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The Baja Affair By Michael Fletcher Sr.
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CIA Special Agent Cameron Nickle finds himself intimately involved in a plot by Fidel Castro to create a Mexican revolution in Baja California. Castro seeks to gain leverage with the Soviet Union and... More > the United States. Non-stop action gives the reader a fast-paced sense of drama in those fearful times. How different the world would be if Fidel Castro had implemented the ideas in The Baja Affair! Fletcher delightfully combines intrigue, suspense, action, and romance with several dashes of reality to take the reader on a most interesting journey during a most dangerous time in history. A fun read. Michael Fletcher Sr. has been a developer and builder of major communities throughout California. His adventurous life includes hobbies such as flying, fishing, hunting, and racing pigeons. He owned a seaside home in Baja California, Mexico, for 21 years - an experience that netted him deep insights for his novel The Baja Affair.< Less
2010 Beautiful Baja By Jim Braswell
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Landscapes and wildlife of the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez area. Photographs were taken during a 12-day trip on a 100-foot boat from San Diego, California to the Sea of Cortez, and ending... More > in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The focus of the trip was on whales and other marine life.< Less
A Disappearing Moment By Ruth Baja Williams
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While selecting these poems, I discovered they sorted themselves into a year's seasons. These in turn reflected the seasons of my life.
Living La Vida Loca: When the Dream of a Life in Mexico Becomes Reality By Vic Kirby
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This book is for anyone who has ever thought, even fleetingly, of making a life as a “snowbird”, or even as a full-time resident, in the warm climes of Mexico. Just what is it like to... More > make that dramatic step? What is the reality of the dream? What should I know before I take steps to make it real, or decide it’s just not for me? There are several books that cover the physical mechanics and issues of living in Mexico. The more interesting and critical issues are those of being able to align yourself psychologically with the demands and opportunities of life in Mexico. So this book is about the internal experience of life as a foreign resident in Mexico. It looks at what drives people to come here, what surprises they found, how they cope with and grow from the experience, how reality compares to their expectations, and what they would do differently knowing what they do now. 79 pages, 13 photos< Less
Construyendo Nueva Vida By Dallas T. Smith
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Building a new home and life in Baja Mexico
Black Swans By George Powell
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The author calls his incidents of good fortune black swan moments. He tells the story of his unusual life in a series of anecdotes.
As the Tortilla Burns - A Journey to the Depths of Your Soul By Wendy L. Zake
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This is a power house of a story equally packed with action and emotion. Often people's lives reflect the weather, such as hurricanes, and As The Tortilla Burns is such a story. It isn't all sweet... More > and harmonious like invented stories, but tastes of disappointment, obstacles and bewilderment, of madness and dreams like the lives of real people who no longer lie to themselves, learning invaluable lessons about life.< Less
Bay of Hope By Markus Naerheim
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Esperanza, a small coastal town in Mexico known for its natural beauty, community spirit and quality of life, is about to have its local ecology of fishing and tourism disrupted by a group of... More > outsiders: Abelardo Mata, a Mexican farmhand on the run from the law; Simon Price, a California biologist on a mission to protect the environment; Alma Luna, spunky indigenous girl and Mexico’s biggest soap opera star; Armando Lobos: aging businessman and one of Mexico’s richest men; and Gloria Vanderfall, self-serving director of Natura, a major international environmental NGO. As Esperanza’s pro-development mayor and Natura work to shape the town’s future, a bilateral war on drugs has provoked a turf war between rival drug cartels that threatens to consume Mexico. Can Esperanza preserve its traditional values, natural resources and local economy, or will it be destroyed by the corruption, greed and violence of a global marketplace where everything is for sale?< Less
Ride the Breath: Classic Climbs Around the World By Gerry Roach
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In part two of his gripping autobiography, world-class climber Gerry Roach continues his action-packed tales of mountaineering around the world. His stories are laced with a hard-edged reality that... More > is tempered by his spiritual growth. Ride the Breath follows his continuing quests, picking up where his first book, Transcendent Summits, ends.This candid memoir takes you to some of Earth’s most captivating peaks and lands: the Tetons, the North Cascades, the Canadian Rockies and Yukon, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, the Antarctic, Rainier, Iceland, Norway, the Alps, Africa's fabled Kilimanjaro, the Australian outback, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Hawaii. In each of these stories, Gerry better defines the edges between risk and reward, lust and loss, dreamtime and terrortime and, perhaps most important, transcendence and transgression. Gerry has a unique ability to takes his readers into the mountains with him and hold them on multiple belays. In the end, the life lessons learned transcend his climbs.< Less
A Shooting Star By William Buckel
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No good deed ever goes unpunished is the theme for this edition. Colby drives his jeep south to compete in the Baja 500 desert classic. While there he saves the life of Selena, an illegal immigrant.... More > In doing so he alienates an American Industrialist who sends assassins to kill them both. They are chased from Mexico along the Pacific coast. It is all dumped in the hands of Private Investigator, Jackie Star, a female Rambo and vigilante. She finds murder and corruption all the way to the Senate. How far will she go to save her clients?< Less