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In the bed of his mistress a middle aged man has dreamed about a new word which he tries to think up sense. In search of sense of this word he scrupulously studies his life and understands, how his... More > notions about life have strongly changed from youthful age. All occurs against a love story and a painful choice with whom to be further. How to live further? What for to live further? This book is an attempt to answer what does the man thinks of when he accepts those or other important decisions.< Less
Mera Mann Teri Baatein By Sunil Kumar Gupta
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Mera Mann Teri Batein is not just the collection of heartfelt poems but it is a journey of love and emotions that everyone comes across in his life at some point of life and gets engraved like... More > unforgettable memories. The word LOVE is central to the creation of Mera Mann Teri Batein and the whole book revolves around it. This Book is a collection of love poems that lives up to its name and will surely instigate the emotions of Romance, Love, passion, dreams and hope in readers, come let us live this journey of love together !< Less
Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit - The Homosexuality By John Martin
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Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit is spiritual investigation by the vowel letters He, Wow and Yowud, the spiritual substratum of the creation, to reveal the origin of Homosexuality which is born... More > from the kundalini of the electromagnetic force of Baphomet, the sons of god, from Babylon of Shinar who committed the abomination of beastly corruptible sexual intercourse against the Mind of Yahuweh. Yahuweh from the beginning by His Living Words spoke that men shall not lie down with other men as with women. It is an abomination which brings the destroyer that has come in this final jubilee just as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah to destroy Babylon the Great with fire in great judgment. The Watchers committed this witchcraft of rebellion against Yahuweh in order to see by the sorceries of their looking glasses into the time lines of jubilees to alter their destruction at the end, but the histories of their final destruction has already been written by Yahuweh in His Living Words.< Less
Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit - And Rolled Away The Stone From The Entrance By John Martin
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Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit is an investigation by the Set-Apart Spirit of the letters of Ahayeh to reveal the power of the Qnoma, the Infinite Mind of the Mother Wheel, the Living Water... More > of the constriction from Abba Yahuweh that shook the Earth while the Messenger Michael The Great Prince made his descent in a wheel to roll away the stone from the entrance and then set as the Infinite Light of the Father's Qnoma caused His Son Yahuwashe The Lesser Yahuweh to stand upright in resurrection fulfilling all of prophecies written by the finger of Yahuweh in His Living Words in the sabbatical jubilee.< Less
Restos De Nós By Ana Figueiredo
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This book is about love. Several little histories of love and lost. A girl that looses her boyfriend; a mum that looses her son. A woman that still ongoing living after becaming a widow. All in... More > simple words but with deep feelings. This book is about all the rest that is inside each being after love and loose it. You have to read it to understand it.< Less
The Development of the Ballads of the Ming-Qing Period By Qingyang Liu
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When people sang along with instruments, it was known as "Ge", and when Ge got spread by words of mouth it became "Yao". Geyao, or ballads, came from the civilians and expressed... More > their joys and sorrows. Ballads also carried the extraordinary ingenuities of ordinary people at the time. Few of the ancient ballads were recorded because they mostly spread among the illiterate commoners, but those that were passed on in records are frequently quoted by modern historians because they represent the voice of the people and provided valuable insight into their lives. The ballads of the Ming-Qing period are discussed in this book. Also addressed in this book are the spread of the melodies and words of the popular ballad and the social roles of political ballads, rhymes, adages, proverbs and nursing hums. The book provides a curious and profound perspective for both ballad fans and history enthusiasts.< Less
The Genetic Code of the Hebrew Alphabet - Hebrew Version By Erez Grinboim
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As the DNA in our body creates genetic sequences, so are letters the DNA of different languages. And as every gene can have mega influence on our lives, so can the influence of a single letter... More > determine the meaning of what is said or written. With the accelerated development of genetic and epigenetic sciences in recent years, it’s time to also review the genetics of the Hebrew language – one of the most ancient languages. However, unlike what most people may think the secrets of language don’t lie in understanding only the wisdom of the past - for the DNA of language like the DNA of our bodies is, or can be, an evolutionary bridge to the future. Language must never stay fixed to the perception of our ancestors but give way for the intelligence of the new generations to come. This book is an effective key for understanding words and names and the powerful effect each letter or word can have on each life from inside and outside.< Less
Fait maison - Recipes from a Kiwi in France By Rachel Panckhurst
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Fait Maison. Recipes from a Kiwi in France is both a récit de vie and a voyage culinaire, a personal and culinary voyage. The author includes over 100 recipes from friends, family and... More > colleagues, as well as her own. All are simple, delicious, quotidien or day-to-day recipes for homemade food, with a French and Mediterranean influence. The book is enhanced by French words, expressions and lively personal snippets. It is written by a New Zealander with a long live-in experience of France, spanning more than three decades, and gives a new perspective for English speakers on international influences in cuisine. This paperback edition is in black and white (bound). Two other editions are available on Lulu: a paperback black and white (spiral), and a paperback colour edition. An electronic (colour) copy of this book can be purchased from Leanpub (pdf, epub and mobi formats):< Less
WORDZ By Simonetta Galanis
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Words: only a few of them can connect us to forgotten civilizations. But can they lead us to love or true friendship? Are they able to show us what courage means? What if we have lost our linguistic... More > heritages? What would remind us to our ancient systems of living together? How could we redefine ourselves in the present while we might not hold any accurate knowledge of the past? Can we pray, teach and love through innocence? I am looking for signs of unifications. If cultures were one once and pieces belonged together. I am seeking unknown lovers in history and poetry whom were prohibited and denied in Christianity or other religions. How can we manifest in the present once we might not hold enough accurate knowledge of the past ancestors? May the preachers of the fallen Gods' live long in the serpent's garden, others shall open a new book with Saint Aidan.< Less
ICT in the Health Care By Sonsoles Rodríguez González et al.
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ICT (Information Communication Technology) has changed the lives of millions of people in Britain and all over the world. Now, it is unusual to find a family who do not own a computer. Computers... More > in the home can be used for many different tasks and reasons. The Internet (www-world wide web) holds millions of websites, which can be accessed and can be used to find out information on almost any subject. Word processing programmes can be used to type up and print out work, which would have normally been handwritten. Graphics programs can be used to design many types of documents including leaflets, business cards and posters.< Less