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The Life-Story of Insects By George H. (George Herbert) Carpenter
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The Life-Story of Insects By George H. Carpenter
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Insects as a whole are preeminently creatures of the land and the air. This is shown not only by the possession of wings by a vast majority of the class, but by the mode of breathing to which... More > reference has already been made (p. 2), a system of branching air-tubes carrying atmospheric air with its combustion-supporting oxygen to all the insect's tissues. The air gains access to these tubes through a number of paired air-holes or spiracles, arranged segmentally in series. It is of great interest to find that, nevertheless, a number of insects spend much of their time under water. This is true of not a few in the perfect winged state, as for example aquatic beetles and water-bugs ('boatmen' and 'scorpions') which have some way of protecting their spiracles when submerged, and, possessing usually the power of flight, can pass on occasion from pond or stream to upper air. .....< Less
Lifetales: A Workbook for Writing Your Lifestories By Karen Y. Hamilton
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The Lifetales Workbook brings in over 20 years of experience of lecturing and teaching memoir workshops. The workbook includes tips on getting started, writing prompts to keep you writing, and tips... More > and resources on book layout, publishing, and marketing your completed stories. Be a part of PRESERVING HISTORY...ONE LIFESTORY AT A TIME! The Lifetales Workbook is divided into easy to understand sections that will have you completing your memoirs in no time! Blank pages are included for you to take notes as you read. Sample chapters include: How to get Started, Finding your stories, Dealing with Painful Issues, Publishing your memoir, Memory Sparkers, and much more!< Less
Mahabharata: The Woman's Life-Story By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
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Draupadi is a wonder woman in the history of literature. She is undoubtedly the central character in Mahabharata. Other than the Draupadi we find in Vyasa’s Mahabharata – in all Folk... More > Mahabharatas –Draupadi is a powerful woman with powerful sexuality. In the Buddhist Jataka, Draupadi has illicit sexual relation with a hump-backed servant; in some Folk Mahabharata of South India, Draupadi has secret sexual desire for Krishna and Karna; in Bheel Bharata – a Folk Mahabharata of the Bheel (or, Bhil) tribes of Rajasthan – she has sexual relation with Vasuka Naga, a ‘snake’ king and is Vasuki’s willing sexual partner for sometime; and in Devi Bhagavata Puraana, Kichaka, the brother-in-law of King Virata of Matsya Kingdom, rapes her. In the present story, my attempt to reconcile ‘classical’ and Folk Draupadi, is by infusing the Greek mythical elements in Draupadi’s sexual relations outside her polyandrous marriage. Draupadi – to me – is the superior example of woman’s Evolutionary Psychology in full splendour.< Less
The LifeStory of Mary Jeannette Jewett Gibson By Nancy Kathryn Bowen
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This is a life story of a young girl that lived in several placements by the state including orphanges and foster homes during her growing up years in L.A. California during the 1930s to 1940s. She... More > joined the LDS faith, married a sailor from Alabama, who later joined the LDS church while on his tour of duty in Korea and they raised 7 children in Long Beach, California. She was actively involved most of her life researching her ancestors collecting 10,000 more family names of her ancestors and helping others research their family trees while working in the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her Ancestors immigrated from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland. Together she and her husband gathered all the information and dates for all their ancestors they could find. They have enjoyed their life together and have a great posterity with many grandchildren and even great grandchildren.< Less
Hosea Ballou : A Marvellous Life-Story By Oscar F. Safford
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"TWO biographies of Hosea Ballou have already been given to the public; one by Maturin M. Ballou, his youngest son, the other by Thomas Whittemore, a spiritual son. Both have long been out of... More > print. It has not been deemed advisable to republish either of these biographies. That by his son is filially affectionate and appreciative, and had a wide circulation, but is wanting in analysis and completeness. Dr. Whittemore's work is a magazine of facts, and is straightforward and plain in style ; but it is devoted largely to extraneous matters, and is infeasible for republication by being in four volumes. As the Universalist Church cannot with self-respect suffer its greatest theologian and most picturesque character to remain in increasing obscurity, this new attempt to tell his life-story has been made."< Less
The Cycle of Life:Stories for My Grandchildren By Harold Berlfein
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Stories from the life of Harold Berlfein.
The Cycle of Life:Stories for My Grandchildren By Harold Berlfein
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Stories from the life of Harold Berlfein.
Essence of Life-Stories & Poems about Challenge & Growth By Loise White
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Essence of Life-Stories & Poems about Challenge & Growth is a frank account of some of the author’s struggles & growth over recent years. Sudden disengagement from a close female... More > friend triggered an interest in poetry writing as a healing tool. Topics such as childhood, family, relationships, friends, work/passions, illness, God and growth are explored. The author’s study of Psychology and the Divine Love Path is evident throughout the Anthology. According to the author, the Divine Love Path provides some of the missing pieces to questionable societal beliefs and religious edicts. The anthology implies that the willingness to feel all of one’s emotions, emotional processing work, prayer and developing a relationship with God are key components in healing.< Less
Leave Something of Yourself Behind: Why You Must Tell Your Lifestory and How You Can Start Today! By Laurence Peters
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Presents an inspirational guide to why you need to tell your story, the benefits for doing so in terms of your own mental health and enjoyment as well as the steps that you might take to begin either... More > a traditional memoir or a video or digital portrait of your life.< Less

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