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Kolmogorov Manifesto By Giulio Ruffini (Starlab)
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I discuss several aspects of information theory and its relationship to physics and neuroscience. The unifying thread of this somewhat chaotic essay is the concept of Kolmogorov or algorithmic... More > complexity (Kolmogorov Complexity, for short). I argue that it is natural to interpret cognition as the art of finding algorithms that apprach the Solomonoff-Kolmogorov-Chaitin (algorithmic) Complexity limit with appropriate tradeoffs. In addition, I claim that what we call the universe is an interpreted abstraction--a mental construct--based on the observed coherence between multiple sensory input streams and our own interactions. Hence, the notion of Universe is itself a model.< Less
Machine Super Intelligence By Shane Legg
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A thesis about theoretical models of super intelligent machines. Includes Hutter's AIXI model, Solomonoff induction, the Universal Intelligence Measure, and the relationship between Goedel... More > incompleteness and artificial intelligence algorithms.< Less
Rationality in Discovery By Alexander P.M. van den Bosch
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My Ph.D. Thesis, that I defended at 10-5-2001 in the Aula of the Groningen University. It is still so popular in download and second hand trade that all earlier editions in print are completely sold... More > out. Hence this "Head Scratcher" lulu-Edition. Question: Is Abduction formally EQUAL to Generalisation, as defined in this book? (yes/no)< Less
Computing Simplicity By Alexander P.M. van den Bosch
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The Universal Effectiveness of Topological Thermodynamics..Vol 6 Non-Equilibrium Systems and Irreversible Processes. By Robert Kiehn
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Use Preview to see a Table of Contents Vol6. The Cartan Topology of exterior differential forms is equivalent to the disconnected, non metrizable, Kolmogorov T0 poset (3) topology of four... More > ingredients. Examples are given to demonstrate that non-equilibrium systems of distinguishable particles and irreversible processes are due to the non-metrizable features of the Kolmogorov-Cartan T0 topology. The problem of incorporating indistinguishable objects (statistical wave-diffusion distributions)into a topological perspective of Thermodynamics is accomplished by using differential form densities and Not-T0 topologies, without separation axioms. Homotopic processes on the differential form densities describe complex diffusion equations, such as the wave equation, the diffusion equation, the Landau-Ginsburg equations, the Schroedinger equation, and many others.< Less
Statistical Inference Through Data Compression By Rudi Cilibrasi
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This thesis provides a breadth-first tour of artificial intelligence techniques using ordinary data compression programs like zip. Using mathematical theory such as Kolmogorov Complexity and... More > Shannon's Coding Theory, we arrive at a unique and generic perspective on universal learning with a plethora of real examples. Included are results from literature, astronomy, animal and virus evolution, linguistics, semantics, and music. An open source software package, CompLearn, is available for download so that interested readers may continue the research themselves in their own applications.< Less