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Tiddles Meets Ms. Tomato By Poonam Bhardwaj
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Tiddles, the baby frog ventures out into the world and has a strange encounter. The chance meeting with something that he has never seen in his life before changes his world. Tiddles makes a new... More > friend, and it’s none other than Ms. Tomato! She's round, red, pretty and she's wise. What's more, she grows on a plant near the lake! Through her friendship and witty exchanges, Tiddles learns all about plants, plant parts and what these parts do! A thoroughly enjoyable and informative book for kids.< Less
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The Last Ms. Understanding By RL Taylor
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Rita Clark is a wealthy business executive that has relocated to a new city. She’s acquired every luxury a woman could desire. The only thing missing in her life is someone to share it... More > with… A visit to a local jazz lounge brings her face to face with Lee Johnson. Unfortunate circumstances have forced him out of professional athletics and into a blue collar job. Despite their lifestyle differences an irresistible urge pulls them together... Lee becomes distant and fights to conceal a mysterious history, while Rita becomes consumed by her flourishing career. Opportunity arises for Lee to reconnect with another special woman and right his past wrongs. All the while a job promotion offers Rita a chance to break through the glass ceiling in her male dominated field of work. But that would mean relocating overseas. Rita is forced to choose between career and love. The dilemma lies in Lee’s secretive life that he’s hidden from Rita. Once exposed – Can Ms. Rita Clark be understanding?< Less
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My Dogs, MS and Me By Emma Coldron
Paperback: $11.51
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My Dogs, MS and Me is the story of an ordinary girl facing extraordinary circumstances. From bringing her first puppy home to despairing with her two untrainable Jack Russells; Emma tells all about... More > her journey with dogs. There are anecdotes of a certain oversexed dog on her first day in a new job, fighting depression with the help of a cheeky puppy, and voicing her opinions loud and clear. The running theme throughout this book is the incredible relationship humans and dogs share. Megan, the cocker spaniel who comes into Emma’s life just a month before, helps her through the darkest of times. When Emma is at her lowest after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and crying for the loss of her old life, Megan comes to rest her head on her shoulder. When she’s in bed, too ill to get up, Megan lies by her side. With the help of her four-legged angel, Emma discovers she has the strength to find ways to cope with the life-changing diagnosis.< Less
MS Pedal to the Metal 2006 By Randy L. Smith et al.
Paperback: $26.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Lauren Smith, Eric Karls, & Randy Smith made a fundraising trek from Chicago, IL to Waltham, MA. Lauren and Eric rode bicycles over the 1000+ miles and Randy drove the chase vehicle. This is a... More > tribute to the three gentlemen especially Lauren's and Eric's great efforts.< Less
Harris Cove, MS By Robert John Sand
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A retired cop from Chicago collects an inheritance which he can't sell and reluctantly settles in the community eventually becoming the Sheriff and joining forces with honest to God swamp Indians... More > fighting a well known drug operation.< Less
Ms.HollandBerry By Hazel Cartwright
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A suspenseful mini-series that captures your imagination in the walls of Galvinstone academy. A steamy roller coaster of the life of a Professor & her encounters with board of directors to... More > federal investigators that brings the hairs on Ginger’s neck to stand straight. Ginger and faculty staff fall under investigation, as the Dean has been accused of racketeering and conspiracy. Her life is spiraling out of her control as one day she is on the verge of being assaulted. The next day swept off her feet on romantic trips on private yachts with such chemistry as to make a girl clutch her pearls at the thought of what may happen next.< Less
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