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The Azaiyan Language By Zazzirah Spain
Hardcover: $50.00
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"The Azaiyan Language" by Zazzirah Spain is a concise and detailed overview of the Azaiyan language, the language of the Azaiyan people. This textbook covers grammar, vocabulary, informal... More > language, idioms, slangs, script, and much more. For those who are interested in this beautiful, spiritual, melodious, enchanting, and mystical language, come and learn and watch your lips effloresce beauty, a language that speaks to the soul.< Less
The Three Languages By Grimm Brothers
eBook (ePub): $1.00
About the Book The Three Languages is the part of the Grimm Brothers stories.The Three Languages story book is one of the classic stories written by Brothers Grimm. About the Author Jacob Grimm ( 4th... More > Jan 1785 - 20th Sept 1863) And Wilhelm Grim ( 24th Feb 1786 - 16th Dec 1859), German Brothers Renowned As ‘The Grimm Brothers’. They Were German Academic, Authors, Linguists, And Researchers. They Have Many Classic Fairy Stories And Published Them Under The Name Of ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’. Their Famous Stories Are ‘The Golden Bird, Hans In Luck, Jorinda And Jorindel,The Travelling Musicians, Old Sultan, The Straw, The Coal, And The Bean, Briar Rose, The Dog And The Sparrow, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Fisherman And His Wife, The Willow-Wren And The Bear, The Frog-Prince, Cat And Mouse In Partnership, The Goose-Girl,The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet, Rapunzel, Fundevogel, The Valiant Little Tailor, Hansel And Gretel, Mother Holle,etc.< Less
Aspects of Language By Eric Ashworth
Paperback: $26.26
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Aspect 1, 'Origins', explores the origins of language from mythological, historical, anthropological and other points of view. In doing so, it examines the very nature of language itself. Aspect 2,... More > 'Grammar', suggests a new and fairly simple basis on which grammar should henceforth be discussed. It goes on to explore the relation of grammar to meaning having concluded that meaning is not inherent in language. Aspect 3 analyses 'correctness' and then examines the usefulness of 'correctness' as a criterion for judging language, as well as suggesting alternatives. It then looks at the suitability of language for different purposes. Finally, it deals with the corruption of language and with corrupt uses of language in the age of the Holocaust and of George Orwell.< Less
Language is the Truth By Efis Livingtongue
Paperback: $10.18
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Manuel, a Sardinian long-time expat and a tireless language lover,embarks himself in an enlightening mission to learn and rescue the endangered autochthonous tongue of his island, a place full of... More > both natural wonders and social issues. Language is the Truth is a book that will increase your interest for the vast and amazing world of languages, where each tongue plays an essential role for the spiritual, social and economic development of our planet thanks to the help that these priceless tools give us to understand ourselves and the others better as well as allowing us to preserve human diversity and freedom. A special and interesting feature of this book consists in the presence of many short dialogues held in different languages such as Sardinian, Catalan, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian followed by the English translation. < Less
Language Lab By Colleen Buzzard
Paperback: $24.10
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Photographs of Language Lab, an art installation exploring the concept of personalized language tools.
Language of Recovery By Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Paperback: $14.95
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The words we use in everyday language have two possible outcomes. They either support recovery from disease and illness or they sustain it. Language of Recovery identifies the specific words and... More > phrases we use in everyday speech that undermine recovery from disease and celebrates the words that foster and nurture it. Language of Recovery supports the journey back to health and wellness for all persons currently experiencing health challenges including Parkinson's Disease, cancer, MS and all other chronic health conditions.< Less
The Tuscarora Language By Chief Elton Greene
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Contains a list of over 300 vocabulary items in the Tuscarora language. Text version available at: Chief Elton Greene, born 1889, was Sachem of the... More > Sand Turtle Clan, Tuscarora Indian Nation, Sanborn, New York. A tape recording of the vocabulary was deposited with the Bureau of American Ethnology at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. ITEM#4062< Less
Language of Love By Elaina Buie
Paperback: $15.00
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If you have any questions about love, this is the book to answer all your questions. After the strange and concise explanation, there is room for you to journal all your feelings out.
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RUSSIAN LANGUAGE BY KIRA ARIK. Russian Language textbook by Kira Arik is designed to help English speaking students to work on all aspects of Russian language: grammar, vocabulary, reading and... More > speaking. GRAMMAR TABLES VOCABULARY DIALOGS RUSSIAN LANGUAGE EXERCISES SELECTED RUSSIAN AND WORLD LITERATURE CLASSICS AND FAIRY TALES< Less
The Azaiyan Language By Zazzirah Spain
Hardcover: $35.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
'The Azaiyan Language: Lazah Dialect" is an extension of the Azaiyah book series which teaches the beautiful, exotic, and spiritual language of the Azaiyan people on planet Azaiyah. This dialect... More > which is called Lazah is known to be the Song of the Queen or the Goddess, the Heavenly Mother, for this was the first dialect spoken by the Azaiyan people since the first human walked the planet ages ago. It was the language taught directly from the Goddess and is known to be Her tongue. From Lazah, did all the eleven other main dialects form into what the language is today. The Lazah Dialect is the most understood dialect on the planet. It is the dialect of commerce, travel, the holy government, and education and media throughout Mother City and the world. In this book, one will learn how to speak, read, and write this lovely language at a near native level and will learn more in depth of where it came from and what it even is.< Less

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