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I was told that the scholarly, literary, scientific experience, the life of reflection, consists of this: watch the MOOCs in the monastery/spa of the expensive university, jag yourself on Adderall... More > (The latest ADHD legal drug) two days before the test, take it like a doped-up athlete, then ace your test. This is the compression of the monastic, life of the spiritual monastery. This is it. This is all. Live your life, keep it real, look for the communion with the bigger world. In its place new, not even black swans over time, come to overtake they structural issues: the internet exists as a repository of information. it is good to have the view from the top. h this monastery existing somewhere on top of it. the 'capital of the possible'. Talk and the talk of money is currency. Talk on the internet and social media that gravitates around flash points of interest, sunsets, good meals, and selfless form new mountains of spectacle. Take your Adderall to absorb all of it.< Less
Essays Created For MOOCs By Roberto Miguel Rodriguez
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This is a collection of essays prepared for different MOOCs that have been offered by various platforms such as Coursera, edX and FutureLearn.
Essays Created for Moocs III By Roberto Miguel Rodriguez
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A collection of blogs and essays written for a variety of MOOCs
Essays Created for MOOCs II By Roberto Miguel Rodriguez
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This is a compendium of essays written for a variety of MOOCS in Coursera, Future Learn and edX
Beyond the language classroom: researching MOOCs and other innovations By Qian Kan & Stephen Bax
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With the rise of the internet and new communication technologies, language learning has moved beyond the classroom walls. This volume presents a range of important studies on innovative ways for... More > learning languages outside the classroom. Chapters discuss MOOCs in the UK, Belgium, China, and Italy for studying a range of languages, research on new apps, flipped classroom modes, and approaches to informal learning in a range of international settings. In these ways, the volume offers a significant contribution to our understanding of how learning beyond the language classroom will transform language education in the decades to come.< Less
MOOC: Saberes Digitales para Docentes By Alberto Ramírez Martinell & Miguel Casillas
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Versión impresa del Curso Masivo Abierto y en Línea "Saberes Digitales para Docentes" ofrecido en la plataforma México X
Researching Language Learner Interactions Online: From Social Media to MOOCs By Edward Dixon & Michael Thomas
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This volume presents timely research on second language learning in online environments from social media to MOOCs.
Flipping the blend through MOOCs, MALL and OIL – new directions in CALL By Marina Orsini-Jones & Simon Smith
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This book presents a snapshot of innovative blended learning practices that either stem from the affordances of web 2.0 technologies or illustrate the re-purposing of ‘older’ ones, like... More > the creation of tailor-made virtual learning environments, to set up telecollaborative projects. It is based on the papers presented at the B-MELTT: Flipping the Blend through MALL, MOOCs, and (Blended) OIL – New Directions in CALL symposium held at Coventry University in June 2017. It is hoped that the work presented here can provide some ideas on pedagogically sound ways of blending technology into higher education curriculums to enhance both the digital literacy and the intercultural awareness of all stakeholders involved.< Less
Comunicar y educar en la ubicuidad. Aprendizaje móvil, Apps, y MOOCs desde una perspectiva inteRmetodológica ubicua By Claudia Alicia Ruiz Chagna et al.
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La transformación de la tecnología en sinergia con la sociedad hacia la convergencia mediática y los cambios en la manera de entender la comunicación, la... More > información y la educación nos ha puesto a disposición nuevos paradigmas y escenarios de producción, interacción, construcción social y organización cultural. La ubicuidad es un factor de primer orden que propone una nueva visión de la comunicación y de la educación, y que cambia las relaciones entre la juventud, los padres y madres y el profesorado, así como los conceptos generales de educación, comunicación y convivencia.< Less
The Brave & The Afraid By Collaborative Anthology
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This year Anthology: Brave & the Afraid brings the contributions of many international writers across the globe about a topic which crosses margins and divides humanity: courage! It is said to be... More > one of the most important attitude which leads to others, and it cannot be different with writers. It needs a lot of courage to put one word after the next! Our aim with the annual anthologies is to share our writings. The MOOC courses from IOWA University offer an outstanding opportunity to get to know writers and venture into new styles. This year illustrations bring wordseverywhere# with photos which state the daily living of a word-world. Compiled by Mônica Mastrantonio/Author Margareth Stewart< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
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