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The Mandela Betrayal By Ken Le Roux
eBook (ePub): $12.97
More than twenty years into the so-called democracy, when a South African cricket star decided to contest the impending General Election in his country, nobody believed it possible that he would even... More > get off the ground. He pressed on regardless and set an amazing chain of events in motion, inadvertently causing a bloodbath and opening the eyes of the world to the root causes of problems which exist in Africa and have always hindered progress on the troubled continent.< Less
The Oxford Project By Ken Le Roux
eBook (ePub): $13.41
Ivan Tyler, a successful but disillusioned young Psychologist is forced, due to cruel and unusual circumstances, to leave his wife and his practice. While trying to decide what to do with the rest of... More > his life two of his closest friends persuade him to return to university, masquerading as a first-year student.He is forbidden to divulge his age or the fact that he already has a university degree to any other student. The prize, if he is not found out until after he is awarded the doctorate which he has always wanted, is his friend's precious Porsche. Because important considerations, such as external forces and destiny were not taken into account in the initial planning stage, unexpected complications arise. He and the two women who were once close to him try to cope with their traumatic break-up and rebuild their lives but fate is sometimes cruel and heartless and hardly ever accommodating.< Less
Henry Baker and the Guardians of Justice By Ken Le Roux
eBook (ePub): $14.74
In this sequel to the novel “Henry Baker and the Secrets of Saxon College” we find Henry, now in his mid-twenties, still in love with his childhood sweetheart Pat McNaughton and in a... More > quandary. Because he is unable to tell her of the violent and illegal nature of his work and unwilling to propose to her without being completely open and honest they are in danger of drifting apart. This is the story of the love, sacrifice and dedication of a group of ordinary young people who are engaged in extraordinary work. They are determined to make a difference and prepared to risk their lives in the fight against drug dealers and criminals who evade prosecution by means of threats, bribery, violence, murder, plea bargaining and corruption. This dedicated band of unconventional vigilantes believes that good, honest people who are willing to stand together can triumph over organized crime, corrupt officialdom and influential criminals< Less
The Deadliest Sting By Ken Le Roux
eBook (ePub): $10.70
A wealthy twenty first century Nazi leader decides to strike a blow against the enemies of America. His intricate and deadly plans are thrown into disarray when an American General and a Kurdish... More > mercenary 'Wild-card' interfere. The new American President appears to be using the chaos which ensues to his advantage and the sale of American long-range missiles to a hostile dictator creates further confusion; with horrific, widespread consequences.< Less
A Question of Priorities By Ken Le Roux
eBook (ePub): $12.04
This is the story of four young families that become inextricably linked because of tragedy and circumstance. They face good times and adversity together but things get out of hand when the innocent... More > curiosity of two students reveals crimes committed by trusted officials and places the family in deadly danger.< Less
The Ancient Australian Prince By Ken Le Roux
eBook (ePub): $9.28
Who is the Australian Prince and who is hiding him? What strange creature lurks in the waters of the Hawkesbury Estuary? Four young people search for answers to these questions and soon find... More > themselves in a world where adventure, folklore, myth, rumour and reality meet with most amazing consequences.< Less
Forgive Me for I Have Sinned By Ken Le Roux
eBook (ePub): $13.23
A devout Anglican dares to challenge the Christian Creed and records his indisputable findings in a book. An over-zealous Cardinal takes matters into his own hands in an attempt to prevent... More > publication of the manuscript and shield the Vatican from embarrassment. Unwittingly a disgraced Priest who is a dangerous psychopath is recalled from the archives and unleashed on the author, who remains determined to publish the book regardless of the consequences. Everyone who becomes involved is at risk as the priest embarks on a mission which turns into a waking nightmare for himself and his intended victims.< Less
Henry Baker and the Secrets of Saxon College By Ken Le Roux
eBook (ePub): $14.64
This is an account of how a young boy rose above the shock of personal tragedy and adversity, with help from his new found friends, at a private boarding school in Natal, South Africa. His strong... More > sense of responsibility earned him the respect and confidence of his elders and peers but stifled the love that he felt for his best friend, who was also his Guardian’s daughter. It is a bittersweet tale of loss, gain, joy and sorrow in a busy life full of young love, mystery, adventure and endeavour. What young boy would not want to be like Henry Baker? There were times when Henry Baker would much rather have been anybody else.< Less
EROSTIQUE 978-2-9522882-4-8 By ALAIN LE ROUX
eBook (PDF): $4.57
Des haïkus érotiques se glissent pour vous entrainer sur le chemin des émotions , haïkus pouvant vous offrir un regard sur la société , allant de la... More > liberté au rire , sur des images colorées . Des tankas poussent les mots pour donne à l'ouvrage un parfum de lumière ...< Less
EROSTIQUE 978-2-9522882-4-8 By ALAIN LE ROUX
Paperback: $9.02
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Des haïkus érotiques se glissent pour vous entrainer sur le chemin des émotions , haïkus pouvant vous offrir un regard sur la société , allant de la... More > liberté au rire , sur des images colorées . Des tankas poussent les mots pour donne à l'ouvrage un parfum de lumière ...< Less

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