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Load Development Logbook - Rifle Edition By Joseph Canady
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This is a load development logbook to keep track of your different loads that you might use in your weapon. This variant is for Rifle Cartridges. This information is invaluable during the... More > development of a round as well as on the range when not using your standard zero round you can see the differences you have logged. Each book has enough space for 150 different loads. Each load page includes a range report as well and a log on how many times you have used the load.< Less
Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Highway Bridge Substructures By Federal Highway Administration
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For many years, engineers have designed foundations, walls and culverts for highway and other applications using allowable stress design (ASD) methods. In ASD, all uncertainty in loads and material... More > resistance is combined in a factor of safety or allowable stress. For most highway design, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges represents the primary source document for ASD of substructures. In 1994, AASHTO approved Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) in the LRFD Highway Bridge Design Specifications. In LRFD, the uncertainty in load is represented by a load factor and the uncertainty in material resistance is represented by a resistance factor. Due to the fundamental differences between the substructure design process by ASD and LRFD, this course has been developed to present the fundamentals of LRFD for the geotechnical design of highway bridge substructures.< Less
Stress, Strain and Strain Gauges: An Introduction to Strain Gauges and Load Cell Operations, Applications and Calculations By J.R. Lambert
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Stress, Strain and Strain Gauges is a textbook developed to support an eight-week, 64-hour training course of product development test technicians in the agricultural seeding and harvesting implement... More > production and assembly industry. Prerequisite to successful use of this text is an understanding and the ability to functionally apply Algebra and Trigonometry. An introduction to DC circuit electronic concepts, specifically series voltage divider and bridge circuits, will also prove beneficial. The participants involved in the instructional program supported by this text will be receiving sophomore year engineering technology credit for successful course completion. This is a first edition text. Future editions will include more detailed information and application problems involving the various types of available strain gauges as this text only includes applied forces of a tensile and compressive nature although torque applications are referenced throughout the text.< Less
JavaGram Agile Development By Sharam Hekmat
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JavaGram is a new technology specifically designed to support agile development. As a language, it shares many of Java’s features – syntax, platform independence, strong type checking,... More > object orientation, and garbage collection – but also offers capabilities that make it a much easier-to-use and productive platform, such as declarative programming, automatic remoting, asynchronous method invocation, and dynamic loading. The technology is simple and easy to learn; yet the benefits are overwhelming – up to an order of magnitude gain in productivity and robustness when compared to conventional technologies. This book is the official specification of JavaGram by its original creator. It serves both as a reference and a tutorial on JavaGram programming.< Less
Become a Php Developer By Kevin Smith
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Stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor." (It is a recursive acronym, if you can understand what that means.) PHP is an HTML-embedded Web scripting language. This means PHP code can be inserted... More > into the HTML of a Web page. When a PHP page is accessed, the PHP code is read or "parsed" by the server the page resides on. The output from the PHP functions on the page are typically returned as HTML code, which can be read by the browser. Because the PHP code is transformed into HTML before the page is loaded, users cannot view the PHP code on a page. This make PHP pages secure enough to access databases and other secure information< Less
Tool Development using Microsoft C#.NET By Balachandar Ganesan
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This book explains how developers can create new tools frequently required in the development of applications using Microsoft.NET. Currently The book explains the following tools 1. Load Test Data... More > Generator 2. Dynamic SQL Framework.< Less
Flash Mobile Developing Android and iOS Applications By matthew david
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Flash Mobile Developing Android and iOS Applications.Change: It’s what we expect from technology, from the PC to the web, through to HD TV. But nothing has been as disruptive as the change the... More > iPhone and Android phones have brought. For the first time the power of a computer will fit in your hand,you are always connected to the Internet, and these devices are loaded with hardware such as video cameras, microphones, GPS chips, and accelerometers.< Less
A Little Book on the Custom OS Development from Scratch By Kwangdo Yi
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1 What is SLOS? 2 Environment Setup and Processor Review 3 Building Sources and SLOS Boot Up in Zynq7000 4 Process Management Introduction A Memory Map for Process Management Reset Handler and IRQ... More > Handler Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC) Implementation Timer Framework SLOS Process Management CFS Scheduler Realtime Scheduler Putting it altogether Power Management in Process Management Summary 5 Memory Management Introduction Address Space ARM Memory Management Unit (MMU) SLOS Virtual Memory Two Stage Address Translation in SLOS SLOS Heap Manager Demand Paging Implementation Putting it altogether Summary 6 Storage Management and Application Loading Introduction SLFS File System File Operations in SLFS System Call HelloWorld Application and Ramdisk ELF Loader for User Application Putting it altogether Summary 7 Hardware and Software Codesign< Less
Simplified Methods for Retaining Wall Design By U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
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This is a combination of two book for two different types of retaining walls. For tall, flexible anchored tieback walls: In practice, the procedures used to design flexible tieback wall systems... More > differ from those used to design stiff tieback wall systems. In the design of flexible tieback wall systems, apparent pressure diagrams are commonly used to represent the maximum loads the tieback wall system might experience during construction. Apparent pressure diagrams used in an equivalent beam on rigid supports analysis are demonstrated in this report. Analyses are performed for flexible wall systems in both cohesionless and clay soil. For tall, stiff tieback walls: Methods used in the design of flexible and stiff tieback walls are described. Methods applicable to the design of stiff tieback wall systems are illustrated by example. Important in the design of stiff tieback wall systems is the consideration of construction sequencing effects.< Less
Seeing Is Understanding: The Effect of Visualisation in Understanding Programming Concepts By Jason Zagami
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Seeing is Understanding details a four year research study into how visualisations can support learning. It reports on a qualitative instrumental collective case study in which five computer... More > programming languages supporting differing degrees of visualisation were used as cases to explore the effectiveness of software visualisation to develop fundamental computer programming concepts. Cognitive theories of visual and auditory processing, cognitive load, and mental models provided a framework in which cognitive development was tracked and used to explain failures in previous software visualisation studies, in particular the study demonstrated that for the cases examined, where complex concepts are being developed, the mixing of auditory (or text) and visual elements can result in excessive cognitive load and impede learning. This finding provides a framework for selecting the appropriate instructional programming languages based on the cognitive complexity of the concepts under study.< Less

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