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Living Under the Rainbow: Being LGBTQ in a Straight-Minded Society By Lara Martz
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A Girl Scout Gold Award Project, this book contains the interviews of people from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Their stories cover topics ranging from self-acceptance to discrimination, and share the... More > experiences of people who are LGBTQ in a society that still views straight as the norm.< Less
What is Love? By Aurora Britains
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What is love exactly? We should learn to accept and love one another. It doesn't matter about their sexual orientation, but what's in our hearts.
Babu (My Everything) By Sarah Jane
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A short collection of romantic poems from the early months of soul-tied lovers
Mister Squared By Michael DeMello
Paperback: $8.00
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A book of poetry related to same sex marriage struggles as they applied to one engaged couple but representing the masses.
The Book of Orea By Kayla Thibodeau
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Quinn is a nymph with a special job. As the only living Seriphian, once a year she is tasked with going into the human world to find a female to bring back. Only then, could one of her own crossover... More > into the next world. Sure it was tedious, but she was born to do it. However, this time it has changed. The King of the Ash has found the book of Orea. Its ancient text provides him with a way to beat Quinn at her job and give him the chance to cross over into the kingdom of the Goddess. If he succeeds, Quinn could face torture and imprisonment. Adianna, known mostly as Addie, is a typical teenager. When the new girl Quinn and her two siblings start school, she heads into a tailspin. Everything she had felt before is questioned as she gets closer to this beautiful stranger. Suddenly Quinn and Addie see they have more in common than they thought. Putting their heads together, they realize they are the answer to each other’s prayers. Addie will sacrifice everything to save Quinn’s world and ultimately her life.< Less
Spooning By Samantha Ridgway
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When he replaces his name with a letter and his past with a blank slate, W expects that all of his troubles will be behind him. University, however, has another idea, and sends a flurry of papers,... More > stresses, and boring professors his way. Enter Esther, a too-loud, too-colourful girl with a flair for the dramatic and a distinct lack of inhibitions. Together, they face the trials and tribulations of road trips and exams, Chinese food and one-night stands, and survive even the worst of it. When the past comes knocking at their door, Esther embraces it - a little too wholeheartedly - and W is left a little shell shocked, comforted only by his tea and his books. Through it all, they maanged to stick together and come out the other side with a hand-picked family of friends and a passion for strange music. Welcome to the apartment with no spoons.< Less
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Paperback: $13.99
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In Baltimore: A Love Letter Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi offers a book of poetry birthed from revolution, reflection, healing, love, restoration and change.
pre|dispositions By Tim'm West
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In pre|dispositions, Tim'm West's first collection of entirely new work since the 2007 Flirting, the author known for his outward introspection shamelessly puts forth a work where his own... More > affirmations on loving aim to mobilize the brave community of "rhyters" he imagined in his first book Red Dirt Revival. West constructs this multi-genre collection of writing unified in its exploration of the inextricable relationship between the break and its healing. Through compound words, with some poetic liberty, West moves through his|story, father|hood, book|marks, in|between, desire|ability, every|thing, and he|art with some of his most vulnerable work to date-- something of note, given the deeply personal nature of his existing work. A philosopher, by training, West's poetry is ambitious, not so much for its attempt to code experience with terse words or heavy symbolism, but for wordplay that suggests everyone can find, through the author, a mirror. Lose yourself here to find yourself here.< Less
All Orientations Are OK By Doreen Yedwab
Paperback: $8.50
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All Orientations Are OK! is an educational comic aimed at youth to teach them about different sexual orientations and promote acceptance of others.