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Kursk By Burt Clinchandhill
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Moscow, summer of 2000, the newly elected President Putin has just come to power when young naval officer Dmitry Kolesnikov is called up to serve on the Kursk, a submarine carrying a super torpedo... More > for testing in the Barents Sea. At the same time, US naval intelligence commander James Mitchel supervises the American submarines on their mission to spy on the proceedings when an accidental collision between the boats triggers a terrifying series of events, as an explosion leaves Kolesnikov struggling to save his crew. While their own government denies knowledge of the incident and refuses international aid, the men of the Kursk must fight fire, rising water and the onset of despair. Their plight ignored by their President, they are on their own against the elements in a desperate attempt to survive as James Mitchel is caught between a cover up and his own rescue plan< Less
Paperback: $10.00
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A historical account of Russian history in 17-19 centuries CE, and on the military role of Dvoryane and Dety Boyarskie on the south frontiers of Russia
Micro Melee: Battle of Prokhorovka By Bennett P. Lacy
eBook (PDF): $9.95
The book contains 13 scenarios that chronicle the ferocious fighting on the southern pincer of Kursk from 10 to 12 July 1943. It culminates with the battle at a small town called Prokhorovka. ... More > Although written for Micro Melee, it should translate well to most company level rules.< Less
Soviet Propaganda Articles from the Period of World War 2 By George Nikolov
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In this book, you will have a unique opportunity to get to know some obscure texts of Soviet propaganda, which were published in various newspapers during Soviet World War II. It is a propaganda text... More > were to report on the events on the front line, the popularization of Soviet leaders and so on. This archival texts that are difficult to access for ordinary people, therefore this is a rare opportunity to familiarize yourself with authentic articles on Soviet propaganda during the World War II.< Less
Micro Melee: Battle of Prokhorovka By Bennett P. Lacy
Paperback: $15.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book contains 13 company level scenarios that chronicle the action south of the Kursk salient from 10–12 July 1943. Although these scenarios are written for Micro Melee, they should... More > translate well to most rules designed for company sized engagements of WWII.< Less
Thunderstruck: Scenario Book VIII By Manny Granillo
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PANZER KORPS BATTLE SCENARIOS Volume VIII is the Eighth in a series of Scenario books designed specifically for the PANZER KORPS WWII Rules System. 12 ready to play Scenarios featuring the Russian... More > Front with maps & Force Groups . Battle for the Uryv Bridgehead ‘43 Paw Of The Tiger: Operation Gypsybaron ‘44 Russian Steel Near Kharkov ‘42 Kursk Counterstroke: Operation Kutuzov ‘43 Escape The Bear Trap: Operation Bagration ‘44 Black Wednesday: Spanish Blood Snow ‘43 Kursk: Ponyri Station ‘43 Blunted At Minsk-Mazovetsky ‘44 Red Giants ‘41 Slovakian Fast Corps Drives into Russia ‘41 Fulda Gap: Cold War Goes Hot ‘49 The Last Desperate Line: Seelowe Heights ‘45< Less
Piddler on the Hoof By S.I. Fishgal
eBook (ePub): $9.95
History knows no shortest, most horrible and intense schlock than the Kursk Battle - all bloodbaths' little-known schlepp mother that saved Yanks and Britons in Italy. 1941. Fuhrer teaches... More > geography to Roma, three. His dad, the Red Army’s lieutenant, saves him from Kiev's noted 36-hour slaughter orgy of Jews. The boy grows up in Dad's Rearguard advancing from Kursk to Germany. His emotional awakening, family escapades, derisive living truth, eccentricity and idioms trigger bittersweet tears, smiles and thrills. Atrocities make are waning settings in this sweeping, witty and passionate novel knocking the socks off, unless readers wear pantyhose. KOSHER HOOKS and MEIN KRAMPF (both continue the hero’s story. As a gentleman, S.I. Fishgal made his books independent. His soul bares itself (souls have no sex) and spills the gall in the potent, rich, vivid, teasing and fascinating novels.< Less
Night of the Whirlwind By David Bruce
Paperback: $17.47
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June, 1943. Immense German and Russian armies face each other across the fortifications of the Kursk salient. Whoever wins the impending battle will win the war in the east; and the smallest factor... More > could be the one that turns the tide. For the Prime Minister, that small factor could be a German Panzer general visiting France; if he can be eliminated then the Russians might stand a much better chance of winning. But removing a high-ranking enemy officer in too obvious a manner could compromise ULTRA, the highly secret code-breaking operation that revealed the officer’s location in the first place. Churchill has first to convince MI6 that the result will be worth the risk. With the outcome of a war hanging in the balance, what better plan than to give the mission to a handful of intruder pilots flying near obsolete aircraft? (See “Prototype” and “Assassin” for other books by the same author)< Less
PANZER KORPS 2.0 10th Anniversary Edition By Manny Granillo
Paperback: $39.95
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PANZER KORPS 10th Anniversary Edition allows players to recreate the World at War in Miniature from 1935 to 1945 at the Battalion level. Players command Divisions and Brigades. Features HRG’s... More > Theater based Terrain Generation System. Unique National Characteristics seamlessly managed by the rules. Includes Advanced Rules for extra detail. Integrates Air Power seamlessly and is a vital part of the strategy. Use Military Police, Medical personnel, Ground Crews, Tank Recovery, Cavalry & other various support Companies as they were intended! More rules enhancements and clarifications than the 1st Edition No re-basing needed to play & works with most scales! Can be used with Regiment and Division sized boardgames to resolve key battles. Well supported with over twenty handbooks including Campaign Master System, Scenarios, & Army Books! Comprehensive Vehicle and Aircraft National ratings and advanced rules. Games can be concluded within 3 to 4 hours and have a clear decision!< Less
Hitler’s Orders of Battle By James Arnold Miller
Hardcover: $49.50
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This book in effect addresses the following questions: (1) During World War II what were all of the divisions and larger ground forces units fielded by Germany as well as by its major European allies... More > (Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Rumania, and Slovakia)? (2) Month-to-month during the European War what were the key unit lifetime events—additions, redesignations, inter-theater movements, and removals—of the German and European Axis divisions and major headquarters? (3) What were Hitler’s all-theater orders of battle on key dates such as 1 September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland—and on 22 June 1941 when Germany invaded Russia? (4) What were the German/Axis lineups during battles such as at El Alamein, Stalingrad, Kursk, Sicily, and the December 1944 Ardennes offensive? (5) And who were Adolf Hitler’s senior staff officers and field commanders responsible for ground operations? This book includes twenty-one appendices, an annotated bibliography, and extensive endnotes.< Less

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