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The Laying on of Hands By New Hope International Church
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This is a Thai-language book that teaches about the biblical practice of laying on of hands.
The Christian Rituals of Water Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, Laying On of Hands, Etc: Water Baptism, the Communion, and Laying Hands By Godsword Godswill Onu
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A ritual refers to a ceremony that is always performed in the same way, in order to mark an important religious or social occasion. It is something that you do regularly and in the same way each... More > time. In Christianity, there are some rituals which the Word of God has given to the Church of Jesus Christ. These Christian rituals of the New Testament are: water baptism, the Lord’s Supper, laying on of hands, etc. This book is about what the Christian rituals of water baptism, the Lord’s Supper, laying on of hands, etc involve and the right ways that they are to be done.< Less
When I Lay With Him By Dianne Khan
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Tonight when I lay with him I will not think of you I will not close my eyes the fear within I won’t disguise the hands that once bruised me are now sent to use me is this my duty? is this... More > what you wish for me? tonight when he reaches in and pull me near I will shudder with fright and be filled with fear bearing in mind loud and clear you wished me here the vows I spoke I do not recall being kicked in the stomach whenever I fall the words I repeated after a priest was to honor and obey a man not beast dragging me out of bed in my baby’s eyes hitting me in my head for telling lies tonight when he wants my body near his own I’ll try to remember this should be home.< Less
Laying My Foundations By Russell Smith
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1. This class is indispensable and a requirement for each individual member of Frontline. 2. This class will be taught weekly. 3. Assigned chapters are to be read and the worksheet completed prior to... More > each class. 4. Exams will be given and taken at the beginning of the class. They will be graded, recorded and handed back the following week. If you are unable to take an exam on its appropriate day and time, the exam will be given the following week before the class starts. If you fail the exam, you will be at liberty to restudy the material and retake the exam until a passing grade is achieved. 5. Questions and comments will be held to the end of the class at which time the instructor will answer as many as time allows. Most questions will be answered within the material. 6. This class is taught, as a set of Christian Biblical beliefs that are laid down as a foundation that all may growth in the unity of Spirit, wisdom and knowledge. It is not intended to be a time of conflict or disagreement.< Less
Colder Weather: A Place to Lay and Die - Contributor Edition By Tyler Gould
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Colder Weather is an original novel series, set in a vast, horrifying world ravaged by an unknown, fungus-borne infection. Survivors can do nothing except fight for survival... but the infected... More > aren't the only threat. Follow Eben Wilson, a survivor of the initial outbreak, he has seen all that this new, grim world has to offer, guided onward by nothing but the distant projection of his former self. But his humanity is impossible to retain in a place where those alive are both survivors and killers. Where it's impossible to choose one without choosing the other. This special edition of the book includes 20 hand-drawn pieces of artwork, each detailed to a different scene from the book.< Less
Laying down the law: a domestic discipline story By Laylah Roberts
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Callie McKenzie had worked hard to get where she was. Finally a fully qualified vet, she'd opened her own veterinary practice in. She worked long hours, she had too, and she wasn't looking for... More > anything else in her life. Or anyone. People had a habit of letting her down. So while she might be attracted to Tanner Jamieson there was no way in hell she'd fall in love with him. Particularly since he had this nasty habit of spanking her. Except she couldn't get him out of her mind. In fact, at every turn she seemed to pull him closer. Tanner Jamieson knew that Callie needed a keeper. She was a worrier and didn’t take good care of herself. All he wanted was to protect her, cherish her and if he sometimes had to do that with a spanking then so be it. Revised and re-edited from previous version. Warning: If you don't enjoy reading about two consenting adults in a loving relationship that involves a strong Alpha male with an equally strong spanking hand then this isn't the story for you. Adults only.< Less
Watch the Hand that Feeds You By Alois Bell
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This a work that will assist you in identifying the different spirits in operation in church leaders and lay people.
Otto of the Silver Hand By Howard Pyle
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BETWEEN the far away past history of the world, and that which lies near to us; in the time when the wisdom of the ancient times was dead and had passed away, and our own days of light had not yet... More > come, there lay a great black gulf in human history, a gulf of ignorance, of superstition, of cruelty, and of wickedness. That time we call the dark or middle ages....< Less
Power In Your Hand By Wallace H. Heflin, Jr.
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There is something very special about the laying on of hands! Discover how you are: an extension of Lord's hand, a point of contact with God's power, able to do the works of God, and a storehouse of... More > God's power. God can use you. Wallace H. Heflin, Jr. was the son of Pentecostal pioneers and became one of the most dynamic evangelists of our time. Great signs and wonders followed his ministry in more than seventy countries. He pastored the Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle in Richmond, Virginia and was Director of Calvary Pentecostal Campground in nearby Ashland where he trained and led forth groups of men and women to the nations. At his passing, he was widely revered as a prophet to the nations.< Less
The Outstretched Grasping Hand By Nate Llerandi
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In the heavens, the battle between Good and Evil to wrest control of the Ultraverse hits its crescendo while the terrestrial minions of the Destroyer execute their plans to lay waste to everything in... More > their path. The tireless hunt to recapture Llyr’s lost soul presses relentlessly on. All the while, Llyr and Baelashar resume their quest to return Llyr to his homeland, the kingdom of Shalain. To do so, they must help an all-knowing sage break free from his eternal imprisonment and face their mortality at the hands of a once-great but now-fallen lord of the sword. But is all what it appears to be? The Outstretched, Grasping Hand is the second chapter of The Cataclysm Saga – the epic adventure of war, love, destiny and faith which began with Wayfarer’s Dawn.< Less