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Tested Sponsoring Methods Explained: An Interview With MLM Expert Big Al Tom Schreiter By Michael Senoff
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Even if you think you’re mulling over an important decision, research shows your subconscious has already made up your mind in the first 30 seconds. That’s why appealing to that part of... More > your prospects’ brains is absolutely critical when it comes to making a sale. And in this quick interview with Big Al Schreiter, you’re going to hear exactly how to do that. Listen to the following two marketing claims and you’ll see how powerful this technique can be: “You should take antioxidants because they are essential for fighting cancer and staying healthy” or “There are two kinds of people in this world: those who take antioxidants now and those who take chemotherapy later.” Although both messages say basically the same thing, the first one appeals to your “logical” conscious brain while the other speaks to your subconscious. Learn the skill of appealing to that master, decision-making part of the brain and you’ll never have to worry about prospecting again.< Less
Multi Level Marketing Success Strategies By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Learn How To Successfully Survive And Thrive In The Multi Level Marketing Jungle So You Can Achieve Financial Freedom and Independence! This eBook is packed with valuable information that will point... More > the way to your success, including: - Why you would want to choose MLM in the first place - An understanding of the type of people who are attracted to Multi Level marketing and what it is really like to be part of the MLM industry - How to identify and determine the best type of MLM program to meet your needs so that you increase your degree of success - Strategies for building an effective team to maximize your profitability with discussion about upline, downline, sidelines, etc. - Facts on the real risks involved with MLM programs and how to ensure you don't lose money - A variety of tactics to operate at a higher efficiency and excel in MLM - How to get going so you can start generating income quickly - A list of recommended resources - And much, much more!< Less
How To Choose A Multi-Level Marketing Winner By D. Russo Michael
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The Truth About MLM What do you know about MLM? Would it fit into a shoebox or a thimble? Have you heard all the horror stories about a closetful of products? Maybe you tried it one week many... More > years ago? Whatever you think you know about MLM you're probably totally wrong. Yes, you read that right. Have you ever tried to solve an upside down jigsaw puzzle with one corner piece turned up? Then what makes people think they can evaluate MLM based on a single negative experience? Or worse yet, on heresay about someone elses'history At least do yourself justice and check out the INDUSTRY before closing the door. "How To Choose A Multi-Level Marketing Winner!" Everything is there to help you understand that you CAN do this. The very fact that a regular guy has broken down the MLM process to 7 Basic Principles to achieve his own level of success is reason enough to jump at this chance to learn how you can do it too.< Less
8 Fundamentals to Earn a Million Dollars In Network Marketing By John Di Lemme
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Tired of struggling in Network Marketing? The 8 Fundamentals to Earn a Million Dollars in Network Marketing book will give you the basic fundamentals that you need to take your business to the next... More > level.< Less
Stop It! 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Relationship Marketing Business By Michael Hutchison & Jeff Levitan
Paperback: $14.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is full of ideas. It is a guide that will help you to make the most educated decision possible when you finally decide to align with a network or relationship marketing company. It will... More > provide you with basic questions you need answered before you join any company. Make your decision based on fact, not simply others’ opinions. This book shows you exactly WHAT THE MOST SUCCESSFUL LEADERS DO to attract new associates and have the biggest impact on their team’s performance. Stop It! will reveal...Eliminate the fear of rejection. Seprate yourself from your competition. Build a strong team. Be a top performer. This brilliant book tells it like it is and is a must read for anyone considering getting into a relationship marketing business. It is filled with hard-earned wisdom that will save you from making the most ­common mistakes I have seen thousands of people — including myself — make in the past.” Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’® series and ‘The Success Principles’< Less
8605 Niche Marketing Words And Phrases That Sell Like Crazy! By Larry Dotson
eBook (PDF): $2.57
This ebook contains a HUGE amount of various words and phrases that will PERSUADE the potential buyer to buy the product. This ebook will boost the amount of sales dramatically. It can be used by... More > auction buyers and sellers, bussiness owners, entrepreneurs, MLM'ers, affiliates, marketers, web master, executives, investors and basically everybody can use it. The usage of this ebook is great and it creates great opportunities to increase your revenue.< Less
Build Networking Marketing Business By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $2.99
"Discover 6 Very Simple Ways For You Or Anyone To Generate An Insane Amount Of MLM Traffic Without Forking Out Thousands Of Dollars In Advertising!" Finally! A Comprehensive Guide That... More > Teaches You How To Get Laser Targeted MLM Traffic Even If You Are Building Your Network Marketing Business On A Tight Budget! You Will Learn: The basics of traffic generation and how any newbie can apply simple skills to become an expert traffic generator! Learn the awesome truth behind free and low cost traffic generation and how some methods are actually way better than expensive, paid traffic! What are all the important methods you need to employ in order to maximize your sales! Learn how to use viral marketing to explode your traffic and get others to promote your network marketing business for you! How to use blogs to quickly get targeted visitors to your site. ...< Less
The Big Book Of Network Marketing Survival Guide By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $2.99
"Most Network Marketing Reps Fail In Their Business Opportunities Because They Are Totally Clueless On How To Choose The Right MLM Company!" Discover How You Or Anyone Can Choose The Best... More > Or Most Suitable Company For You, Even If You Are Brand Spanking New In Network Marketing! In This Book, You Will Learn: Discover the basics of network marketing, how to make money in the industry, save money effectively and find your purpose in MLM! How network marketing in the 21st century has changed and how you must adapt in the Internet age! What are all the important criteria when it comes to choosing the most suitable network marketing company for YOU! This includes learning about the right product, plan, company and team! The techniques on how to magnetically attract new leads and downlines into your network without hunting them down like a wild, rabid bull dog. ...< Less

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