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Egypt - Luxor By Hemmo Vattulainen
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Digital e Photo Book - Egypt - Luxor / Luxor City, The Karnak, The Nile, Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut's temple, Qurna.
Hidden Luxor By Jane Akshar
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Want to get more out of your Egyptian holiday or Nile cruise then you need this guide to Luxor. You have done the Karnak, Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens & temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el... More > Bahri and you have another week, what is there to see in Luxor? Jane takes you to her Hidden Luxor, all the place you didn’t know existed. Tombs and temples no one goes to. The temple of Karnak is the largest religious site in the world and now you can explore it all. The White Chapel of Senusret I in the Open Air Museum is the most beautiful object in Egypt, easily rivalling the tomb of Seti I or Nefertari. Want to know where to find it and others like the Botanical Room or tombs of the Nobles like Senenmut or Ramose where you can see decoration done during the reign of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton removed by the vengeful priests of Amun. Explore the battles of Ramses the Great at the Ramasseum site of the famous Shelly poem about Ramses II. Jane helps you enjoy ALL Luxor has to offer.< Less
Crónicas de Luxor By Eleder Escobar
Paperback: $11.91
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Crónicas de Luxor narra la historia de cómo el mayor imperio galáctico jamás creado se debe enfrentar a la amenaza de sus propios creadores, a los que se creía... More > extintos, y a su nuevo aliado. Únete a Erenzarth y a Yhajirt en esta fantástica aventura donde la fantasía, la ciencia ficción y la acción se desbordan en cada página. Entra en Luxor y descubre un mundo completamente diferente a todos los que hayas podido conocer hasta ahora y disfruta de cada página cómo si fuera la primera.< Less
Egypte, van Luxor tot Aswan samen met je zoon By Rob Lövering
Hardcover: $25.30
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Een vader en zijn zoon maken een Nijlcruise. Een door vader Rob bijgehouden dagboek wordt gecompleteerd met foto's.
Jim & Carolyn go to Egypt By James Battles
Hardcover: List Price: $35.95 $32.36 | You Save: 10%
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This is a photo book of a trip to Egypt by Jim and Carolyn Battles over New Year's 2011
Grandfather Father Son By Jane Akshar
Paperback: List Price: $13.90 $9.73 | You Save: 30%
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Wondering what else to visit in Luxor and puzzled about the various temples. Jane Akshar unlocks the mysteries of Luxor’s Ancient Egyptian temples. In simple, easy to understand language she... More > shows you how to understand, appreciate and even love these historic places Giving full details of the historical background, the purpose of a temple, cult versus mortuary and structure of the temple complex. She then delves into the very personality of three very different but related pharaohs the pious grandfather Seti, the father Ramses the Great and the son Merenptah who is linked with the Exodus. Get deep down and personal with the three greats of Egypt’s 19th Dynasty. Grandfather, Father, Son – Unlocking the secrets of Ancient Egyptian temples< Less
A week in Egypt 2012 By Yvonne Pilkington
Paperback: $37.79
Prints in 3-5 business days
Just a personal write up of our week in Luxor. April 2012
Peeps At Many Lands: Ancient Egypt By James Baikie
Paperback: List Price: $12.00 $9.00 | You Save: 25%
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Long before even Egyptian history begins, there was no bloom on the lily. The Nile, a far bigger river then than it is now, ran into the sea near Cairo, the modern capital of Egypt; and the land was... More > nothing but the narrow valley of the river, bordered on either side by desert hills. But gradually, century by century, the Nile cut its way deeper down into the land, leaving banks of soil on either side between itself and the hills, and the mud which it brought down in its waters piled up at its mouth and pressed the sea back, till, at last, the Delta was formed, much as we see it now. Even after the Delta was formed, the whole country was only about twice as large as Wales, and, though there was a great number of people in it for its size, the population was only, at the most, about twice as great as that of London.< Less
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A Photographic Tour of Egypt By David Webb
eBook (ePub): $1.25
This photo tour is selected from photos I took on a trip to Egypt in November 2010. I have tried to show a different perspective with my photographs of the places that I visited. See such things as... More > how the pyramids of Giza really look close-up, a "stepped" pyramid older than those at Giza, some of the stunning art work and carvings in the temples, view of the Nile from the Aswan ("High") Dam, the beauty of the Nile north of the Dam, the look of Tahir Square in Cairo in a peaceful time, the glibness of a bazaar vendor, and camels face-to-face. Since most of the photos are in landscape format, this book would best be viewed with your ebook reader oriented that way. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. I have many more, so let me know if you would like to see them. David Webb< Less