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Shield and Lens Sun Blocker By Gary W. Williams
Calendar: $14.99
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Completely block out the sun while driving a motorcycle or car into the glaring low sun by wearing a m/c shield or sunglasses with the sun blocker on the upper part of the shield or lens. Simply... More > lowering your head slightly to put the blocker into effect. Better than a car visor.< Less
Laos Through the Lens By David Smart
Hardcover: $49.99
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Select images from my travels in Southeast Asia. I always make an effort to return to Laos every couple of years and I'm amazed how little changes. Luang Prabang will forever be my favourite city in... More > the world. I cannot thank the wonderful and generous people of Laos enough for making all of my trips special.< Less
Vegas, Baby!! By Len Horridge
Paperback: $15.93
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Peter Kearns took us to Vegas, Baby and this is what happened in manysmall words and some nice colour pictures. Four boys, four nights, two vodka martinis and I'm trying to find my bed!!! The not-so... More > raucous tale of a night or four in Vegas. Not for the faint hearted... "Makes Leaving Las Vegas look like a film," Nicholas Rage, Thorner Reporter< Less
Wordland 2: Hi Honey, I'm Home! By Editor Terry Grimwood
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Now we've all seen the clips from those wholesome old monochrome US sitcoms; the toothsome husband back from a busy day in the ubiquitous office, smart in his suit, carrying a brief case and perhaps... More > wearing a natty raincoat. He takes off his trilby and hangs it on its peg and utters those immortal words. BUT...Who (or what) is really hanging up that hat in the hall? Exactly what awaits him in his suburban palace? "Hi Honey I'm Home" prose and poetry from the soft white underbelly of home and hearth from Madeline Lacques-Aranda, Robert Mammone, Mary Cresswell, Sarah Barr, Michael Estabrook, Juan Manuel Perez, Samantha Porter,Joe Young, Martin Feekins, Jill Crammons, Phil Richardson, Mike Berger, John Forth, Rhys Hughes, Suri Phillips, Trevor Denyer, Len Saculla, Rocky Wilson, Gavin Ireland, Philip Meeks, Douglas Thompson and Allen Ashley. Cover art by Faye Grimwood (< Less
ONE LIFE - MORE OR LESS By Leonard M Shayne
Hardcover: $25.00
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This book is of no interest except for Leonard M Shaynes family
Sight in Spite of Reason By Denis M Sweeney
Hardcover: $29.01
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Self-published. Photos taken with either of two cameras; a Canon Rebel XSI camera with a 55-250mm lens, or a Canon PowerShot A580 camera. ©2008 Denis M. Sweeney. Get Denis'... More > photo swag at:< Less
Walking Tours of Ancient Rome: A Secular Guidebook to the Eternal City By Gary M Devore
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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*EBOOK VERSION* The Second Edition of "Walking Tours of Ancient Rome" completely updates all of the text, illustrations, and content of the previous version. This guidebook is designed for... More > tourists and scholars who are interested in exploring first-hand the grandeur and magnificence that was ancient Rome through a Humanist, secular, and freethinking lens. Twelve walking tours are designed around districts of the city. A second companion volume is also available with detailed entries on most of the museum collections we will visit as well as day trips to Ostia and Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli.< Less
Steel Toe Review: Volume I By M. David Hornbuckle
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This anthology features the best pieces from Steel Toe Review's first year online. Contributors include: Jennifer Blair Louis Bourgeois Zachary C. Bush Jim Butler William Childress Thomas N.... More > Dennis Matthew Dexter Mario Duarte Murray Dunlap Sarah Fisch Kathy Gilbert Chris Hayes Peycho Kanev Len Kuntz Matt Layne Catfish McDaris Karla Linn Merrifield Corey Mesler Geoff Munsterman Leland Pitts-Gonzales Grantley Rushing Curtis Rutherford George Sawaya Brent Stauffer Melissa Studdard James Valvis Dale Wisely Illustrations by Stephen Smith and Justin Wayne Butts Cover design by Sean Hogan< Less
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A COMICAL COLLECTION OF 1500 TONGUE-IN-CHEEK-TO-CHEEK DANCE QUOTATIONS ... STRICTLY “QUOTE” DANCING - This volume of 1500 quotations is a light-hearted and light-footed tongue-in-cheek... More > tribute to the great names in dance: Dancers, Choreographers, Films, Stage Shows, TV Programmes … even fictional dancers, dancing animals and other life-forms. ... As its title suggests, this book pays homage to the 21st century phenomenon known as Strictly Come Dancing. ... Just as the Strictly… mantle has covered the globe like a Paso Doble cape, this book matches the international reach of social dance with a particular focus on the U.K. and U.S.A. ... Strictly “Quote” Dancing celebrates in comic fashion the whole glitterball of glamour, glitz and gaucheness that has always pervaded the social dance world. The content entertainingly covers pretty much everything from the Len GOODman, the LamBADa and the UGLY Bug Ball. More details at:< Less
Are We There Yet? By Glyn Elwyn et al.
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At a time when policy makers are increasingly interested in shared decision making, this book tells the story of how to deliver tools created to help patients make better informed decisions. The... More > real-world cases in this book, describe how pioneers from the US and UK introduced tools designed to help patients become well informed about tough decisions. They describe efforts to get the tools integrated into healthcare systems, sometimes with success, but often in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. To better understand the challenges, each case in this book is reviewed through the lens of three different perspectives: Relational Coordination Theory presented by Jody Hoffer Gittell; Normalization Process Theory presented by Glyn Elwyn; and Microsystems presented by Marjorie M. Godfrey. In the last chapter, Glyn Elwyn writes a provocative analysis of the steps that might be needed to facilitate large-scale implementation.< Less