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Big Arms Titanic Arms in 90 days! By Life Science Institute
eBook (PDF): $5.95
Titanic Arms in 90 Days! Really - Anyone can have truly huge, muscular arms! In this short course we’ll teach you exactly how. “The Forgotten Secret of Big Arms”, “Simple... More > Nutrition for Growth”, “ Buying the Right Exercise Equipment” and much, much more. You’ll learn the one substance that almost instantly increasing your strength by 10-15% and endurance by 20%-30% and is perfectly legal and inexpensive, and just why our method works where others don’t. Become admired and desired by everyone with arms the size of cannons! Look for these other best selling titles: “Penis Enlargement the Easy, Surgery Free Way”, “Dating Foreign Women”, “Make Money with Your Digital Camera” and “Psychic Sexual Seduction”.< Less
Science By Shyam Mehta
eBook (ePub): $2.01
In this book I set out a new set of sciences. They are a complete set as required for the evolution of man. Unlike Western sciences, they are not harmful, irrelevant or wrong. They can help you in... More > your daily life with the real issues that you face. You have a self: this is you. One of the sciences that I set out relates specifically to the self and its motives in life. Your self is impacted by five energies: physical, sexual, emotional, love and mental. Therefore, I set out five sciences relative to each of these five aspects of your life that need to be working satisfactorily.< Less
The Science of Life By Alexander Volnyi
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Alexader Volnyi’s book of poetry “The Science of Life” is a collection of aphoristic quatrains expressed in spiritual polyphonic tones reflecting the basic propositions of Being.... More > This bilingual Russian-English collection of his aphoristic quatrains is meant for English-speaking lovers of Russian poetry the world over. It is only a small part of what the poet has written during the past thirty years, but it gives the reader the impression of what his poetry is all about. It is entirely philosophical, which makes it unique, because there is no such poetic genre today. In world literature there, certainly, have always been poets who wrote occasional philosophical poems, but philosophical poetry, as such, is a quite new phenomenon.< Less
Life Science, Fourth Edition By Henry Skirbst
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Life Science is designed to be used as part of a middle school science program. Is is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and is intended to be supplement classroom instruction. ... More > The book is supported by the website:< Less
Life Science, Fourth Edition By Henry Skirbst
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Life Science is designed to be used as part of a middle school science program. It is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and is intended to be a supplement to classroom... More > instruction. The book is supported by the website:< Less
Botany The Science of Plant Life By Norman Taylor
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Nonlinearity in Life and Biomedical Sciences By Ralph W Lai
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New nonlinear concepts for data analysis in life and biomedical sciences are introduced. Biological science is loaded with data with various curves: C-curves, S-curves, and symmetric and asymmetric... More > bell curves, etc,; these curves are nonlinear curves. Different types of cuves are outcome of different nonlinear physical phenomena that can have different degree of nonlinearity and different ways of meauring nonlinearity. All these nonlinear phenomena can be assembled into groups and described by simple nonlinear equations. A nonlinear phenomenon needs to be described by multiple graphs in association with nonlinear equations. The book discusses the fundamentals of nonlinearity followed by describing the methodoogy for analyzing the nonlinear data. The book is based on two mathematical axioms and two universal standards for linear and nonlinear measurements. A series of Proportionality laws along wth the GVP (graph based, true value compared, and proportionality oriented) math system are discussed.< Less
Essays on Life, Art and Science By Samuel Butler
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Essays on Life, Art and Science by Samuel Butler is a collection of various essays and lectures giving us a peek into author's brilliant mind. Along with presenting his own theories, Butler also... More > discusses those of other renowned scientists such as Darwin. An insightful comparative study on topics profoundly affecting the human race, this anthology will open your mind to new ideas. Recognized as a top-notch scholar with widely ranging interests and an encyclopedic knowledge of an array of academic disciplines, Samuel Butler contributed meaningfully to late nineteenth-century research in a number of fields. This volume collects some of his most important lectures and essays, a number of which have since been enshrined as important early works in disciplines as diverse as microbiology and the philosophy of language.< Less
The Goal of Life: Science and Revelation By Hiram Erastus Butler
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A scientific method of delineating character; diagnosing disease; determining mental, physical and business qualifications, conjugal adaptability, etc., etc., from birth. A guide to wholeness and... More > happiness by following the author's system as he explains in his Preface: The author, who has devoted many years of his life to scientific study and finding of the higher or intuitive faculties (a large portion of which time has relatively been passed as a recluse), has had but one general object in view; viz., to be of the greatest possible service to the world. This system demonstrates the fact that all are members of one great body, and that each are members in particular; and, as use is the supreme law of God which determines all qualities whether good or evil, therefore every member of the body of humanity is useful to a greater or less degree to the rest of the body, and the great confusion that now exists in the world arises wholly from the ignorance of persons as to their true nature and real sphere of use.< Less
Physics for the Life Sciences By Timothy McKay
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Introduction to Physics for the Life Sciences Used for Haverford College Physics Dept. Class Physics 101 Professor Suzanne Amador Kane