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The Bolsheviks in Business - The Russian Book Trade After the Revolution By Karen Peebles
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The Russian book trade after...
LUCKY: Lucky Goes Home By Paul Roche
Paperback: $4.00
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Not only was the NSA intent on capturing Lucky but the KGB has an interest in him.
Meltdown By Robert Paterson
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Cyberwar is about to define the world’s future. At a secret meeting in Montreux, Switzerland, the financial trading platform was acknowledged by one of the world’s largest banks as the... More > fastest they had seen, with huge potential for profit, and equal potential to devastate world financial markets. A fast-paced thriller that takes place in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing and deep in Russia at KGB HQ, blending fact and and real-life events. The world’s superpowers are sucked into in a cyberwar involving underworld criminal gangs, major banks, and Governments, all vying to take control of the world’s financial markets. As the crisis escalates, the stakes get higher and the KGB’s devastating actions threaten all out war between Russia, China, the UK and US.< Less
Arsalan: His American Journey By Shahzad Rizvi
Paperback: $16.99
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Arsalan, a Pakistani student, wins a chance to be educated in Cold War-era America. He begins a rise to the very top of the US foreign policy establishment-- the National Security Council. Two... More > beautiful women are strangely eager to help him, and insinuate themselves into his life and into his bed. An FBI agent discovers that the women are Soviet sexpionage spies, ready to pry secrets from Arsalan by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Arsalan confronts a force almost as relentless as the KGB: his mother's iron will.< Less
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The time is now, a few years after the former Soviet Union became democratic and friendly with the whole world. The military exercises on the American soil would mark the new beginning in the... More > East-West relations. That is when the anti-Western coalition led by the FSB (successor of the KGB) is planning to attack taking the world over by force. The new war, as a chess game, unfolds with masterful moves of the FSB General Konev and folds in with the masterful counter-moves of the American General Foster. This is a riveting novel of international intrigue that brings the work to the brink of World War III.< Less
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Tales From The Green Eyed Monster By Brian Devitt
Hardcover: $25.00
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This is the first published work by Brian Devitt. It is a very diverse collection of short stories: "Cowboy Fred" - A down and out ranch hand loses his sweetheart and goes to work in a... More > slaughterhouse where he finds redemption from the most unlikely source. "Catfish Catch" - Two children make an incredible discovery at an old cemetery on Halloween that leads to an amazing adventure. "Cars Only" - A lonely, single mother who works at a toll booth tries to escape her mundane existence only to be reminded of what really matters in life. "Sisters" - An obsessively close relationship between two women in the workplace becomes explosive when one tries to pull away. "Battle At Sea" - Cold war scenario becomes hot when Soviet and American fleets square off in a duel to the finish. "Spots" - After a little boy breaks out with mysterious spots in London the family is pulled into an international crisis involving the Soviet KGB.< Less
No Time To Kill By Timothy Knecht
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This is a book consisting of 9 short stories that each reveal the details of a CIA Black Ops mission of the main character, Joey Scapeotto. When read in order each mission tells the larger story of... More > how Joey chases KGB agent "The Madam" Anna Layata trying to put her out of commission. This is a story told in first-person that also uses second-person (braking the fourth wall) that for the first eight stories has no dialogue. Sample page: I ordered a tea and contemplated the plan I was going to put into action. I drink tea because I cannot stand coffee. The one thing I had to plan out was how I was going to explain a Russian tourist asking questions about two American archaeologists. If you remember I entered Jordan as a Russian named Romani Gudenchki and not Joey Scapeotto. Now I would like you to take a moment and think of a plan that you would put into action. Bet it is nothing like what I am about to do.< Less
Mule Train to Afghanistan By Frank Villafaña
Paperback: $19.95
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In the sequel to Rice with Mango, Ralph, now a CIA operative, finds himself in the middle of the Cold War. Traveling to China to purchase oriental rugs for his shop in Ohio, he knows that he has... More > traveled far from his first flight out of Cuba. In this historical work of fiction, set in the early 1980´s, Afghanistan has been invaded by the Soviet Union. The CIA covert program to support the mujahedeen, is getting serious Congressional scrutiny. Rug salesman by day, Ralph’s new assignment entangles him in the middle of the CIA´s support of the Afghanistan mujahedeen. His nemesis, Baimurat, the KGB Station Chief in Kashgar, is not the brightest, but that makes him much more unpredictable and dangerous. Firefights that never get reported in the morning news, but still leave dead bodies, are surrounding him and killing his friends. Then there are the internal demons that may lead him to self-destruction or the sexy redhead with a healthy appetite, which offer dangers that were not included in his CIA training.< Less
Belfast to Moscow By Joe Baker
Paperback: $28.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
Joe Baker is a Belfast based local historian who travels all over Europe. Twice a year he travels to Moscow and in this book he shows why.

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