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The Key Is To Be By Michael Haynes
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Society says our life is measured by what we do. True life is discovered by knowing and living who we are.
The Key By Nhys Glover
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What if the one person who completes you is the one person who can destroy you? For a New Atlantean, finding the one person who is their 'Key' or 'soulmate' means coming fully back to life after... More > hundreds of years of peaceful numbness. But the love that can regenerate them can also destroy them. When Retriever, Kat Kent, thinks she's found her Key in anti-Nazi activist, Kurt Luff, in 1942 she soon realises that having a Key can be a dangerous situation. If she can't save his life she will lose her own. And coming back to life means confronting her own demons, especially when she realises her heart belongs to someone else. For young Bart Lublin, falling in love with a woman he can’t have becomes even more torturous when he discovers that the only way he can keep Kat alive is if he can stop Luff sacrificing his own life.< Less
keys By roy anthony shabla
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Through the resonant images of keys, this small book of avant garde verse and prose poetry illuminates the family history and interpersonal relationships of the poet, achieving self-awareness for... More > the writer and reader, and releasing the obstacles to creativity. Or, to put the key in the lock, it is a delightful story of growing up and learning who you are. Non-linear and non-narrative in format, this chapbook, like the cycle of life itself, is a puzzle whose picture gets clearer as the pages turn... and you will find yourself in different places every time you read it. You will find yourself different every time you read it. And, as always, it is a love story; it is the story of the long, slow process of unlocking love for yourself and others. You will never look at a key the same way again.< Less
The Key By Liz Huck, Al Perry
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Magda Daroczi, ex-cop, second-in-command of the upscale Chicago firm Four Star Security, is still recovering from the adventures recounted in The Lanyard when she is swept into a new investigation.... More > Her colleague Lyle Camber was found with a bullet in his head, his Four Star pistol beside him. Magda thought he was killed by the mob he had fallen in with, but now she learns that the police suspect suicide. With a half-million dollar life insurance policy at stake for Lyle's widow and children, Magda reluctantly steps in. Her pursuit of the truth about Lyle's death leads to disturbing revelations about the last days of his life. Magda's investigation discloses the devastating effects of Lyle's betrayal on his family, his friends, and the reputation and morale of Four Star. Each discovery draws her deeper into a world where anyone, her best friends, her lover, the attractive insurance investigator, or even Magda herself, may not be what they seem.< Less
The Key to Life By Mark Owen
eBook (PDF): $8.99
An interpretation of the history of Christianity. How the simple life of Jesus was transformed into a world religion that Jesus would not recognize. How this religion provides a false substitute for... More > real life.< Less
Nine Keys to A New Life By A. James Collins
eBook (PDF): $3.00
9 Keys to a New Life
Haikus in the Key of Life By marjani
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Haikus in the Key of Life is a time-based sensory travel trip through childhood in the sixties in deep south of Georgia, to raw, blind and open faith in God, to the hopes and fears of the 2008... More > election year of President Barack H. Obama, to the untimely death of the music world's Michael Joe Jackson in 2009, to the year 2010 in the 21st century; and then into parallel universes of the heart that transcend time and earth...< Less
Magical keys Of Life By Amer Haobsh
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Have you ever wished you knew then what you now know? Have you ever wished you could do it all over again? Have you ever wished could have a new start? Wish no more, you have got to read this... More > book Magical Keys of Life Thank you Sincerely Amer Haobsh< Less
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Many of us wonder how to live a life which is not only exciting in all aspects but which gives us the most satisfaction with all pleasures in life. If you are searching for an answer to this... More > question, then this e-book is your guide to accomplish this.< Less
10 Keys to an Astonishing Life By Trudi Stark
Paperback: $23.04
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A step by step guide to determining your values and goals, and creating a plan to live them. Live that astonishing life!