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OPEC Buhl and Sir Ian Shag deals with a Soviet Union assassination team who wants to assassinate CIA and MI-6 agents. Mister Boris and the Prince of Shanghai meets Queen China in North China. They... More > all go to Africa where they bring the three MI-6 agents will help break in and steal diamonds from a diamond mine that belongs to the British government. Later, OPEC Buhl and Sir Ian Shag meets Mister Napoleon who invented a formula that can turn the earth into dust and smoke. So enjoy.< Less
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The New British Agent By Albert Ryedale
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A world of danger, glamour and espionage – and of course irresistible women just waiting to seduce you – or kill you. All in a day’s work for secret agent John Bentley, so secret... More > that not even MI6 knows of his existence. Yet Bentley becomes unwittingly involved in an impending catastrophe of monumental proportions, which he must avert alone, but for the help of a few good allies. One minute he is in bed with a beautiful woman, the next he is fleeing from men who have been sent to kill him. As the mystery deepens he travels around the globe gleaning fragments of information from unreliable sources to try to discover what arch villain Kapultski is planning in Africa. But what will happen if he fails to thwart his evil enterprise? What will become of his two girl companions, and what if they fall victim to sadistic psychopath Abu the Beast?< Less
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Tanesia Cleopatra Jones is a twenty-two year old music tutor at the local collage. She gets a surprise visit from a solicitor who tells her that her great great-aunt, who she has never met has... More > bequeathed all her worldly possessions to her. The great great-aunt, she learns, fought with the Resistance in France during the Second World War, behind enemy lines. There she met a Polish Count, whom she married at the wars end and went to live in his country. After her husband’s early demise, she moved back to England. She was discovered dead one morning in mysterious circumstances. Tanesia learns that the Countess had been involved in espionage whilst she was in Poland, and was being hounded by her enemies. Tanesia is visited by thugs trying the get their hands on the Countess papers. She and her best friend, Dawn are beat up. Then, her family home is attacked by the thugs. A gun battle ensuses involving British Special Forces.< Less
Breaking Cover By Jenny Walker
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Steve Williams is the son of a successful retired British Intelligence field officer. Although Steve has a reasonably successful career as an analyst at MI6, he harbours greater ambitions. Miranda... More > Carlos, a glamorous field officer, suffers an incapacitating injury and is unable to undertake an important intel-gathering assignment. The mission is so important that a suitable imposter must be sent in her place. Surprisingly, the computer picks Steve as having the strongest resemblance to the sexy Miranda. Although keen to take the assignment, he has to consider if he is willing to pay the necessary price in the line of duty. His loyalty to his country is tested as he faces the transformation that is required - especially given the warnings that some of it may be irreversible. As Steve begins to unearth plans for a devastating terrorist strike, he finds himself fighting for his life and, not knowing who he can trust, he is thrust into a terrifying race against time to prevent a horrific atrocity.< Less
Mayflower By Sheldon M. Brown
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A rogue group in London wants to decolonize the Cayman Islands, “Mayflower”, made up of MI6 agents and members of the British Labour Party, including Gerry Noonan, the Chancellor of the... More > Exchequer. The group sends a well-trained MI6 agent to the Islands to pose as an investor with millions of dollars to invest, but Natalya Pushkina, has her own plans. She is a double agent who is laundering money for her KGB lover, Pasha, who is selling weapons to terrorists. Barry Parker, the director of a local bank, uncovers serious irregularities, which ultimately leads to his murder. Detective Chief Inspector Dimitri McTaggart, and his protégé, Inspector Conrad Thompson, have very good reason to try to solve the brutal murder of the banker. They follow a trail of money laundering that culminates in surprising discoveries, extra-marital affairs, suicide, corruption, and even murder. Dimitri is forced to send female police officer Jody Ann Cadbury undercover in order to find out what the Natalya Pushkina is really up to.< Less
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The Christmas Spy By John Howlett
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Morgan Hunter-Brown is ‘Railway Joe’, employed by Interpol to investigate smuggling and financial espionage in cold-war Europe. Alone as always at Christmas, he’s the agent... More > called up for a chase that will lead him north to Germany, ‘home’ to London, finally back to his one-time, wartime motherland in Italy. Manipulated by his Contrôlleur and falling in love with every pretty face he sees, every soft voice he hears, Morgan is equally at the mercy of events, enemies and his own emotions...... < Less
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Code Name: Wanderer By J. H. Sanderson
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It has been four years since the Roadhouse Sons disbanded. The popular rock group once not only entertained audiences, but also worked with the FBI to monitor illegal activities on the club circuit.... More > Now their former front man and drummer turned FBI agents have just agreed to reunite the band for a tour in Cold War Germany. Unfortunately the tour is not all it seems as the band is taken behind the Iron Curtain. When they encounter a KGB agent who wishes to defect, the glamour of the tour quickly fades as they are plunged into intrigue and murder. The band and their former professional wrestler turned roadie attempt to stay one step ahead of a killer by doing everything in their power to help the defector—who can either win the war for America—or cause nuclear annihilation. In this espionage thriller, a rock-and-roll band reunites for a tour during the Cold War that takes them into East Berlin where they must help a defector before nuclear war breaks out.< Less

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