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Library of Congress Subject Headings: Pre- vs. Post-Coordination and Related Issues By Library of Congress
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The Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access at the Library of Congress requested a review of the pros and cons of pre- versus post-coordination of Library of Congress Subject Headings... More > (LCSH). There have been several studies of the pros and cons over the years, most notably by Elaine Svenonius and more recently by Lois Mai Chan and Arlene Taylor/Daniel Joudrey – included as appendices to this report. Briefly stated, pre-coordinated strings provide context, which is needed for “disambiguation, suggestibility, and precision”1 and browsability. Pre-coordinated strings have a sophisticated syntax that can express concepts better than single words, yet also can be faceted by systems to group topics into categories for post-coordinated displays when desirable. Post-coordinated terms have serious limitations for recall, precision, understanding, and relevance ranking....< Less
Terrorist and Organized Crime Groups: Tri-Border Area (TBA) of South America By Library of Congress
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This report assesses the activities of organized crime groups, terrorist groups, and narcotics traffickers in general in the Tri-Border Area (TBA) of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, focusing mainly... More > on the period since 1999. Some of the related topics discussed, such as governmental and police corruption and anti-money-laundering laws, may also apply in part to the three TBA countries in general in addition to the TBA. This is unavoidable because the TBA cannot be discussed entirely as an isolated entity. Based entirely on open sources, this assessment has made extensive use of books, journal articles, and other reports available in the Library of Congress collections. It is based in part on the author’s earlier research paper entitled “Narcotics-Funded Terrorist/Extremist Groups in Latin America” (May 2002).< Less
Legal Issues Related to Proposed Drilling for Oil and Gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) By The Library of Congress
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Congress is considering whether to permit drilling for oil and gas in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Alaska, to designate the area as wilderness, or to retain the... More > status quo. This area is rich in wildlife and wilderness values, but may also contain significant oil and gas deposits. Efforts were made in the 107th to authorize oil and gas leasing in the coastal plain, or to designate the area as wilderness, but none passed. In the 108th Congress, H.R. 6 (and the similar H.R. 39) would authorize leasing in the Refuge; H.R. 770 and S. 543 would designate the area as wilderness. This report provides background on the legal issues surrounding the ANWR development-related proposals, and will be updated as circumstances warrant.< Less
Descriptive Cataloging Manual Z1: Name and Series Authority Records By Library of Congress
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These instructions address the creation and update of name and series authority records (NARs and SARs). They do not address subject authority records. For the purposes of this document,... More > “authority record” applies to both name and series authority records. “Authority file” applies only to the name and series authority records that constitute the LC/NACO authority file (LC/NAF). LC staff members and libraries participating in the Name Authority Cooperative (NACO) component of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) contribute records to the authority file. In constructing authorized access points, variants, and recording information, NACO participants and LC catalogers not working in the LC Database may make use of all records in the file against which the searching and cataloging is being done: OCLC, British Library, SkyRiver, etc. NACO participants may choose to use only LC records found in the file being searched.< Less
Libya: Background and U.S. Relations By The Library of Congress, Christopher M. Blanchard
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Following the Libyan government’s December 2003 decision to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction and long range missile programs, a number of bilateral diplomatic exchanges have taken... More > place, and the termination of U.S. economic sanctions on Libya has paved the way for a renewal of investment by U.S. oil, gas, and energy service firms in Libya’s under-capitalized energy sector. Several visits to Libya by Bush Administration officials and Members of Congress in 2004 and 2005 have raised expectations of a formal reestablishment of normal relations between the U.S. and Libya in the near future, including the removal of the last remaining sanctions associated with Libya’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism. Bilateral intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation has contributed to a gradual U.S.-Libyan re-engagement on security matters since late 2001. Continuing U.S. concerns about Libya’s relationship with some Palestinian terrorist groups and an alleged ...< Less
Fundamentals of Library of Congress Classification By Lori Robare et al.
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The Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) have joined forces to develop a program designed to teach skills in using... More > Library of Congress Classification. This joint initiative is a logical outgrowth of the missions of both organizations. As reflected in their respective strategic plans, each has a strong commitment to training and continuing education. The partnership to create training programs in basic cataloging skills began with a workshop on subject cataloging using Library of Congress Subject Headings. This was followed by a workshop on name and title authority work. In 2004, a task force was appointed to develop a new workshop on Library of Congress Classification. The task force was charged with: identifying the potential audience for the material; evaluating existing materials; determining the comprehensiveness of course materials...< Less
Library of Congress Reading Room By Max Lyons
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This book contains one of Max Lyons' extremely high resolution photographs (Washington's Library of Congress Reading Room), that he created by stitching together hundreds of individual photographs to... More > create an extremely high resolution, seamless final image. But how can an image that can be printed at 10 feet wide be presented in a book? The answer is that each page in the book shows a small region of the complete full-sized, stitched image. The concept is similar to that of a street atlas, where each page displays a small region of a larger map, and each page connects with other pages in the book. Using two copies of this book (images are printed on both sides of the page), it is possible to remove the pages, and assemble a wall sized montage of the full image, measuring about 9 feet wide by 7 feet tall.< Less
Mandatory Deposit of Copy or Phonorecord for the Library of Congress By Craig George
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On January 1 1978, all works published with a notice of copyright in the United States became subject to the mandatory deposit requirements of the United States Copyright Act.
Biographical Sketches of Cartoonists & Illustrators in the Swann Collection of the Library of Congress By Sara Duke
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Inside this book are short biographical sketches about the many artists represented in the Library of Congress' Swann Collection compiled by Erwin Swann (1906-1973). In the early 1960s, Swann, a New... More > York advertising executive started collecting original cartoon drawings of artistic and humorous interest. Included in the collection are political prints and drawings, satires, caricatures, cartoon strips and panels, and periodical illustrations by more than 500 artists, most of whom are American. The 2,085 items range from 1780-1977, with the bulk falling between 1890-1970. The Collection includes 1,922 drawings, 124 prints, 14 paintings, 13 animation cels, 9 collages, 1 album, 1 photographic print, and 1 scrapbook.< Less
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The 22th Book on Blockbook: Biblia paurum from Netherlands about 1465. It is from the Library of Congress - Rare Book and Special Collection Division. It has 88 pages but does not have color pages.... More > All profit goes to that Library. Help Libraries!< Less