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Sunset Rubies By Lydia Caatt
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Claire’s heart began to pump in time with the pounding hoof beats. Fear wrapped itself around her like a smothering blanket. She held her breath as the army grew closer and the horses slowed.... More > The first man to come into view made her breath catch. Leishmann sat on his black steed, straight-backed and reeking of arrogance and hatred. Sudden clarity brushed the fear from Claire’s heart. One look at Leishmann and her anger overtook all else. She would make him bleed before the day’s end!Leishmann's desire to be the ruler over Danyon has become a twisted obsession that wreaks the most severe destruction upon those who oppose him. Through the rising death toll one leader dared to rebel against him and it cost him his life.Now, his only daughter has returned to Danyon with a determined and deadly focus. She will use every last drop of energy she possesses to free her people and destroy the reign of death and turmoil that follows Leishmann's every move.< Less
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Invasion of the Ortaks: Book 1 the Knight By Sveinn Benónýsson
eBook (ePub): $3.49
Saved in the nick of time by the battle-ready Princess Egny the niece of Eniktronia s King Haakon Carl travels with her through the countryside, attacking the encampments of these dark-clad invaders.... More > While lodged at an inn for the night, enemies posing as local tavern-goers make an attempt on her life. News of the attack reaches the king, who sends Sir Klaus eastward across the outlaw-riddled Bending Pass and into the country of Antonia to learn more about the assassination plot. The novel, filled with well-wrought adventure, hosts a large cast, from the warm Asgrim to the foolhardy Gils, their back stories as attention-grabbing as the main narrative. We learn, for instance, the unsettling history of Christopher, a trader who freed two condemned slaves and joined forces with Klaus against the incoming Ortaks. Esthopians who, faced with the prospect of war with a brutal tribe and betrayal among their ranks, band together building interest for the series next instalment.< Less
From Sinner to Saint By Jimmie L. Chapman
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This book takes us through the entire process of being transformed from a sinner to a saint. Author, Dr. Jimmie Chapman, explains that this is required of all people who want to see the kingdom of... More > heaven. He uses Jesus’ words in John 3:3; Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God; as a basis for his thesis. He explains, in detail, what is meant by being born again; and that the new birth completely changes a person from a sinner to a saint. This book is rich in Scriptures that support his claims. Dr. Chapman says, “Never has the need been so great for mankind to have something that serves as an anchor for the soul. Faith in God and in His word, are the only things that offer mankind a deep and satisfying peace in the midst of the storms of life. Storms of all kinds are causing fear and uncertainty in the hearts of people the world over; and in these times, Jesus is the only one who is offering real peace to the world.”< Less
True Tales of an Outback Guide or Why Kangaroos Go Boing Boing Boing By Mike Keighley & Tom Huth
eBook (ePub): $7.95
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Fit as a trout, furnished with a droll take on the sillier aspects of urban life and a clear-eyed view of just how lucky he is, Mike Keighley is the very model of the modern wildlife guide.... More > Mike’s mate and the book’s co-author Tom Huth is an American journalist silver-tongued enough to entice top travel magazines to consistently pay his passage to hang around with characters like Mike. Tom calls his friend a “go-anywhere, do-anything backcountry guide” . The whole human caravan seems to have arrived at Mike’s door at some time or another; a diverse retinue populate his campfire stories and now the written version of Mike’s adventures. From abstemious Japanese monks to inebriated Russian film crews, plucky septuagenarians, celebrity make-up artists, demented deckhands and false prophets, all have sought his company. This is Mike's story - the TRUE tales of an outback bushman.< Less
Between The Suns By Justin White
Paperback: $20.99
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Justin White’s memoir takes us on a journey from the Virginia suburbs to the cloistered precincts of Israel’s Sephardic ultra-orthodox. Along the way, he experiences a cross-section of... More > Israeli life, working in Israel’s high-tech sector and attending some of the country's most prestigious universities as well as learning and living in the ghetto-like neighborhoods of the extremely religious. Many of the characters he meets, religious or secular, Sephardic or Ashkenazi, immigrant or native-born, have, in common with the State of Israel itself, the quality of being “neither here nor there,” caught between different worlds, living in that liminal space “between the suns” where, according to mystical lore, nothing is quite real and anything is possible. And so this record of one man’s time in Israel provides us with a glimpse into the conflicts—between religious and secular, high-tech and Torah, European and Arab—that roil Israeli society and whose resolution will determine the fate of the Land and its people.< Less
One Man's Money: A Novel By Demetrius Divine Carey
Paperback: $15.00
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One Man’s Money is not only about gaining another man’s money, it’s about responsibility, respect friendship... two men with the same exact name with no relationship and who never... More > seen each other before visits the bank at the same time. Some how accounts gets mixed up now one man has another man’s money. Young “Micheal Dinkins” had an obligation to return it but kept it. In doing so he also had a new responsibility which he couldn’t maintain. He and his friends gained a new level of responsibility that they couldn’t control. One of his friend would not only sell him short to save his own neck, he also had a interest in Micheal Dinkins wife which meant there was no loyalty amongst him. In order for Micheal to save his life, his wife and his best friend.. he had to-make a decision that would change everything.< Less
Stranger in a Stranger Land: My Six Years in Korea By Brian M. Williams
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At his most immodest, Brian would like to believe Bill Bryson would be able to recognize his influence on this book. It's a humorous, informative and thoughtful exploration of modern Korean culture... More > and expat life. The book is full of personal anecdotes, secondhand stories and interesting facts, which are all interlaced with his personal narrative. Brian discusses serious topics like Korea's deeply embedded racism, its 1950's style sexism, its demanding but unproductive work culture and its highly lauded but deeply flawed education system. He also talks about lighter subjects like K-pop, the expat and Korean dating scenes, its debaucherous drinking culture, and why he thinks Seoul should be considered the party capital of Asia. By time readers are done, they'll have an understanding of how a lot of expats view Korea, what some of its most significant and peculiar cultural differences are, and some of the problems it's currently facing. This is a must read for anyone thinking of moving there.< Less
Bernadette of Lourdes By Paul De Marco
Paperback: $5.83
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Bernadette, a poor uneducated girl from Lourdes, claimed to have seen apparitions of a lady at a rock face in 1858. On 25th February, she said that the lady had asked her to scratch at the ground,... More > and soon a spring appeared there, and within days there were reports of miraculous healings at the grotto. After a lengthy investigation, the Church pronounced that the faithful were justified in believing that Our Lady had appeared 18 times at Lourdes. The medical team that investigated the cures stated that the phenomena they’d observed were ‘beyond the comprehension of the human mind’ and when Bernadette's remains were exhumed 46 years after her death, her body was still undecayed, prompting the physician to declare that this was not a natural phenomenon. To date, 70 miracles have been verified and over 200 million people have visited the site since the Apparitions of 1858. This book describes the life of Bernadette and her road to sainthood, as well as Our Lady’s message to the world, and to us as individuals.< Less
Jack the Ripper - State Secret By Seeds / McMoneagle
Paperback: $17.95
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After the 2019 DNA evidence naming Jack the Ripper, this is the market's first book providing the inside story of the crimes and the maneuverings involved with taking the Ripper off the street... More > without due process. It is presented in this unique birth to death, life and times story of victim Elizabeth Stride. Previously misinterpreted, her death uncovered behavior statistically more spectacular than serial murder. In this book you will get: 1) The world's only portrait of Jack as drawn by a U.S. Military Intelligence operative; 2) A full page portrait of Elizabeth Stride three minutes before she entered the "alley of doom"; 3) The only draftmans sketch of Jack's devilish knife; 4) A picture of his disputed hat. This book goes on to reveal the law enforcement, governmental, royal and religious players that came together to create this greatest of crime mysteries. Heavily footnoted, this is the latest volume in the 5 star rated Evidential Details Mysteries Series.< Less

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