extended Stay By John Hewitt
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J.C. Hewitt lives in Tucson Arizona, when he can. He has a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and an MA in English from Northern Arizona University. This book of poetry came from a... More > period in his life when J.C. was working as a technical writer in Phoenix, Arizona. He spent his time commuting back and forth between Tucson and Phoenix to be with his wife and family while his mother suffered through a long hospital stay that nearly killed her. J.C. Hewitt is the publisher of the web site This is his first book of poetry< Less
Illusions of Time By John LaJoie
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Struggling to organize a world against the onslaught of an alien race whose sole purpose is to see through to humanities annihilation, Admiral John Joliea stands on the threshold of war. Called to... More > investigate the arrival of unexplained vessels near the outskirts of Jupiter, a turn of events sends him racing to meet with a man whose undisputable allegations of coming from a parallel universe causes John to question his past. Racing against time to uncover the secrets trapped onboard the new ships, John is faced to do the impossible: The unification of the worlds population during their darkest hour.< Less
Enterprising Endeavour The Olympian Stronghold By John LaJoie
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Forging a stronghold with nations of Earth against the approaching Nodulian Empire whose rein of terror is know throughout the galaxy, Admiral John Joliea stands ready with the assembled fleet of the... More > Consortium with trepidation. As lines are crossed and war breaks out, the battle begins on two storm fronts which deals a crushing blow to the allies as they seek out the ZON weapon heading for Earth to rid out humanities presence. Coming face to face with his adversary Potentate Valcone, John is taken prisoner onboard the Chimeso unknowing that the fate of Earth now hangs in the balance by the one person he never thought would see again. The thrilling conclusion to the Enterprising Endeavour series< Less
There Is A Tomorrow By Warren Norgaard, John Gilgun
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There Is A Tomorrow is the latest collaboration effort of John Gilgun and Warren Norgaard. Several years in the making, it tells a story of love, friendship, travel, art, creativity, teaching, San... More > Francisco, growing up and older, and still so much more. There Is A Tomorrow is a must-read for everyone, but especially all gay men -- young and old, closeted and out, educated and dropouts, city and urban, single and coupled.< Less