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Indy Bones and the Jurassic Island By Louie Flynn
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Jurassic Pulp By Dot Gumbi & Marcel Baker
Paperback: $13.51
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When Marsellus Wallace is given the opportunity to invest in a pioneering new resort, he jumps at it, but after several years of no contact his patience runs out and he sends his two henchmen, Jules... More > and Vincent, to find out what's happened to his money. They fly to a private island off of Costa Rica where they discover their boss has invested in a dinosaur theme-park, but before they get chance to call and tell him what's going on, the park is plunged into chaos and Jules and Vincent find themselves fighting for their lives. 'How the hell we gonna tell him he's bought a god-damned dinosaur?'< Less
The Beginning of Catastrophe By R.J. Sagui
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A Sci-Fi/Fantasy story based on characters and events created in Jurassic Park. Two men are invited to an island to help bring back the dinosaurs, and unravel a mystery about the company that brought... More > them there. Though, as a raptor goes rouge on the island, they find themselves trapped and needing to find a way out of the building, and off the island.< Less
The Land That Time Forgot (Illustrated) By Edgar Rice Burroughs
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A Jurassic nightmare confronts the crew of the U-boat U-33 when it surfaces in a lagoon on the uncharted island of Caprona. Yet, man-eating dinosaurs are the least of their problems. Out of fuel,... More > lost, and with a mixed crew of English captives and German sailors struggling for control of the submarine, the castaways must co-operate or perish on the unforgiving island. Bowen Tyler enters into the uneasy arrangement with good intentions, but the Prussian captain, von Schoenvorts, bides his time, nurturing his jealousies and hatred until it is too late, and catastrophe strikes.< Less
The Lost World By Arthur Conan Doyle
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In his 1912 story The Lost World Arthur Conan Doyle created a new sub-genre of adventure narrative. The book is about the discovery of a mysterious island inhabited by dinosaurs and other prehistoric... More > creatures. It has inspired countless imitations including King Kong and Jurassic Park< Less
Circles In Time By Forest Fox
Paperback: $15.95
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Circles in Time is Book 1 of the Pirates of Marauda trilogy, an adventure through time and space. Out on another of their treasure-hunting diving adventures, brothers Eli and Zoe and their Dad come... More > upon an earthshaking discovery when a powerful storm leaves them shipwrecked on an unknown tropical island. In the jungle, they soon encounter nineteenth-century buccaneers who never age but can barely fend off the Jurassic creatures who rule this place. As they all try to escape the island, they come upon Shakti, a captivatingly beautiful princess, who leads them to her people, the Children of Eden. They soon learn that these people from another world have been conducting a desperate experiment with their crystal technology, in which the trio themselves have become the unintended victims.< Less
The Land that Time Forgot By Edgar Rice Burroughs
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Imagine an episode of Lost mixed with the movie Jurassic Park and you might have Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic book The Land That Time Forgot. Set during WWI, it features a German U-boat with British... More > captives that goes off course and gets sucked into the current of a "crater lake." Somehow through a freak geological and evolutionary glitch, the island is covered in dinosaurs and proto-humans. Follow the pair of cast-aways Bowen Tyler and Lys La Rue as they set up "Camp Dinosaur," fight off bands of humanoids, discover oil for the Uboat (seriously!), and play house together in a sort of neo Adam and Eve in paradise scene.< Less

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