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Ships’ contract of sale and Agreement to sell - The difference between the two and the legal consequences of this distinction By Silvina Bakardzhieva
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SHIPS’ CONTRACT OF SALE AND AGREEMENT TO SELL - THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO: The legal consequences of this distinction Difference between Contract of sale and Agreement to sell; Legal... More > consequences of the distinction between Agreement to sell and Contract of sale In case of default of the parties in respect of the aforesaid documents, what are the remedies available to the buyer and the seller?< Less
Loading the Dice in DC, Legally: Learn the Politics and Realities of Federal Contracting By Richard White
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So you want to go to DC and get some of the federal contracting pie to solve your next quarter's revenue shortfall? Wrong, though maybe you'll be able to solve next year's revenue shortfall, if you... More > learn to play the game the way the insiders do! The federal sales game is partly mastering the bureaucracy and partly understanding the politics involved. Knowing how the game is played legally, within the rules, can put you on equal footing with the experienced federal contractors in dealing with the bureaucracy. Hopefully, this book will also help you overcome the inherent insiders' edge that experienced contractors enjoy.< Less
AGREEMENT OF OBLIGATION TO PAY: Sample Contract By Tiffany-Nicole Hill
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Sample contract of obligation to pay for services rendered concerning the sale of sound recordings by an individual until debt/obligation has been met. Good sample contract to be used by independent... More > record producers or investors of an artist(s) or group/band.Disclaimer: with all sample contracts sold through our store we strongly advise that the purchaser seek professional legal counsel. We are in the business of information providing, not legal constultation. We are not attorneys.< Less
Big Bank Bullshit Bonanza By appleton schneider
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A branch bank vacated. A buyer backs out. Another appears to have. Contract to sell to a third. Second sues to enforce sale to them. Owner is in deep bank bullshit and legal fees ... More > and expenses otherwise for a vacant commercial building through a cold winter's hell< Less
Principles of American Law: An Introduction to U.S. Federal and State Law By Ibrahim Ghabour
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Written for an audience of legal practitioners, students, and academics, this introductory overview of United States federal and state law discusses the landmark cases and statutes governing civil... More > procedure, contracts and sales, constitutional law, real and personal property, evidence, torts, and criminal law and procedure in the United States . A detailed index, table of cases, and glossary are provided for the reader's quick reference.< Less
Actions to Reduce Fixed Costs By Homework Help Classof1
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"• Increase volume such that the fixed costs become a smaller proportion of the cost base. • Derive value from sweating the assets by working them as much as is safely and practically... More > possible. For example, airlines plan their schedules to maximize night-time flying between 11pm and 6am when there are often legal restrictions on landings and take-offs. "< Less
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Real Estate Law and Lands Law is a 166 page, 8.5 x 11 book of Real Estate Law. It is completely indexed and searchable. It covers LICENSING OF PERSONS, ADMINISTRATION, REAL ESTATE REGULATIONS, THE... More > VACATION OWNERSHIP AND TIME-SHARE ACT OF 2004, REGULATION OF TRANSACTIONS, Disciplinary Action, REAL ESTATE RECOVERY PROGRAM, REVENUE, Out-of-State Land Promotions, BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE, “Dwelling” Defined, Real Property Loans, Claim of Exemption From Securities Qualification, Advertising of Loan – License Disclosure, Recordation of Trust Deeds, Assignments, Transactions in Trust Deeds and Real Property Sales Contracts, Grounds for Disciplinary Action & Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement Violations< Less
Practical Principles of International / Multinational Commercial Law By Richard F. Hope
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Learn the basics of international / multinational business and commercial law. About business (not public policy), for business professionals and their everyday US legal counsel. Includes direct... More > sale and distribution issues, Customs and trade controls, shipping and insurance, income taxes and VAT, contract rules, Incoterms, documentary credits, eCommerce, data privacy, intellectual property, foreign corrupt practices, employment, competition, subsidiares, disputes and arbitration, and negotiating styles.< Less