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Reality to Rags to Riches By Angela Marshall
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Life has taken me on a journey which took three major turns, each leading to a road of exploration and discovery; each crafting me into the person who would become skillful at using life’s... More > compass in navigating new directions and negotiating what’s best for me: REALITY is a place that forced me to face life early on "as is." The seeds planted during that period are directly responsible for my growth. All of my core values were established. No matter how far I strayed, the experiences throughout that time, prepared me for Rags and Riches. RAGS taught me humility, agility and possibility. I learned to be grateful when I am served, but more importantly, to be willing to serve others. The events during this period instilled fearless faith that grounded me and prepared me for true Riches. RICHES is not about what. It’s about who. For me that means family, friends and moments. They are true riches which are irreplaceable. If I can replace it, it is not a true treasure.< Less
The Red Sheep By Paul Richardson
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The Red Sheep is a story about Jessica Grant and the challenges faced by families as they deal with aging, mortality, religion, and relationships. Jessica, an only child, was immersed in a stable and... More > supportive family but it did not hide the fact she was different. As such, she saw the world differently. As a child she questioned her being. As a teenager she set her mother in search of answers. As an adult she learned to accept life was what she made of it. Jessica’s journey was filled with childhood joy at having special grandparents. When Nan and Pop passed away, it was her youthful logic that helped her cope with their loss. With Nan and Pop’s opposing views of an afterlife deeply embedded in her outlook, Jessica explored her background with conviction. The answers she found highlighted how unique she was. The story will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you question the world around you. It will cause you to marvel at the extraordinary lives led by everyday ordinary people.< Less
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The World At Large - Book 1: Carpe Diem By Adam Mehaffey
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The following is an account of my journeys throughout the world. What started off as a couple of months to get away for an adventure turned into a ten-year journey of learning, enlightenment, hard... More > times, and moments that will never leave me, including times of joy, sorrow, love, pain, near-death experiences, and experiences nearly worth dying for. During that time, I travelled to over 60 countries, set foot on every continent, including Antarctica; worked in over half a dozen countries; and saw relics from ancient civilisations and technological marvels of the modern world. I saw the highest peak on earth, the lowest valley, and so much in between. I visited places where they had never seen a white man before and countries ruled by governances ranging from democracies to theocracies to military regimes. I saw the cruelty that humanity can have for each other as well as the love that can bind us all. I fell in love, had my heart broken a few times, and broke a few hearts of my own. ~Carpe Diem< Less
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Advanced Adventures #29: The Doom of Red Rauthim By Ray Bailey
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Red Rauthim, adventurer and ruler of the city Erastavim, decided to right a wrong from his past. Nearly twenty years ago, Red and his adventuring party learned of the location of a great fire giant... More > temple. Ever one to see a golden opportunity, Red thought it a great chance to slay some of the most wicked creatures to walk the world’s face and relieve them of their treasure. Red’s outmatched party soon turned to flee. Heroically the party’s priest, Father Ferrio, drew the giant’s attention as his friends hurled out of the temple. The last thing Red saw was Ferrio being cut in half by the giant’s great broad sword. Red left his city 6 months ago to personally kill Thjazi-Loki out of respect for his fallen friend. But Red has not returned although divinations ken he is still alive. You and your party have been hired to find and return him to his city, even if that means bearding a fire giant temple!< Less
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PSY 102 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work By jon kelly
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Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: PSY 102 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work PSY102 PSY 102 Grand... More > Canyon Week 2 Complete Work PSY 102 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 1 In what ways can distorted perception affect your decisions? Give an example of a specific incident in which distorted perception affected events. How can you prevent distorted perceptions from occurring? PSY 102 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 2 Select a sense organ, and trace a stimulus's path from outside the body to the brain. What did you learn about the sensory organ you selected that you did not know before? Additionally, complete the "Try It" activity on page 87 of the text. Were you surprised by the results? Why or why not?< Less
Hilarious Things That Mums Say By James Egan
Paperback: $7.08
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The sheep are being racist again! Why she can’t be addicted to heroin like a normal person! I couldn’t sleep! I was too excited and I couldn’t stop thinking about my morning... More > porridge. Don’t do drugs! You still have a cold! Robocop is just Jesus with a robot. I can’t get the Internet up. The little robots in the computer aren’t doing their job. I can’t find Noah’s Ark under the “True Stories.” I don’t have wrinkles because I never smiled at my kids. There’s no blood in your fingers. Having a child is like having a hairless puppy that learns to talk. Don’t point at the hippo! It might bite your arm off and get sick and then we might get in trouble. Your suit nearly hides your moobs. You seem to get on well with my son in spite of his small hands and girly laugh. Is there kangaroo in beef pie? Tell your cereal to stop being so loud. Skype is working! I have so many Internets! I’ll never forget what I got on my second date. Pregnant.< Less
100 Classic Stories in 100 Pages By James Egan
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Robinson Crusoe. Jane Eyre. Beowulf. Pride and Prejudice. A Tale of Two Cities. Animal Farm. The Odyssey. So many books to read. So little time. Have you ever wanted to read Crime and Punishment but... More > it was just too long? Were you ever curious to know the story of Paradise Lost but you found the structure too complex? Want to know why Hamlet is so famous but you can't quite grasp the language? Need to read Withering Heights for school but can't articulate what the story is about? Are you a teach who needs to brush up on David Copperfield before teaching it to a class? Or maybe you are just trying to remember which of the Three Musketeers becomes a monk at the end. What if I told you that I could sum the entire story of War and Peace in a single page? In this book, have summarised 100 classic stories in 100 pages. Now you can learn about wonderful stories such as Huckleberry Finn, king lear, Around the World in Eighty Days, The Iliad, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, and dozens more.< Less

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