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Walking for Weight Loss - Your Masterguide On Burning Fat and Building Muscle the Easy Way By Ursula Mercer
eBook (ePub): $8.99
In today's society, it's easier to be fat than it is to be healthy. Food companies pump out products filled with sugar to get you hooked so they can make a dollar. What's worse for our health... is... More > the corporate workplace. We sit all day with our backs hunched over a keyboard while our legs go to sleep. Sitting has been found to be terrible for our health. In fact, scientists have compared sitting's effects to be similar to smoking. It keeps you locked in a bad posture and reduces your mobility. You are in a position without movement for hours. 'Walking for Weight Loss' is go-to Masterguide on burning fat and building muscle the easy way. You will learn: The Walking Technique That Will Help You Burn Fat While You Sleep! The Mental Strategies That Will Transform You Into An Energetic Machine Bursting With Life. How To Make Tasty Foods That Will Assist Your Fat Loss Journey How Technology Can Help You Burn Off Fat And Build Muscle How Walking Can Affect Your Brain< Less
Living the Sharing Economy By Jane Wood
eBook (ePub): $3.17
The news is all about the economy sliding, and money being in short supply. How can you make your cash go further - while still living 'the good life', making ends meet, getting jobs done, and having... More > enough food, clothes, healthcare and entertainment for your family? The answer might be found in what was happening way back in the 1990s, strangely, in the North West of England. Learning a few lessons from Canada, the people of Manchester set up their own Local Exchange Trading Scheme. Known as 'LETS' to one and all, the project allowed people to manage, even though there was a recession on then too. Local people joined the scheme and used the alternative currency that LETS could supply, in this case, 'bobbins'. Jane and Mike were there, early members, and they described what happened. Also, Jane draws on experience from her own childhood, to talk about 'sharing', and how it can make your money go a longer way. There's just as much need now, so maybe this is one answer.< Less
Become a Conscious Creator: A Return To Self-Empowerment By Lisa Ford
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Have you ever wondered... How can I get what I want How can I lead a truly empowered life How can I make a difference in the world we share This stimulating and enlightening book is a... More > practical guide for understanding and utilizing our creative abilities. Lisa discusses how we are equipped with instruments of creation that are the matrix, the power, and the medium through which we create and shape our reality. The tools, innate within our Beingness, are presented along with three methods to align, magnetize, and manifest what we want in our life. You will learn how to: Change what you are receiving into what you are truly creating; Use thoughts and feelings toward true personal empowerment; Use the laws of physics to align events within your life; Maximize the "creative components" inherent within humanity; Manifest what you want in your life utilizing three methods; Overcome obstacles you encounter in the creative process.< Less
If I Had My Life... By Carol Bliss
Paperback: $4.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
How do you find peace and meaning in a world where you have little control over any aspect of your life, when to take a shower, what to wear, when to eat, when to go to bed? What are your hopes and... More > dreams? What can you possibly look forward to? What keeps you sane in a world of endless concrete when all your freedom has been stripped away? How do you forgive yourself when friends have betrayed you, after you’ve done the unforgiveable? These stories offer a glimpse into a world most of us will never know – a maximum-security prison. The inmates’ reflections provide profound insights for our own journey. They are living proof that that no matter where we find ourselves, life can still be filled with meaning, purpose, and dignity. Through the eyes of these prisoners, we learn that even in the worst of circumstances, peace and forgiveness are always possible.< Less
Chasing the Shadow of Free Will - An Introduction to Belief Codes By Michele Fitzgerald
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you believe the popular hype that positive thinking will help you attract whatever you want in life,you are on the right track, but may be sorely disappointed if you rely on positive thinking... More > alone. Why? Because much of the thinking you are doing is happening at a subconscious level, completely outside your conscious awareness. In addition, you hold many thoughts at a subconscious level that were not even created by you - they were acquired from other people. These acquired thoughts are just as potent as your own thoughts and can easily block you from the positive outcomes you desire to have in life. Far more negative thoughts than you might imagine are sneaking into your manifestation pipeline. In this book you will learn 8 simple techniques for tapping into these unconscious thoughts and how to delete them from your thought inventory. With these additional mind-management strategies, you truly can attract the positive life experiences you desire and deserve.< Less
Words Change Lives - I Shall Be an Optimist By Bill Allred
Paperback: List Price: $15.95 $7.98 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
This guide has been written in first person, because “there is great power when ‘I’ is expressed”. This pocket guide contains key words (“Words Change Lives”)... More > along with an appropriate quotation, an example that applies to each key word, and a paragraph or so of prose about each key word. For the best results, in the training of my mind, each word should be repeated until it becomes an integral part of my thinking process. Once I have properly trained my mind, I will live on a higher level, which in turn will increase my optimism and thereby my happiness. There are many instances in this pocket guide where quotation marks are used. Sometimes the quotations marks mean a direct quote, other times they mean that someone has been paraphrased. This guide was written to help reasonably healthy people be to achieve a higher level of happiness. Learning to be an optimist will insure ones happiness. My Personal Phone: 336-247-1879< Less
12 Tips for Growing Longer Hair and Retaining Length By Yolanda Victoria
eBook (ePub): $7.99
The author of this book, Yolanda Victoria, has been a healthy hair stylist with a loyal following in Houston, Texas for over 20 years. After working behind the chair for two decades Yolanda has come... More > to realize that people, no matter the hair type, typically have the same concerns when it comes to hair – “how do I make my hair grow?” Being natural for the bulk of 17 years and working with different textures of hair ranging from 1A-4z Yolanda has learned that all hair speak its owner in some way. As a hair stylist, Yolanda’s sole focus has been to help clients to achieve healthy and longer hair. After helping countless women return their hair to its natural state, transition back to natural, maintain healthy natural hair or just want to have healthy relaxed hair she decided that the time has come to put the frequently asked question in a book. Her hope is to reach as many people as she can that struggle with hair growth and length retention.< Less
Welcome To My Sandbox - Don't Pssst In It!!! By Dennis Hooker
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Your life is YOURS - you have the right to make the rules in your own Sandbox. But, people invade, intrude, impose - sometimes consciously, sometimes accidently. It will happen less if you are... More > aware of your own rules for your space - and recognize who they are and what they are doing. CAUTION: This book will only be fully comprehended by those BEING abused - less likely by the abuser unless they have the capacity to be honest. Even less likely to be grasped by "professionals" who will try to "out-think" the simplicity of EMPOWERMENT. Dennis Hooker has written many books used by 2-3 million people in schools, universities, institutions, treatment centers, counseling centers for over 30 years. He has been a member of 12 Step programs - including AlAnon - for much of that time. We ALL pssst in someone else's Sandbox - some of us learn on our own, some of us are taught - I have to play by YOUR rules in YOUR Sandbox. The choice is change or leave. So simple.< Less
12 Steps On the Rocks - With a Twist By Maryellen Evers LCSW, CAADC
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Do you feel stuck in your recovery from addiction? Have you tried to quit before and continue to relapse time and time again? Do you question if you are even an addict or alcoholic? In 12 Steps On... More > the Rocks - With a Twist: A Few Sips of Early Recovery therapist and recovering addict Maryellen Evers talks straight about drug and alcohol addiction. In these pages, you will discover: How to identify if you of a loved one is an addict. How to accept your lack of power over your disease. Challenge your past thinking about recovery. How our disease of addiction affects us & the people we love. How to build a stronger foundation of recovery. Realistic ways to better understand the first 3 steps of AA Recovery is 12 Steps On the Rocks With a Twist, but only if you understand the twists and learn how to deal with them. If you are an alcoholic or drug addict who wants to stop; if you love an addict and don’t understand the disease; if your struggling with staying clean and sober, this book is for you< Less
Communication By Salma Stockdale
Hardcover: List Price: $38.51 $26.96 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Do you wish you had more friends? Is your love life as good as it could be? Do you wish you had a better job? Could you family relationships be better? In Salma Stockdale’s latest work... More > Communication Skills - The Definitive Guide to Effectively Improving Your Social Skills, Boundaries, Mind Control and Public Speaking, You not only learn what communication skills are, but how to apply it in your life to better your relationships with everyone.: • The Essence of Communication Skills • Mindfulness • Emotional Intelligence • Social Intelligence • Mind Control • Boundaries • Public speaking First, Mrs. Stockdale explains what communication skills are. True, all of us have at least a little of this sense, but some of us have a great deal of it. These people are popular, enjoying many friendships and usually dating quite a bit. Mrs. Stockdale explains why this is, so we have a framework to improve our own social intelligence score.< Less

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