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All About Eve photo book By mick mercer
Paperback: $23.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this 192 page book you will find 247 images revolving around ALL ABOUT EVE, always a classy act. Here we find photos covering the band but also the antics of Andy, Julianne and Tim as best as I... More > can manage from my collection. Apart from the alarming discovery of some photos of Chris, originally intended as vocalist for Swarm, we get Andy’s brief spell in Pink & Black, All About Eve at the Marquee in 1987, then at the Chipping Norton studios in 1989. There is a healthy wodge of shots from a session done with Julianne in 1994 for a Zillo interview, and then there’s Tim cavorting with XC-NN at the Marquee in 1992.< Less
Folk Horror Revival: Urban Wyrd -1. Spirits of Time By Folk Horror Revival
Paperback: List Price: $16.30 $13.04 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Welcome to the Urban Wyrd. Discover Hauntology, Weird Technology & Transport, Hauntings and much much more in the realms of TV, Film, Literature, Art, Culture , Lore and Life. Travel in time and... More > spaces with Adam Scovell, Stephen Volk, Scarfolk, Julianne Regan, Sebastian Backziewicz, Sara Hannant, The Black Meadow and many other contributors. All sales profits from this book purchased from our Lulu bookstore are donated at intervals to The Wildlife Trusts.< Less
GOTHIC IMAGES Volume 2 By mick mercer
Paperback: $18.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
280 photos of Beast, Bible For Dogs, Bomb Party, The Butterflies, Creaming Jesus, The Dancing Did, Das Tor, David J, Death By Crimpers, Destroy The Boy (in their darker phase), Diskord Datkord,... More > Dreamcity Filmclub, Drunk On Cake, Dust Devils, Electric Dog Sex, Empyrean, 4 Came Home, Finish The Story, Gloria Mundi, Gun Club, Inkubus Sukkubus, Julianne Regan, Junior Manson Slags, Lovecraft, Melinda Miel, Nosferatu, Pork Helmets, Powder, P.U.M.P., Rosetta Stone, Sadodada, Skeletal Family, Suck Henry, Sunshot, Tabitha’s Nightmare, Tragic Venus, UK Decay, Under 2 Flags, Witches, XC-NN, Xmal Deutschland, Zip Zip Undo Me.< Less
GAYE BYKERS ON ACID By mick mercer
Paperback: $14.63
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the alarmingly wild, wildly colourful, indecently exuberant GAYE BYKERS ON ACID, and you’re not to give them back! One of a kind this bunch, which is why they... More > proved so popular. This trim tome finds 45 photos of them in action at the Limelight in 1987, with a live review to go with it. You will also find three of the Leicester mafia caught in conversation in the The Oporto, the Melody Maker pub, where I interviewed Mary Mary (GBOA), Andy Jesus (Bomb Party) and Anderson (Crazyhead) for an article on the Grebo movement. There are 30 photos from that meeting and I have also included the interview itself, plus three individual ‘Shrink Wrap’ articles I did the chaps. [The ‘Grebo’ piece also includes quotes from Ricky Powell (Voodoo Child), Phil Morris (Rose Of Avalanche), Simon Detroit (then Batfish Boys), Julianne Regan (All About Eve) as well as Mick Karen and Phil from Webcore.]< Less
GOTHIC INTERVIEWS Volume 1 By Mick Mercer
Paperback: $22.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
A book of Goth-related interviews I did as a journalist, pre-Internet. Large interviews: Abbo of UK Decay, Alien Sex Fiend, All About Eve, Ausgang, Bauhaus, Bod, Christian Death (Valor), Creaming... More > Jesus, Dali’s Car, The Danse Society, The Dancing Did, Finish The Story, Junior Manson Slags, KaS Product, Look Back In Anger, March Violets, Mothburner, New Model Army, Pink & Black, Say You (post-Skeletals), Sex Gang Children, Sunshot, The Cult, Toyah, Ultravox! (John Foxx), Under 2 Flags, The Virgin Prunes. Smaller: Anno Lucis, Chat Show, Discord Datkord, The Fifteenth (post-Look Back In Anger), Hysteria, Julianne Regan, Real Macabre, Rubicon, The Society (post-The Danse Society), Theatre of Hate, Venus Fly Trap, Venus In Furs, Zooey. Articles on: Adam And The Ants, The Dancing Did/Shend at Snowshill Manor, Kabuki (pre-Ausgang), ‘Give Me Passion’, contributions for ‘Masterbag’ and Ausgang’s fanzine ‘Stab The Sun.’ 232 pages, 88,000 words and 167 photos, the majority previously unpublished.< Less
GOTHIC INTERVIEWS Volume 2 By Mick Mercer
Paperback: $22.79
Prints in 3-5 business days
Second book (of 3) of Goth-related interviews I did as a journalist pre-Internet. Large interviews with: Aemotii Crii, Alien Sex Fiend, Bod, Christian Death (Valor), The Cravats, Creaming Jesus, The... More > Dancing Did, The Danse Society, Gitane Demone, Gloria Mundi, Julianne Regan, Junior Manson Slags, March Violets, Midnight Configuration, Music For Pleasure, Ritual, Sex Gang Children, Spear Of Destiny, Tones On Tail, The Very Things, Xmal Deutschland. Smaller interviews with: All About Eve, Ausgang, BFG, Diamanda Galas, Dust Devils, Fear Of Darkness, Fields Of The Nephilim, God And The Crazy Lesbians, God’s Girlfriend, Ides Of March, Josi Without Colours. Articles on: The Dancing Did, Tim Did’s own story, further Stab The Sun contributions, a UK Decay tour diary written by Abbo, a mid 90’s State Of Goth article originally printed in Zillo in 4 parts, featuring contributions from about a dozen people in bands. 228 pages, 87,000 words and 150 photos, the majority previously unpublished.< Less
GOTHIC INTERVIEWS Volume 3 By Mick Mercer
Paperback: $22.74
Prints in 3-5 business days
Final volume of my Goth-related interviews I did when a music journalist, pre-Internet. Large interviews: Alien Sex Fiend, All About Eve, Andi Sex Gang, Ausgang, Bauhaus, Blood & Roses, Creaming... More > Jesus, Dancing Did, Dawn After Dark, Death Cult, Jazz Butcher, Junior Manson Slags, Martian Dance, New Model Army, Panic Button, Peter Murphy, Pocket Rockets, Rosetta Stone, Sex Gang Children, Spear Of Destiny, Specimen, Theatre Of Hate, Toyah, UK Decay, Zero Le Crèche. Smaller: The Bolshoi, Bomb Party, Cassandra Complex, The Danse Society, Four Came Home, Julianne Regan, Kommunity FK, Militia, Siiiii, Teahouse Camp, The Witches Of Nemesis, Venus Fly Trap, XC-NN. Articles: Adam Ant (Punk Lives ‘Xmas Carol’), ‘Grebo’ movement, Modern Magic, mid-90’s Overview Of UK Goth, Positive Punk documentary, more Stab The Sun (the Ausgang fanzine). 224 pages, 78,000 words and 165 photos, the majority of them previously unpublished.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00