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Leonie and the Golden Butterfly By Caroline Berteaux
Paperback: $17.29
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Leonie and the golden butterfly is a short novel that tells the story of Leonie, a girl who meets a little golden butterfly that guides her for seven days, providing her with a unique and enriching... More > experience. Through this story, inspired by leaders such as Francis Bacon and Walt Disney, readers will discover several keys to leadership, including optimism and preparation.< Less
Fabris By Tom Leoni
Paperback: $24.99
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Salvator Fabris (1544-1618) was one of the most influential masters of the Italian rapier. His long career culminated with his employment as royal fencing master at the court of the king of Denmark,... More > Christian IV. It was the king himself who also sponsored the printing of his treatise Lo schermo, overo scienza d’arme (on fencing, or knowledge of arms), a lavishly-illustrated manual on the theory and practice of the Italian rapier first published in Copenhagen in 1606. Apart from explaining rapier alone, rapier and dagger and rapier and cape in painstaking detail, the treatise became the basis for a northern German fencing tradition that is documentable until well into the 1800’s. Admired by his contemporaries and celebrated by later fencing masters as “a name of the greatest reputation in our profession,” Fabris has also become a household name in the modern revival of historical martial arts. This book is a fully illustrated reprint of Tom Leoni’s English translation, originally published in 2005.< Less
Angelo Viggiani: Lo Schermo (Book III, English Translation) By Tom Leoni
Paperback: $23.49
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With this book, experienced historical-fencing author Tom Leoni has translated the fencing section of Angelo Viggiani's important text, Lo Schermo (written circa 1550). This book, in dialog form, is... More > important because it is the only one that describes, in great details, the biomechanics of the Bolognese single-sword fencing style of the time. As such, it is not only a valuable historical-fencing resource in itself--but it also serves as a key to interpret other texts of the time (e.g., Marozzo, Manciolino, Dall'Agocchie) more accurately. Includes a historical and stylistic introduction, and the full translation of Book III, amply annotated to be more useful to the student of the sword. The original illustrations of the tree-diagrams of attacks and guards, as well as of the seven guards described by Viggiani.< Less
Marozzo Book 1 By Tom Leoni
Paperback: $14.99
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Publishing in 1536, Achille Marozzo is one of the most important Italian fencing authors of the Renaissance, as well as a towering figure in what we call the “Bolognese style.” His book... More > Opera Nova was reprinted in the course of the 16th century and at the beginning of the next, as evidence of the popularity of his instruction. Experienced Renaissance swordsmanship instructor and professional translator Tom Leoni has tackled this complex project to offer the modern historical European martial artist (and historian) Marozzo’s text in fluent, readable English. Because of the complexity of the work, it will be offered one book at a time (total of five books). This first volume deals with the “queen” of Bolognese weapon-combinations, the sword and small buckler. Other volumes—sword and other companion weapons, two-handed sword, polearms, and advice on dueling (plus dagger grapples) are forthcoming.< Less
Little Oak By Leonie Morphett
eBook (ePub): $2.03
Many young girls dream of having their own pony and Megan is one of them. Little did she know she would find the perfect little pony just down the road. The problem is, he was owned by the not so... More > friendly farmer, who has little horse sense and treats the poor pony unfairly. A series of events unfold as Megan tries to help the pony, which puts her in trouble with her parents, the farmer and even the police......but is she in the wrong?< Less
Alfieri By Tom Leoni
Paperback: $29.99
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This book is the integral translation (with the original illustrations) of Francesco Alfieri's important Italian rapier treatise, La Scherma (1640). Experienced rapier teacher, researcher and... More > translator Tom Leoni is offering this translation with an introduction on Alfieri and his work, and with ample annotations throughout the text. This book is ideally suited for historical-fencing enthusiasts, rapier fencers and instructors, as well as history-buffs interested in European martial arts, dueling and military culture in general.< Less
Fiore de' Liberi's Fior di Battaglia By Tom Leoni
Paperback: $29.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book is the first English translation of Fiore de' Liberi's "Fior di Battaglia," the 1409 swordsmanship and martial arts text that is the oldest extant in the Italian tradition. The... More > book survives in four known manuscripts. One of them, housed at the Getty museum in Los Angeles, CA, is held to be the most complete, and is the basis of this translation. Writing for an audience of illustrious students including the powerful marquis Nicolo' d' Este, Fiore presents detailed instruction on wrestling as well as the use of several weapons including longsword, axe, dagger, staff, lance and others. Fiore's text has been translated by experienced historical martial artist Tom Leoni of the Order of the Seven Hearts and reviewed by Maestro Sean Hayes of the Northwest Academy of Arms and by Greg Mele of the Chicago Swordplay Guild. Fourth revision. Text only.< Less
Vienna Anonymous On Fencing: a Rapier Masterclass from the 17th Century By Tom Leoni
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
If there ever was an invaluable glossa to two of the major Italian rapier fencing treatises, the Vienna Anonymous—also known as Della Scherma or MS 381 in the Fürstliche Sammlung des... More > Palais Liechtenstein (Vienna)—deserves the title. An anonymous fencer took it upon himself to write a detailed explanation of the art of the single rapier by referencing (and expanding on) the writings of Salvator Fabris and Ridolfo Capoferro. Finished in 1614, the Anonymous bridges the gap between the high-level rapier treatises of the time and the minutiae of salle instruction, thereby gifting us with a wealth of technical and tactical details that would otherwise have faded forever into the dark night of history. The intricate handwriting of the Anonymous has been meticulously deciphered, transcribed and translated by experienced Italian rapier scholar Tom Leoni. This book includes a historical introduction, glossary, translation and transcription of the text, amply annotated for the benefit of today's rapier student.< Less
Organic Explorer New Zealand - Eco-friendly places to eat, stay and explore in New Zealand. By Leonie Johnsen
eBook (PDF): $14.75
The E-Book is a downloadable interactive PDF and Guide to a range of Eco-friendly New Zealand listings, which will help you discover over 300: * Organic Food Cafes, Retail Outlets, Gate Sales,... More > Farmers Markets as well as where to Shop throughout New Zealand. * Accommodation, including Straw-Bale, Mud Brick, Natural Timber B&B's, Guest Houses, Self Contained Cottages as well as Luxury Eco-Lodges. * Wellness Retreat Centres, Yoga Retreats as well as Day Spas and Natural Health Packages. * Authentic Maori Cultural Tours for a refreshing and contemporary perspective, where you can be part of a real cultural exchange. * Nature-Based Environmental Tourism Activities and Adventures. The E-Book has over 200 interactive links to New Zealand websites for more detailed information on eco-living, tourism activities, Organic Food and Eco-Friendly places to stay. Beautifully illustrated, with clearly presented information in 150 pages.< Less
Soul in The Woods By Leonie Burlace
eBook (PDF): $3.35
A young woman staying with her Aunt comes across a strange man, but is he a man; or a beast?

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