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Deep Doodle: Cartoons by Masheka Wood By Masheka Wood
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“Masheka Wood has powers way beyond mortal cartoonists. Get on his bandwagon now before there’s no room left.”—KEITH KNIGHT, creator of the K Chronicles and... More > (th)ink “Masheka Wood is an amazing draftsman and humorist and he’s just getting started... More proof that life isn’t fair.” —TED RALL, creator of Search and Destroy, author of Silk Road to Ruin Masheka Wood takes you deep into the warped, candy-colored recesses of his brain as he tackles a variety of social, political and just plain grody targets. Here are Wood’s “Not Just Knee Deep” cartoons, assorted illustrations and a delicious dose of old-school comics. Prepare to lose your mind—or your lunch! Wood's work has appeared on MTV, The New Standard and Jackson State University’s art exhibit, “Other Heroes: African American comics creators, characters, and archetypes.” He is a 2007 Glyph Comics Award nominee for ‘Rising Star’.< Less
Noble/Knight By Russell Stearman
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The Nobles are six wise warriors on a quest, have they come to clean up this filthy city, so over-run with crime and filth? Have they come to capture it for themselves, to carry out some strange... More > ritual here? What of the Knights then? A group of autonomous militaristic police force, backed up with scores of men and high – tech equipment. They view the Nobles as a threat, dangerous vigilantes with no respect for the law, though no Noble has ever harmed a Knight. The Knights have no such qualms about the Nobles though, and they both want to see the rest of our city's scum wiped clean. Or do they? Against this tumultuous set-up you will follow a Noble, and you will follow a Knight. You'll see them play out their deadly games, see the ripples build to a wave. You might even get a chance to find out what they're up and why. Everything's opening up now and you must see whose side you're on...< Less
The Knight Squad Adventures By David Noble
eBook (PDF): $1.59
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The famous Knight Squad anthology is now revamped in this new and exciting comic book! Based on the Knight Squad Adventure cartoon!
3 Knights in India By John Steventon
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Graphic Novel: Ready or not, the Knight family is going to India. They’ll have the time of their lives, as well, if they can somehow survive the antics of friends and family that bring to... More > Bangalore a boatload of personal problems! 3 KNIGHTS IN INDIA is a comic strip adventure and more, using illustrations, recipes, and personal musings to round out the fictional tale within, and give the reader an authentic taste of the real India. So fasten your seat belts, make sure that your seat tray is in the upright position, and come along for the ride... to a land where adventure can still be found, and every experience is new. 3 Knights in India ran as a weekly comic strip for nearly two years in India Post, and takes place 8 years after the events of "Take Me Away From All This!!". "The author’s aim is to serve as a kind of cultural ambassador, and he does a good job" -< Less
The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights By Thomas, Sir Malory
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Lancelot Speed (1860–1931) was a Victorian illustrator of... More > books, usually of a fantastical or romantic nature. He is probably most well known for his illustrations for Andrew Lang's fairy story books. Speed is credited as the designer on the 1916 silent movie version of the novel She by H. Rider Haggard, which he had illustrated.He was also the director of a number of early British silent films.Lancelot Speed's cartoon work is the source of the nickname for the colourful commander of the WWII Special Forces unit "Popski's Private Army". Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Peniakoff DSO MC, a Belgian of White Russian descent, was called "Popski" by Bill Kennedy Shaw, the Intelligence Officer of the Long Range Desert Group, because his signallers had trouble with the spelling of his surname. Excerpt from:< Less
Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela! Cartoons by Mikhaela B. Reid By Mikhaela Reid & Ted Rall
Paperback: $14.92
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"Mikhaela Reid's cartoons are right *$%@ing on." -ALISON BECHDEL, author of Fun Home "Mikhaela B. Reid is an insurgent cartoonist: smart, irrepressible and unpredictable." -TED... More > RALL "Mikhaela Reid rocks!" -KEITH KNIGHT "With America’s most treasured values under relentless assault, Mikhaela Reid's cartoons keep the barricades bearable." -HOWARD CRUSE, author of Stuck Rubber Baby Bushies are bum-rushing Cheney's secret bunker! Ex-gays are quaking in their closets! Abstinence educators are shivering in their purity rings! Greedy CEOs are heading for the hills and Minutemen are bolting for the border! Mikhaela Reid is on the rampage—and no hypocrite is safe! 150+ cartoon hits, intro by Ted Rall, rarities, behind-the-scenes commentary. Reid's cartoons have appeared in Metro Times, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The Phoenix, In These Times, Ms., and Funny Times. Reid was featured in the 2006 exhibit "She Draws Comics: A Century of Women Cartoonists."< Less
Tofu Knights: Ozy and Millie, 2004-2005 By D.C. Simpson
Paperback: $12.45
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In this volume, Millie emerges from her self-made cocoon to try to eliminate evil, only to end up an accomplice in the hijacking of a truckload of thermometers. Ozy's annual baldness curse is finally... More > deflected, and he learns that his biological mother was one of the all-time geniuses of frozen confectionary. Avery takes up blogging, Llewellyn runs for president by not running, and Millie's homework runs off and starts a revolution. And, of course, much more. 128 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, lightly annotated, with an introduction by our own Millicent Mudd.< Less
Musicians Funniest Moments By David Knight
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Musicians Funniest Moments is a comically illustrated book that contains true stories and actual events from the past 50 years as told by real musicians. The characters contained may seem fictitious... More > but are very real and you will find them in every club, pub, bar, hotel and live music venue across the world.< Less
From The Couch By James C. Stewart
Paperback: $8.00
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100 cartoons for those who recognize that everything is not quite right and that this is what makes life fun.
Nowt so daft...2 By Kieran Meehan
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‘Nowt so daft as folk’ is an age old expression meaning ‘people say and do the silliest things.’ Kieran Meehan’s cartoons illustrate that pithy observation with humour... More > and insight. Meehan’s single panel cartoons have been nominated three times at the National Cartoonists Society Awards. His daily comic strip ‘Pros & Cons’ is distributed worldwide through King Features Syndicate.< Less