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Fantasies and Foibles By Jennifer Lee Wilson
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In this book you will see that the poet wrote from the viewpoint of people with all different emotions and obvious fantasies. Leaving it to the reader to discern, apart from the obvious fantasy... More > works, which are fiction and which are based in reality. Prepare yourself to be entertained and if you are emotionally moved, then the Poet will have done her job.< Less
Joseph Wallace Thompson and Rachel Wilson Thompson By Rosa Lee White
Paperback: $5.80
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This book is a compilation of documents, transcriptions and photographs of the life of Rachel and Joseph Thompson. The bulk of the material is the work of my great aunt, Eleh T. Shumway Lazenby in... More > her book “The Life Story of Rachel Wilson Thompson. Volume 2A.”< Less
The Downfall of Ross Dent By Lee Aaron Wilson
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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The sensation of flying, twisting lazily in the warm summer sun was wonderful. With his arms out-flung and back arched, Ross Dent flew to meet the clouds. The sky receded, and the flight came to a... More > sudden stop as he thudded to the ground. Busting broncs was his job, if it didn’t kill him. He wanted to scream and lay there, until he saw her. A beautiful young woman, blond-haired and blue-eyed, smiled at him. Had he died and gone to heaven after all?< Less
Pa's Journal - The Legend of Epitaph Creek By Lee Aaron Wilson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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After leading his family to safety from a deliberately set range fire, a father rides off to seek help for them, and disappears. His sixteen-year-old son, Davy, reads his father's Journal to better... More > understand his father and, hopefully, find him or his body. Pa’s Journal becomes his guide to manhood over the next few years and earns him respect in the community. As Davy searches, those who set the range fire and massacred their companions fear Davy will find evidence pointing to them. They stalk him with murderous intent. Taught how to fight and survive by a lawman, Davy becomes a legend. But will a legend bring his father home, or give the girl he loves the courage to come back to him?< Less
Killdeere Challenge By Lee Aaron Wilson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Killdeere Challenge is the third story of the Killdeere Saga. After serving his five-year sentence, Davy Killdeere is released from Yuma Prison. A letter from Ty asks him to stop at a way station and... More > pick up two motherless young girls and bring them to the ranch. Despite his reservations, he heads for the way station to do his duty. One problem after another crops up – a pretty young woman, angry Apaches, a Colonel who wants to hang him, and a few other unsavory characters. It's the biggest challenge of Davy's life, and this time he hasn't even broken the law. The Killdeere Outlaw Clan is a saga which follows members of the Killdeere family as they progress from outlaw to successful citizen. Each member relies on their inherent skills as fighters who take on a cause and stay with it, and the ability to handle whatever problems arise.< Less
Colorado Justice By Lee Aaron Wilson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Fresh out of prison, Colorado Justice must keep an appointment with a judge in his hometown in order to remain free. But seems like everyone and his brother – or sister – is determined to... More > get in his way. On the road, he stops to help two ladies in distress and is robbed. Then the McKenna Gang is holding up banks and stages while traveling in the same direction as Colorado. When he steps in and helps a lawman, he renews a feud with the McKennas that started in prison. And for some reason, those two ladies in distress show up again and again. Along the way, he also meets Annie Laurie ... a beautiful woman with two kids, and lots of secrets, who catches his eye. His troubles just keep on coming as he fights his way toward home.< Less
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Animal characters with busy lives, listed alphabetically.
The Little Girl with a Little Curl By Jessie Wilson
Hardcover: $24.99
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Live wire, baby of the family, daddy's favorite, the little girl with a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. This is the story of Lora Lee's childhood in Detroit, Michigan.
Wonderful Stories of 6th Grade By Kyle Wilson
Paperback: $1.72
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Bruce Lee’s Wings was also really cheap with good deals -- about less than ten dollars to get a whole meal and a drink -- which was any drink a main meal with fries. The deals were a small;... More > 12-15 wings for 5.50, a large; 20 or more wings for 8.00 or big burger for 4.50 a side of fries for only a dollar. If you go on a week evening then there would be no one there at all, and you would be able to go right up and get you food quickly. After you get your food you could go eat at Steve’s Lunch where there is a little bit of seating, and they will be nice and let you sit there with other food. Another thing is it’s not quite to loud in there on week day because there is barely anyone in there. On a weekend evening there is some more people but i isn’t packed a bar on a special occasion.< Less
Did a 13th Cell Salt Ever Exist? By Lee Bracker
eBook (PDF): $0.00
There was a cure for addiction prior to the Great Depression and Prohibition years. It was a homeopathic treatment that had a documented 94% success in removing the cravings for drugs and alcohol. ... More > The dynamics of allopathy under the influence of John D. Rockefeller created an organization that would reject natural remedies that up till now is 76 years old.< Less

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