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The Quest for The Spear of Light By Ashley McKennon
Paperback: $20.50
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This is a travel novel about an excavation of the Temple of Karnak.
Egypt 2008 By Joanna Byfield and Kirsty Hanson
Hardcover: $51.76
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Egypt Nile Cruise June 2008
Wonderful Things: A Modern Trip Through Ancient Egypt By Jeffrey D. Narver
Hardcover: $65.00
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Wonderful Things: A Modern Trip Through Ancient Egypt is a memoir of the author’s experiences, reflections and historical investigations into modern and ancient Egypt. At times funny, this work... More > captures the sights, sounds and emotions of a traveler to Egypt today, while constructing the historical foundations of the ancient sites. This book is a valuable and important primer for any tourist planning a trip to Egypt.< Less
Egypt - Luxor By Hemmo Vattulainen
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Digital e Photo Book - Egypt - Luxor / Luxor City, The Karnak, The Nile, Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut's temple, Qurna.
Hidden Luxor By Jane Akshar
Paperback: $14.36
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Want to get more out of your Egyptian holiday or Nile cruise then you need this guide to Luxor. Revised 2017, the 2nd edition contains disabled tips and new sites.You have done the Karnak, Valley of... More > Kings, Valley of Queens & temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri and you have another week, what is there to see in Luxor? Jane takes you to her Hidden Luxor, all the place you didn’t know existed. Tombs and temples no one goes to. The temple of Karnak is the largest religious site in the world and now you can explore it all. The White Chapel of Senusret I in the Open Air Museum is the most beautiful object in Egypt, easily rivalling the tomb of Seti I or Nefertari. Want to know where to find it and others like the Botanical Room or tombs of the Nobles like Senenmut or Ramose where you can see decoration done during the reign of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton removed by the vengeful priests of Amun. Explore the battles of Ramses the Great at the Ramasseum. Jane helps you enjoy ALL Luxor has to offer.< Less
A Journey Around Egypt By Alan McNab
Paperback: $40.39
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A collection of photographs outlining the main historical sites in Egpyt. They were taken on a Nile cruise in July 2009 and cover sites in Luxor, Edfu, Aswan and Abu Simbel as well as the pyramids in... More > Giza.< Less
Hardcover: $125.00
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The Best Of The Best Of Egypt: Travel Without Leaving Home With Miguel Suarez's Photographs. This photo book contains 249 color photos published in 106 pages.
Leaving Thebes By Tim Cooper
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Finding his childhood obsessions with Egypt and the Valley of the Kings suddenly resurfacing, historian Tim Cooper decided that the only way to save his family from distraction was to set off one... More > January morning for a week by the Nile at Luxor - ancient Thebes. Once there he followed in the footsteps of his heroes - Belzoni, Champollion and Howard Carter - and experienced first hand the intoxicating collision of ancient and modern Egypt which for so long had exercised his imagination. As well as being a vivid, humorous and often moving account of seven days spent in 'the world's greatest outdoor museum' Leaving Thebes is an inspirational meditation on middle age, mortality and the meaning of life. Includes 15 b&w plates, two sketch maps and a glossary. Follow the author at< Less
Mobile Book Ancient Egypt By Renzhi Notes
eBook (ePub): $1.00
This Mobile Book discuss travel and history: Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom, Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Giza, Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Amun-Re Temple, Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Temple of Ramesses... More > II, Abu Simbel temples, Temple of Edfu, Rosetta Stone.< Less
An Eejit in Egypt By Mike McKever
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Mike & Gill McKever venture on a tour of Egypt. Getting lost in Cairo’s Khan-el-Khalili bazaar is just a tame start to another tale of hilarious incompetence abroad. Soon they’ll be... More > cruising down the Nile in pursuit of the Pharaohs - leaving a trail of UHTmilk behind them and a toilet attendant with a curse more deadly than Tutankhamen’s tomb. Mike deconstructs the myths of ancient Egypt in a series of ‘grumpy old man’ rants, and offends not only his fellow tourists, Soviet architecture, Egyptologists and management consultants but every religion under the sun god. Meanwhile Gill gets the ‘green tent’ treatment at the local Mosque and freaks over a waiter with a penchant for origami-based practical jokes. Narrowly avoiding another war with Germany they take it in their stride when the military storm the toilets at Abu Simbel and dump them on a plane like lost luggage. And somewhere along the line they, and possibly you, learn a bit about ancient Egypt - if you can stop laughing.< Less