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The miserable de-growth - of the westerners By Franco Pavese
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The eBook is intended to tackle in a synthetic and non-technical way, some big questions arising on the true reasons of the present economic crisis and concerning the possibility that it could be... More > overcome by mean of a “happy de-growth”, a popular way of thinking. The answer is overall not optimistic, and the concept of limit for the availability of the natural resources on the earth is said to be inevitable. Due to this limit, a new model of development needs be adopted. On one hand it is very positive that the number of who in the world is today able to have better life conditions more than doubled due to delocalisation, a result that must be applauded. On the other hand the new situation prevents from ensuring the previous possibility of a constant and continuous increase of the economic development indexes in each Country and every year.< Less
Green House's 'post-growth' project: an introduction By Rupert Read
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This paper introduces Green House’s ‘post-growth project,’ a new series of reports designed to show that an alternative to the false dichotomy between growth and austerity, is... More > necessary, possible and desirable. It is necessary because planetary limits will in any event end growth soon. It is possible in that we believe (and the post-growth project reports will show) that we can now begin to plot a path to a post-growth world, and a vision of that world. It is desirable because much about that world will actually be better than the world we now inhabit.< Less
Smaller but Better: Post-Growth Public Services By Brian Heatley, Andrew Pearmain
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In this report Andrew Pearmain and Brian Heatley argue for a distinctively Green approach to public services which goes beyond simple opposition to austerity. They emphasise that the value of most... More > public services lies in our essential biological nature, and that they are pre-requisites for the rest of the economy, not drains upon it. Moreover public services cannot be reduced to commodities, which is why the introduction of the market and privatisation are usually wrong. Recognising the limits to growth, the report calls for smaller, better public services, with greater local democratic control and a place for voluntary organisations with genuine independence.< Less
Nucleation and Growth in Solid-State Reactions By Homework Help Classof1
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Nucleation As in solidification, nucleation occurs most easily on surfaces already present in the structure, thereby minimizing the surface energy term. Thus, the precipitates heterogeneously... More > nucleate most easily at grain boundaries and other defects.< Less
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This book shows how mainstream economic theory is fundamentally flawed. It shows how the expectation for endless growth is so deeply ingrained into what we expect the future to be that we do not even... More > question the assumption. But this work, rather than follow an ecological path to explore limits to growth, is an “inside job” that shows that when modern economic growth theories are decoupled from assumptions that have no basis in how the real world is developing, but are, for the most part, mathematical conveniences applied for the sake of “stability”, then the long-run economic outcome is no longer capitalism. Decision makers assume that changes today will lead to predictable and/or reversible outcomes. This is a myth. There are fallacies throughout the assumptions of predictability, reversibility, and endless growth. When reasoning is based upon a flawed foundation, bad choices can appear reasonable. This work shows that the future is not what it is supposed to be.< Less
LIFE JACKET: Overcoming 7 Limiting Lifestyles By Obike C. Chima
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Life Jacket is a book that explains the 7 Limiting Lifestyles that hinders a person, a people and an organization and everything about him- Career,Business, Leadership and Productivity. These... More > lifestyles has the capacity of limiting success in a person, a career and in an organization. By overcoming the 7 lifestyles discussed, personal and corporate growth is achieved.< Less
N.U.E.C.: A Fuel Growth Model for Shanghai By Lyon Griffith
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Currently, our global economy is fragmented. Both goods and services are physically separated from production and consumption. For example, most online American tax returns are now processed in... More > India. Producers (Indian Software engineers) and consumers (American tax payers) are intimately connected via an economy that stretches thousands of miles. What are the limits to such an economy? As economies continue to separate consumers and producers, each economy requires more and more fuel to continue expanding its economy; thus fuel is the most important asset. In order to play in the global economic game one must have the fuel to connect producers and consumers. The winner of the global economic game is the one with the most fuel.< Less
"The Church Marketing Recipe Book: For New and Small Churches with a Limited Budget" By Kim Wilson
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“The Church Marketing Recipe Book: For New and Small Churches with a Limited Budget” focuses only on the solutions to increase your outreach and attendance for Jesus Christ. It has been... More > written in a simple “Recipe Book Style” to make it quick-to-read and easy-to-implement. And it is designed for you to spend more time “making things happen” for God. You have also been provided with solution-oriented marketing recipes and techniques that can be implemented at very affordable costs or free-of-charge for churches and ministries with limited budgets. But, above all, the purpose of this resource is to help you effectively increase your reach, disciple and transform many peoples’ lives for our Lord Jesus Christ! And this book is strategized to allow God to “make even greater things” happen through your church or ministry and provide many blessings in all you are doing in honor of Him!< Less
Fixing the Root Bug: The Simple Hack for a Growth-Independent, Fair and Sustainable Market Economy 2.0 By Tuure Parkkinen
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What if our economic system had a little "bug" making it unfair, unstable, and unsustainable? This cross-disciplinary work questions taken-for-granted assumptions and presents the Root Bug... More > hypothesis: If we got supply to actually meet demand in the labor market on the individual level and if we eliminated private monopolies (most notably that of land), we would have an economic system that is fair, self-stabilizing, sustainable and growth-independent, without limiting desired growth. But instead of solving this chronic market mismatch, we are stuck in the “job creation paradigm”: trying to create more work just to let everyone participate in it – possibly the most hilarious idea in the history of mankind. Take a leap down the rabbit hole into how the quirks of our language, moral biases, as well as the religious nature of politics and economics can make us miss fairly obvious solutions to big problems. E-book available at: More:< Less
Needs and Limits: A New Economics for Sustainable Well-being 3rd Edition By Frank M. Rotering
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Humankind has reached an unprecedented situation: it has overshot the planet’s ecological limits. The author argues in chapter one that the solution is to sharply reduce our ecological impact... More > by replacing the expansionary logic of capitalism with a new logic designed for sustainable well-being. His proposal for this new logic, the Economics of Needs and Limits (ENL), is outlined in the remainder of the book.< Less