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Transcript: Building Attraction through Storytelling By JT The ABCs of Attraction
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Here's the transcript for "Building Attraction through Storytelling" DVD by featuring JT the Asian Playboy. BONUS: Don't forget to purchase the "Building Attraction through... More > Storytelling" DVD! WARNING: Do not download this file if you have not seen the DVD. This document is meant to be read in conjunction with watching the aforementioned DVD. Jam packed in the DVD & Transcript: How to properly structure your stories for the best results!How to use the woman's five senses to captivate her!How to include DHVs and hit Attraction switches!How to come off as natural and NOT bragging!How to cut out all the B.S.! LENGTH: 15 pages Click here for the complete store desciption.< Less
Apocalypse By Nancy Veneau
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Part II of the Forsaken series. An ancient coven. A devastating new weapon of destruction. An unthinkable target. The city of Angels has awoken. Ancient myths from all over the world from vampires... More > to gods are reacting. To a brewing war not of this world. Somewhere out there the greatest, most ancient power lays dormant. They had thousands of years to stop the upcoming apocalypse. They now have one week left.< Less
Bark At The Moon By Thomas Turner
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Many of us have heard of the legendary death walk of the Cherokee Indians to the west, better known as The Trail of Tears, but this is the story of one man’s journey into darkness and despair... More > during that horrible time in America’s history when he is cursed to walk not just as a man, but as a creature of the night….. a werewolf. Young Johnny Blackfoot, locked in the local psychiatric ward and with only hours until his own demonic transformation is supposed to take place, spins a tale of devoted love, unforgettable horror and unwavering survival…the story of his late ancestor, Grey Eagle and his cursed journey to find his one true love, Shining Littledove…and to stop the vengeful beast that he has inadvertently created from devouring all that remains of his people as they wander westward during that cold and bitter winter of 1838.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
Paperback: $12.99