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Quand je revins tard au logis By Hervé Vigne
Paperback: $7.10
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Quand je revins tard au logis. Comment peut-on déchiffrer cette phrase mystérieuse ? Cela peut être l'histoire d'une pérégrination loin des sentiers battus. Cela... More > peut être une errance dans l'inconnu. Mais quand on parle le langage des oiseaux, ce langage qui lit entre les lignes, on peut voir un message lié à ce support de divination qu'est le Tarot. Et c'est en effet en parcourant les Lames du Tarot qu'on découvre un chemin de vie qui, de manière inattendue, est chrétien. C'est l'histoire d'un narrateur en vacances qui célèbre son baptême le jour de Pâques. Et ce congé est l'occasion pour méditer sur des questions spirituelles et existentielles. Un séjour enrichissant et profond dans sa légèreté. Quand je revins tard au logis.< Less
Logi elsku – hins flekklausa Hjarta Maríu By Erzsebet Szanto OCDS
Paperback: $8.50
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Höfundurinn var sex barna móðir sem var í þann veginn að glata trú sinni þegar þau Jesús og María gripu óvænt inn... More > í líf hennar.< Less
In The Shadow of Stirling Castle By David Finley Stevenson
Paperback: $19.95
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A Genealogical History of the Stevensons of Logie, Lecropt and Findo Gask. It starts with John Stivenson, born in 1695 and his wife Isobell Hendersone, born in 1699 in Logie, Perthshire. It records... More > their descendants and includes 1,291 individuals in 895 families over eleven generations.< Less
Cell Biology By Dr. Shailaja Salokhe
eBook (PDF): $1.88
This book has been written to serve the requriments of the students who study Cell Biology for various examination in the Indian Universities and to create interest for further studies in the Cell... More > Biology. An efforts have been made to simplify the text with the help of illustrative diagrams. Every chapter has been subdivided into several headings and subheadings to offer clarity. This will help the students to grasp the subject quickly and easily.< Less
A Benwarian Fix By L.W. Samuelson
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Logis, the Chosen One of Benwar, travels on a ship programmed into manipulating him to find a home for his people. The Benwarians find Earth and "Ship" prods him into forsaking his beliefs... More > and ethics to take over the planet for his people.< Less
Apollo Ambition By Martin Kielty
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A legend of the Glasgow Apollo, written by Martin Kielty – author of acclaimed documentary book Apollo Memories… Monday, May 1, 1978... AC/DC just left town with a live album on tape.... More > Thin Lizzy, David Bowie, UFO and Black Sabbath are on their way. Logie Paterson, singer with local heroes Fox Ache, looks forward to a show by his favourite band, Night Garden. There’s a lot on his mind, and not just the World Cup campaign. He’s thinking of quitting his group, and rumours abound that Night Garden have gone punk (at least, that’s what the NME says). But worse, far worse: the Glasgow Apollo is about to close – and that means Logie will never get the chance to play there. This is the story of one night in 126 Renfield Street, among the Glasgow choir, in front of the sloping stage, under the bouncing balcony... surrounded by the infamous Apollo bouncers. Illustrations by Jim MacNee.< Less
Sans Domicile Fixe By Jiva Bahati
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Un cadre aisé et bien installé dans la vie découvre un soir, suite à une avalanche de péripéties plus invraisemblables les unes que les autres, le monde de... More > la rue et des SDF. Il va alors comprendre en une nuit ce qu'il n'avait jamais soupçonné tout au long de son existence...< Less
Tanner Mil Story By Trisha Flesh
Paperback: $15.99
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This story is about two partners Max Logi and Tanner Mil who have worked together for years. Tanner meets a woman Trish whom like with any relationship have their trials and tribulations to go... More > through. Can Tanner who was once a cop turned detective over come his hard exterior and allow a woman to infiltrate his hard tough guy exterior. Will Max lose a friend and partner over a misguided step in trying to help his buddy out.< Less
Anne Swift: Making the Molecular Biological Detective By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $10.99
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There have been 8 Anne Swift medical mysteries reported plus the interview she gave upon retiring from her work, but not a word about how she became interested in Bio;logy enough to get an... More > undergraduate degree in the subject, and a graduate degree and even a doctorate in the field… and then just gave it up to be a wife and mother. This is the book that takes us along with Anne from the age of about 13 through school, love, marriage and how she was enticed into becoming a super, secret scientist for the FBI. And how she had to keep it all a secret. And how she helped cure a nasty type of cancer at the age of 18. Plus, her entire first FBI case.< Less
Spiders in the Curtains By Patrick Welby-Everard
Paperback: $14.49
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In December 1980 a mysterious alien object crashes to Earth in Suffolk England, starting a cover up known in UFO'logy as the Rendlesham Forest incident. 35 years later the item falls into the hands... More > of Martin Smith, a physics student from Yorkshire. He is thrown into a world of danger, aided by a misfit group of scientists. Intent on returning the object to its rightful owners, they are constantly pursued and hunted by a ruthless group of mercenaries who work for a series of powerful companies known as "The Firm" Not knowing what is really concealed inside this mysterious alien artefact, their simple task turns into a massive mission, with help from an unlikely friend.< Less

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