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Chicks Dig Guys That Cook By Doug Shumaker
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Ask any woman if she would like to have a guy cook for her. Her answer is going to be an enthusiastic yes. You already have someone special in your life and want to keep it that way Or you just... More > met a woman who clearly recognizes your quick wit, wads of cash and the impressive way you fill out those jeans. Now you want to pad that love resume with a little something extra. Any guy can master pouring cereal and grilling burgers. Learn to make routine meals more special and make special meals seem easy. Includes tips to plan an entire evening beyond just cooking a terrific, tasty meal. Learn what to put on the table when you two are feeling adventurous or naughty. Learn why steak is Mick Jagger but you can't forget about the rest of the Rolling Stones. Skip the classic culinary techniques and by-the-book recipes. Just put some fun into her life and get busy at the groovy table of happiness. I'm here to help you and don't you freakin' forget - Chicks Dig Guys That Cook!< Less
Chick Ken Pox By TJ Chan
eBook (PDF): $5.79
(1 Ratings)
Logline : When a prank-puller handsome chicken is cursed with pox, he turns into a super ugly alter ego to repay his sins. Synopsis He’s a Chick. His name’s Ken. And he has... More > Pox. Ken is a fiend on Fame Farm. Ever a trouble maker and a prank puller, Ken becomes a little lost after his parents go missing. When Tina Turkey ‘subconsciously’ curses Ken with chicken pox, Ken loses his handsomeness and tries hiding his super ugliness in the woods. There Ken meets Owen Owl and helps the owl overcome his fear of heights and flights. With Owen Owl’s return favor, Ken tracks down his parents’ killer – Felix Fox. Unlike the previously handsome Ken, the now super ugly Ken impersonates Pox, his alter ego and does good deeds to repay his past sins. Unknown to Ken, he is the prime suspect of his own parents’ demise. And three ducks play police to nail him. Can Ken the Fame Farm fiend fend off the paradox Pox and the ‘police’ ploy?< Less
Oh, I just want it all. No biggie. By Anonymous Chick
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(1 Ratings)
I'm an overachieving college student who, over the years, has secretly attracted amazing things into my life using the law of attraction. From love that miraculously found me overseas, to free... More > backstage concert tickets, to perfect grades, to iPhones and MacBooks, to dating Saints players, and pro boxers, free clothes, and any other little thing my teenage to twenty-something heart desired. And now, I've attracted you. Yes, you. Reading about what may be one of the shortest and most effective e-books in the world. Don't be creeped out. That's how this thing works. We pop up in each other's lives very quickly, very invasively, and in ways that are life changing. So shhh, don't fight it, just let it happen. Hi :). This book tells EVERYTHING I do to attract what I have. I challenge you to take a peek. Read it. You'll soon find out how easy it is to have everything you want. No FLUFF or HOKEY spiritual ideas, just my thought process that grants me access to all my wildest dreams. And now yours.< Less
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Why Men Love Classy Chicks - From Doormat to Dream Girl By Andre Garcia
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Do you feel like you are getting trampled on by men because of your excessively nice, forgiving nature? Andre Garcia's - Why Men Love Classy Chicks - delivers the enlightening truths about why men... More > abhor spineless women who depend on them for sustenance and pathetic scraps of affection, even at the expense of their dignity and pride. With much gusto and little fluff, this detailed dating guide is written with the aim of steering women from the depths of hell onto the correct road to happiness. Containing inspirational advice that is beneficial and makes for an entertaining read, the 'attraction rules' and techniques for boosting the confidence of women subjugated under the commands of difficult men will help you to learn to regain your self worth, put your foot down under certain circumstances, assert newfound independence and communicate your needs to men on a whole new level. Once men have seen the vibrant attitude in which you look at love and life, getting their attention is no longer a CHORE!< Less
Little Girls on Melrose By Jasmine Sweeney
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The faces of Los Angeles residents in their 20s trying for a shot of happiness in the land of sunshine, traffic and plastic surgery.
Line Up, Little! By Dana Shahar
Hardcover: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This children's book, written as a long poem, depicts the adventures of Little, the gender-fluid chick.
Little Bird - Kleiner Vogel By Joyce Fernandez
Paperback: $15.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
English/German - It didn’t take long to decide to adopt Little Bird. He was just a baby when we found him next to our tree. He had fallen out of his nest and his parents couldn’t help... More > him. We loved caring for him and watching him grow. He was our baby for eight days, then he was able to fly home to his real family. He still brightens our day though. We watch him flying from branch to branch in the trees around our house. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventure with Little Bird.< Less

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