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Justification By Arnoldo Torres
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Justification thru Christ.We are saved by His grace and thru Him only.
Free Justification in Christ By Member of the Church of Christ
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A Very short and brief account of the Free Justification of God’s elect, from the condemning power of the Law, by that law change of persons, {flowing from an eternal act of Grace; by way of... More > Covenant transaction between the Father and Son;} which brought Christ as Mediator, under the Curse and Condemnation of the broken Law, in the very room and place of elect sinners. Whereunto are added, some questions concerning this point; proposed to be answered by those that do so confidently affirm, that the elect of God are equally with others, under the same condemning power of the Law, before Faith. By a Member of the Church of Christ, in the County of Essex.< Less
Justification by Christ Alone By Samuel Richardson
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JUSTIFICATION BY CHRIST ALONE: 1647. A Fountain of life and comfort, declaring that the whole work of man’s salvation was accomplished by Jesus Christ upon the cross, in that He... More > took away and healed all His, from all sins, and presented them to God holy without fault in His sight. And the Objections against this are answered, for the Consolation of such as believe, that they may not ascribe that which is proper to Christ’s Priestly Office, to their believing. Entire New & Enlarged Edition. Additional Treatises include “A Defense of Tobias Crisp” & a Short Treatise on the Resurrection & Intercession of Christ in Relation to Justification &c. Also; sections of the 'Justification' book have been meticulously compared with Richardson’s own later corrections from his 'Consolations' {1649} book, and carefully revised.< Less
The Perfection of Justification By John Simpson
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From the Preface: Reader, the Author preached and printed the Works out of which this is extracted, many many years ago, and by them, he, though dead, yet speaketh. And however strange the Doctrine... More > herein contained, may be, {to those who build their hopes upon inherent righteousness,} yet it is none other than the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Doctrine of the Reformation, and the only Doctrine that tends {contrary to the judgment of carnal reason} to uprightness of heart and life, and whoever conceives otherwise of this Doctrine understands it not. It is founded upon this principle, that we must discover God’s Love to us in Christ Jesus, that he has already saved us, before we can truly love God or our Neighbor. This our Saviour inculcates to Simon the Pharisee in the Parable of the two Debtors, Luke 7:41, and in many other Places of Scripture. May he sprinkle this with his Blood; and explain it by his Spirit to the Heart of every Reader.< Less
Doctrine of Justification By A. W. Pink
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During the Reformation, the doctrine of justification was considered a distinguishing factor in the division between Protestant and Catholic theology. In his book The Doctrine of Justification, Pink... More > makes note of this division and proceeds to present a Protestant doctrine of justification--its meaning, basis, nature, sources, evidence. What is justification? What is it not? How can we harmonize the idea of justification with other religious truths? Pink defines justification as God's declaration of forgiveness and acceptance through which our souls are moved from a state of sin and guilt to a state of righteousness through Christ. Pink emphasizes the fact that this change in our souls is not subjective; it is a change in the sinner's legal status in the eyes of heaven. Justification is a topic that is relevant to all Christians, and this book successfully dispels some of the confusion surrounding the term. -Emmalon Davis, CCEL Staff Wrtier< Less
Of Free Justification By Wilson Thompson
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Elder Wilson Thompson (1788 - 1866)was a native of Hillsborough, Ky. He was regarded as one of the ablest Primitive Baptist ministers that ever lived in the United States. He was of an old... More > Bap­tist family, of English, Welsh, Scotch, Irish and German descent. Although a controversial writer - his Triumphs of Truth being the most controversial, this article dealing with the question of Justification by Faith alone, by the blood and righteousness of Christ alone sets forth true Scripture doctrine of the Christian's standing in the Lord Jesus Christ.< Less
The Doctrine of Justification By Arthur W. Pink
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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Arthur W. Pink carefully treats a biblical doctrine that is often misunderstood—the doctrine of justification. How can we, who have sinned against a... More > holy God, be reconciled to that God? Only through the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty for His people. Pink explores justification in the aspects of Its Meaning, Its Problem, Its Basis, Its Nature, Its Source, Its Objects, Its Instrument, Its Evidence, and Its Results.< Less
Of Free Justification, By the Blood and Righteousness of Christ By Wilson Thompson
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In this small volume, the pioneer preacher, Elder Wilson Thompson, correctly articulates the Biblical, and historic Baptist view of justification solely by the redemption found in Christ Jesus... More > (Romans 3:24). In this pursuit of truth, Elder Thompson quotes other such men as English Particular Baptist minister, Dr. John Gill. This small work manifests where historic Baptists stand apart from both Catholics and Reformers. We deny that our works play any role in justifying us before God, as well as deny that faith is an instrument through which we are declared righteous before God. Faith and works both declare to us what God has already accomplished for us through our savior, Jesus Christ. As Thompson declares, “It is Christ that died, and so we see that justification is of the grace of God through the blood and righteousness of Christ, and faith is the Spirit's evidence of it to and for the comfort of the soul; and this is according to the experience of every truly regenerated man or woman."< Less
The Honey-Combe of Free Justification by Christ Alone. By John Eaton
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The Honey-Combe of Free Justification by Christ Alone. Printed in 1642. Collected out of the mere Authorities of Scripture, and common and unanimous consent of the faithful interpreters and... More > dispensers of God’s Mysteries upon the same, especially as they express the excellency of Free Justification. Preached and delivered by JOHN EATON, Master of Arts, sometime Student in Trinity College in Oxford; and fifteen years Minister and Preacher at Wickham-Market in SUFFOLK. Paul reproving Peter in the face of the Congregation, hath here no trifling matter in hand, but the chiefest Article of all Christian Doctrine; the Majesty and Utility whereof, who so rightly esteemeth, to him all other things shall seem but vile, and nothing worth; for what is Peter? What is Paul? What is an Angel from heaven? What are all creatures to the Article of Free Justification? Which if we know, then are we in the clear light; but if we be ignorant thereof, then are we in most miserable darkness. Martin Luther< Less
Texts on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Justification of Believers By Stephen Bolin
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Contains the following Texts (or Excerpts): Catholic Encyclopedia on Atonement, Why God Became Man, On the Incarnation, The Tome of St. Leo, The Catechism of the Council of Trent, A Treatise On the... More > Grace Of Christ, Institutes of the Christian Religion, Two Hundred Texts on Teology.< Less

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