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The Final Stand By A'NZ
Hardcover: $31.08
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The story of a girl who gives all she has to save the lives of those she loves.
Excerpts of a life fully lived By Jae Bedford et al.
Paperback: $6.85
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'Excerpts of a life fully lived' Is a collection of short stories, poems songs and more. Volume 1 includes Authors David Clarke (England), Micky Scarr (NZ) & Jae Bedford (NZ).
Excerpts of a life fully lived By Jae Bedford et al.
Hardcover: $20.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
'Excerpts of a life fully lived' Is a collection of short stories, poems songs and more. Volume 1 includes Authors David Clarke (England), Micky Scarr (NZ) & Jae Bedford (NZ). BUY NOW The... More > idea behind the book was to give first time author’s poets & novelist their first publishing credit of an opportunity to try a new side to their creative process. There was no desire for a common thread between the authors but ironically there is. The common thread is a love and inspiration stemming from a musical background. This collection has been lovingly curated by JBE Volume 2 coming soon.< Less
Hobson's Choice New Zealand Coloureds By Preller Geldenhuys
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I am a New Zealand South African that lived with racism and 'separate development' in Africa for nearly 70 years. The Coloureds in South Africa are a happy lot. The "coloureds" in New... More > Zealand are not a happy lot. They thrive on the Grievance Industry, created in 1975, that is bleeding New Zealand dry - a land truly blessed with 'milk and honey'. I am indebted to those New Zealanders who have contributed to the writing of this book and those who gave me copyright permission to quote them verbatim (in order to present 'best evidence' and avoid misinterpretation with Chinese whispers). Thank you. The first Governor of New Zealand, Captain William Hobson, dated his founding document on the 4th August 1840 and greeted the signatories with the words "Now we are one" people. Not two, but one. It appears to the writer that instead of the "One" envisaged, we are making One plus One equal Three - Whites + Maori = Coloureds?< Less
A walk with an Irishman By Terry Robinson
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At the merry age of 80 years a wonderful dream for me became a reality with this book about my life. Come take a walk with me which begins in Dublin, Ireland and continues through numerous... More > destinations to the other side of the World in Australia & New Zealand. A truly life changing experience!< Less
Athenree Calendar By Elezabeth Peters
Calendar: $13.46
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Photographs from a short time living in the small but picturesque New Zealand village of Athenree, situated near the town of Waihi and located beside the holiday village of Waihi Beach.
Lyrical and Critical Essays By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $9.88
The Book-Title for this collection of essays begins with the word lyrical because coming from more than 20-years of poetry-writing and creative-writing for historical-plays and other prosaic,... More > semi-prosaic and versified script-writing endeavours, and now attempting to find my own footing and voice for general essay-writing, there is an inevitable note of lyricism to my tone. We live in Adversely-Revolutionary times, and because people behave accordingly as they believe: Criticism unfortunately must for the most-part it seems take in this climate a “reactionary” form! This first-collection of essays deals with several of these unhealthy and ugly societal ideals and behaviours. Hopefully, I have succeeded in countering these, wiping the blackboard clean by my advertence to the Real, the Beautiful, and the True.< Less
Shizu Oka - The Silent Hills In Travail By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $7.66
A natural tendency away from sheer "nature" poems and toward "human-nature" poems became apparent in my first didactical-work "Shizu Oka: The Silent Hills". This second... More > volume of "single-breath: haiku" poems focuses more on this dramatic-aspect of reality (in human-mortality and in nature - viz. the natural-world), while continuing to build NZ-Kigo lists and classifications. The sheer power and magnificence of Natural-Forces has always fascinated mankind, filling souls with wonder, awe, and inspiration - This is why the "humanities", wisdom and "travail", are of necessity inseparable from even the purest Nature-Poem. The "purist" invariably believes "a fiction", not having the "feet on the ground" so to speak, and this is the essence of "kireji: cutting-words", to fathom and plumb the depths of life, romance, poesy, suffering, death, inspiration, redemption, salvation, the essence of each moment of mortal-living - "For we know that every creature groaneth and travaileth in pain, even till now (Rom.8: 22)"!< Less
New Zealand bird views : ducks By Raewyn Adams
Paperback: $25.00
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The New Zealand bird views series highlights the common birds in New Zealand – the birds we view every day but tend to take for granted because they are always there. This volume presents over... More > 170 previously unpublished photographs of the ducks commonly seen in New Zealand. The book shows birds swimming, feeding, nesting and raising their young. The text provides some background detail and the photos are used to illustrate the birds' lives as much as possible. Look for other titles in the series.< Less
Renga (Senyru) - Human Nature Haikus By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $9.88
Haiku-Tanka-Sequences or Renga involving Senyru or Human-Nature-Haikus are haiku-poems philosophical in nature, more deeply concerned with the human-condition than with the strict observation of the... More > Natural-World. While themes in this book range from NZ-Worklng-Man’s Ethics to the Decidedly-Unethical (as represented by New-Zealand’s present Political-Oligarchy), all nevertheless conform to the essential-nature of Haiku poetry so-expressive of “in the moment” actual circumstances, thoughts, feelings, impressions, observations, etc. The discovery of NZ-Kigo (or NZ-Season-Words) continues to build throughout this latest-work, but the emphasis shifts toward the Kireji (or “Incisive/Cutting-Words). While some may feel “challenged” by some of my views and opinions, all may nevertheless meet with that ideal rhythm and poetic-punctuation of the good, the beautiful, and the true as the eye of one’s mind gambols along through the rapidly disappearing pages of each single-breath poetical-romp!< Less

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The Way It Was The Way It Was By Alvin Fuhrman
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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