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БЕЗ ДУРАКОВ! By Eduard Snejin
Paperback: $10.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ржу ни магу! Такой сексуальный... More > юмор Вы ещё не читали! СОДЕРЖАНИЕ 1. Вместо предисловия 2. Коленвал 3. Запах плоти 4. Записка 5. Падонок 6. Бес в ребро 7. Говорящий попугай 8. Инопланетянин 9. Встреча Нового года 10. Под Новый год 11. Неоконченная любовь 12. Искушение 13. Петя и волк 14. Новые технологии 15. Собачьи свадьбы 16. О, женщина! Стишата. Without fool! CONTENTS 1. Instead of foreword 2. Kolenval 3. Scent rafts 4. Note 5. Padonok 6. Demon in rib 7. Talking parrot 8. Extraterrestrial being 9. Meeting the New year 10. Under New year 11. Unfinished love 12. Temptation 13. sing And wolf 14. New technologies 15. Sobachii weddings 16. About, the woman! Stishata.< Less
Les Jardins de mon père By Anne-Marie Moscatelli
Paperback: $19.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
an auto fiction which mixes biographical experiences with dreams, hopes and regrets. Each character lives through the imagination of its creator. It is nothing but the drama of life with its joys... More > and sadnesses, its desires and laughters.< Less
The girl who wanted to be married By Elena Tvertsova
eBook (PDF): $5.99
If you have lost hope for the happiness of many years ago, apply a bit of enterprise, spice it optimistically, add a bit of a miracle - and succeed! The heroine of the novel, even in our wildest... More > dreams could not imagine what is ready to go in search of love. Amazing adventures, striking coincidences, soniferous laughter and bitter tears are waiting for you on our pages! Almost true story. Russian language.< Less
Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management - D. Schwartz (Idea, 2006) By Oystein Bjorklund
eBook (PDF): $214.13
A whole encyclopedia devoted to knowledge management (KM)! Who would have thought this possible a few decades back when the subject was first developed? What a great distance we have all traveled... More > since then. Back then if someone would have predicted such a venture I’m sure much laughter would have ensued. I, myself, would have been astounded. And yet, here we are with just such a venture. I think it can be safely stated that when a field of study reaches a point when such a product is produced, it has truly arrived and can no longer be thought of as a fad or management fashion. We have reached just this point.< Less
Тъбачи (Театрални пиеси) By Lyubomir Nikolov
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Two theatrical plays by Lyubomir Nikolov - dynamic, postmodern and grabbing. Trumpeters is dystopian play where absurdity and laughter fight, leading the actors to complete exhaustion. The Wind and... More > Other Feasts of Nature is near future comedy in times when petrol finished, the nature's habits and the energies are changing but people don't.The play can performed by six or four male actors. The characters are full of energy and give everything for a career in paramilitary semisecret service. Public is immerced into fantastic version of future events. So real to make you fear. For the Wind and Other Feasts of Nature is contemporary, eco comedy for the times when petrol is finished, the nature's habits and the energies are changing but people don't.< Less
The Cancer That Wouldn't Go Away: A story for kids about metastatic cancer [Hebrew edition] By Hadassa Field
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Cancer That Wouldn’t Go Away is a groundbreaking book, written especially for the child whose parent is living with metastatic cancer. This sensitively written tale uses a gentle, yet... More > realistic approach to help children ages 4-8 face the unique uncertainties of life with incurable cancer. Unlike stories about early-stage cancer, after which the parent is cured and life goes back to normal, for the family in this story, life has irrevocably changed. The future is uncertain. But love and laughter remain constant, as they take life one day at a time. Includes a comprehensive guide (“How To Use This Book”) for parents and professionals, written by child trauma psychologist Rinat R. Green, Psy.D. Revenues from the sale of this book go directly to a nonprofit cancer organization.< Less
Kibera, an anonymous life By Christopher Makau & Bastiaan Tolhuijs
Paperback: $32.58
Prints in 3-5 business days
Out of the three billion of the world’s city dwellers, more than one billion of these people live in slums, and the stories from these informal settlements in the world remain unknown.... More > Christopher Makau (23) lives in Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world, which is located in Nairobi, Kenya. In this book: “Kibera, an anonymous life” Christopher tells his story and gives us a glimpse of his life through the smells, the hardships, and also the laughter. The lack of water, sanitation, and hygiene remains one of the biggest problems in slums and in rural areas. 884 million people do not have clean water, and 40% of the population in the world (that is 2.5 billion people) lives without safe sanitation; causing life-threatening diseases and stops economic development. The profit derived from this book benefits Christopher and gives him a chance to finish his studies and to help his family. This book and kind friendship have given something else to Christopher that so many poor people lack: hope.< Less
काहे करो विलाप (व्यंग्य-संग्रह) By अशोक परूथी "मतवाला"
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Satire and Humor is a must to maintain balance in our lives, otherwise it will become dull and boring. Laughter is a medicine, and we all need a healthy dose of it in our daily routines. Mr. Pruthi... More > is a versatile writer of Hindi literature, and has been published in various Hindi magazines and newspapers, notably Dainik Tribune, Sach Ka Hosla, Punjab Kesri, Atoot Bandhan and Sahitya Kunj of Canada. "Why despair? (Kahe Karo Vilaap?)", asks Mr. Pruthi and at the same time encourages readers to be happy and stay positive. It is troubling times - politics is making us cry, hard life and new beginnings make us cry, and at times social difficulties sadden us and what not. However, Mr. Pruthi tackles various issues in his own way - through his humor and satire. Mr. Pruthi has authored four books so far, including two books in English for young children - The adventurous big bold bear and The galloping gobbler goes for the gusto! The children books are available in Kindle and Print formats at< Less

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